Which soleplate is better: ceramic, non-stick, cermet?

It is always nice to look at a tidy man in ironed clothes. This condition helps to fulfill good iron. The word "good" implies the correct form and quality base material. It is no secret that all the power of the device lies precisely in this. So what is the best sole of the iron, we will understand right now.


  1. What criteria do we choose?
  2. Types of soles
  3. How to choose a sole
  4. Sole Types Video
Iron sole selection

What criteria do we choose?

As the most important element, the soleplate must fulfill the following requirements:

  • to act gently;
  • have a little friction;
  • have protection against damage;
  • to be strong;
  • heat evenly.

What is the best iron sole cover? We find out by considering one more criteria.

Two criteria are presented to the sole of the iron:

  • the correct, practical and comfortable shape;
  • high-quality material that provides easy gliding over things.

Considering the shape of the iron, you need to pay attention to the sharpness of the nose and the area of ​​the sole.

Sharpness of nose

If you often need to iron small children's things, men's shirts, women's blouses with beautiful finishes, then choose the sole of the iron with a sharp-toed-looking nose. If your wardrobe has a lot of things of large sizes, it will be more convenient to iron with a blunt (rounded) nose.

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The large (wide) sole is well suited for ironing bed sets. The wide sole allows you to save not only ironing time, but also electric energy.

The sole material of the iron is more difficult to choose than the shape.

Types of soles

Depending on the material of the sole, there are:

  • ceramic;
  • aluminum;
  • stainless;
  • Teflon
  • composite;
  • titanium.
Types of soles

Ceramic sole

Only a few manufacturing companies make ceramic soles for their irons.

Positive properties:

  • glides easily;
  • does not wrinkle fabric;
  • does not cling to things;
  • easy to clean.

Negative properties:

  • fragility of the material;
  • if a scratch (chip) appears on the sole, it will be more difficult to iron.

Because of the fragility, small scratches often form on the sole. Even such a minor defect gives the hostess a lot of inconvenience when ironing. The only way out: to be very vigilant and accurate.

A large number of irons with ceramic soles are on sale. Ceramic soles without impurities do not exist. They necessarily include one of the materials: strong steel, durable aluminum or an alloy of materials.

When buying, choose models from Tefal, Vitek, Bosch.

Ceramic-metal outsole

Increasingