Wireless iron: the principle of operation. Which company to choose?

When ironing, the power cord of the iron can become tangled and cause great inconvenience. In addition, it often causes a breakdown of the device. Modern manufacturers have found a way out - they began to produce wireless models, that is, irons without a cord. How do wireless irons work, do they have flaws, and what should I look for when buying them? We will understand further.


  1. Principle of operation
  2. Wireless Iron Features
  3. disadvantages
  4. Which wireless iron is better to choose?
  5. Wireless Iron Tefal FreeMove: Key Features
  6. Philips Wireless Iron: Key Features
  7. Video review of the iron Redmond RI-C234

Principle of operation

If we consider how an iron works without a wire, this principle can be compared with the mechanism of an electric kettle. When water boils in it, it automatically turns off, it must be removed from the console, which acts as the “heater”. Wireless irons have the same prefix, it replaces the cord with the device.

When the iron is in this set-top box, it is connected to the network and begins to heat due to this, and the degree of heating is shown on a special indicator, which the set-top box is equipped with. If the color of the indicator changes (the color scheme of this indicator is determined by the model of the iron), then the iron is ready for use.

The iron prefix is ​​arranged as follows: in the console itself from the iron there are connectors for the electrical contacts of the iron. In order for the iron to heat up, you need to install it correctly in this console, namely, move it a little back until it stops. Thus, a connection occurs, due to which the sole of the device begins to heat up.

Wireless iron

At the same time, it is very important to choose a heating temperature even before connecting the iron. Otherwise, you can easily break the thermostat, which means the device itself. When the iron is heated to the desired temperature, the indicator light changes color. In some models there is also a sound signal that tells you when you need to recharge the device.

How long the iron will heat up, and how long it will work without a network, depends on a number of factors. This includes the heating temperature (the higher it is, the faster the iron will discharge), and the conditions for ironing. But in general, you can iron from 30 seconds to several minutes. In this case, the heating of the iron (that is, its recharging) occurs in 10 seconds. It also happens with a conventional iron, only due to the fact that it continuously works through the cord, this process goes unnoticed. With a wireless iron, this process needs to be monitored constantly, otherwise it will simply not be possible to fully stroke the laundry.

There are also wireless steam irons. What is it and how do they work? In fact, there is no difference between a conventional cordless iron and a steam iron without a cord, their principle the work is the same, however, steam irons need to be charged more often, since the temperature of the steam is much above. When working with a steam iron, you do not need an ironing board or any other hard surface, because steam ironing is done vertically - the sole of the device only slightly touches the fabric.

Wireless Iron Features

The main feature of such a device is, of course, the absence of a cord, which sometimes complicates the work of the hostesses, and also serves as the most common reason why irons stop working (cable twisting, eg).

The wireless device provides housewives with complete mobility - there are no obstacles to reach one or another point of the ironing board. Also, the absence of a cord ensures that it does not touch the neatly laid parts of the product, which are already difficult to smooth out.

A wireless iron is convenient for both hands, that is, you can perform the job with equal success with both your left hand and right hand. It is convenient to carry it over long distances, for example, if there is no need to iron the whole thing, but only to smooth out the fold on it, then you can do this without leaving the hanger in the closet.

Other advantages of such a device include the lack of risk of electric shock due to a malfunction in the cord. In addition, it is worth noting the convenience of storing such a device when there is little space in the house, and the cord does not get tangled under your feet.


Before buying a wireless iron, which costs a little more than a conventional device, it is important to consider some of the disadvantages:

  • the device is not suitable for professional wet-heat treatment;
  • the inability to steam off trousers made of wool or a draped coat;
  • Do not place the iron vertically, which is especially emphasized several times in the instructions for use of the device;
  • the wireless iron needs to be constantly charged and track the moment when it needs to be reheated;
  • The iron is heated only on a special console, without which the device simply will not work.

Despite the small number of shortcomings, they should be taken into account, otherwise a new purchase may simply not live up to expectations.

Which wireless iron is better to choose?

Today, you can find high-quality wireless iron from only five manufacturers. In addition, each manufacturer has only one model of such a device:

  • Wireless iron Tefal, model FreeMove.
  • Philips Philips Wireless Iron, Azur 1 in 2.
  • Panasonic Wireless Iron (the model does not have a separate name).
  • Wireless iron Zelmer (the model does not have a separate name).
  • Redmond Wireless Iron, Model RI-C234.

The best wireless irons are models from Tefal and Philips, as they are more in demand and of high quality.

The criteria for choosing a wireless iron are exactly the same as when choosing a standard iron. You can distinguish a good iron without a cord from a fake, if, first of all, pay attention to the sole. It should be made not just of aluminum, but also of a protective coating, which is Teflon. It protects the sole from scratches and quick heating, provides easy gliding on any fabrics, although it makes the device a little heavier.

If you purchase an iron without a drive for frequent use, it is better to look at models in which the sole is made of stainless steel. This material heats up longer, but also works “without charge” longer, which is important if the iron is wireless.

Another nuance that you need to pay attention to when choosing is the power of the heating element. The greater the power of the iron, the faster the water heats up (to form steam), and the more powerful the steam itself will be supplied. Usually power plays a role only if you need an iron with a steam generator. For a conventional iron, a Teng of 1600 watts is enough. More powerful and accordingly expensive will be irons with a capacity of 2200 watts.

In addition to all this, it is worth paying attention to such parameters as:

  • the presence of vertical steam;
  • self-cleaning system (if there is no such function, we recommend reading the article on manual descaling the iron);
  • shape and material of the pen.
The price of wireless irons is formed precisely by indicators such as the power of the heating element and the sole material, they are indicate a high quality of the device, therefore, these factors are a priority when choosing a device. Which iron sole is better to choose - read here.

Wireless Iron Tefal FreeMove: Key Features

From the line of wireless irons, the model of the manufacturer Tefal is one of the most powerful. The main distinguishing characteristics of this model:

  • active ironing (the iron does not cool and does not discharge) - 8 seconds;
  • charge and heating of the iron (for example, when you need to straighten or fold clothes) - 4 seconds.

If you set the autonomous mode, you can save the heating efficiency up to 25 seconds, and this is enough even to iron a blanket, tablecloth, or a product of complex cut. In the FreeMove model, not only a heating light indicator is installed, but also a sound one, which allows more comfortable control of these processes.Tefal Wireless Iron

In addition to these functions, the model from Tefal has a horizontal parking system, which makes the ironing process easy, relieves hands. That is, the iron prefix is ​​designed so that it simply cannot be put in the wrong way, which means that you do not need to check and worry that the iron may not charge due to awkward movement. In addition, in such an iron there is a shock absorber, which allows you to soften the blow of the iron if it drops sharply to the base, and so that the contact of the iron and the base are connected without difficulty to charge.

The base for the iron itself is designed so that it can be placed not only on the ironing board and at any angle, but also in any other convenient place.

Wireless irons Tefal FreeMove have all the characteristics that are important for wireless irons, and therefore they are very popular, despite their cost. You can learn more about such a device from the video:

Philips Wireless Iron: Key Features

The second model of wireless irons is offered by the well-known manufacturer Philips. The range of devices of this manufacturer is already expanding and is constantly being improved (the changes concern not only design decisions, but also functionality).

Philips wireless iron

One of the key features of Philips wireless irons is that they are quickly ready for use, while the heating power is high - 2400 W, as well as the presence of a light and sound indicator. Among the other characteristics of the described iron can be distinguished:

  • steam supply up to 35 g per minute, which allows better smoothing of folds;
  • setting steam blow up to 150 g to smooth complex folds;
  • charging the iron in 6 seconds (at a power of 2400 W);
  • a sole made of ceramics, which provides better gliding over the fabric from any material;
  • the presence of a lock for fixing the iron on the base during storage.

The following video offers an overview of the Philips EasySpeed ​​wireless iron:

Video review of the iron Redmond RI-C234

Next, we suggest watching a promotional video on the REDMOND RI-C234 wireless iron. The video describes all the features of this device:

Wireless irons are really much more convenient and even more functional than ordinary irons, and even their service life is much longer, but in view of a large number of fakes it is very difficult to purchase a really high-quality product, if you do not know what characteristics it should have.

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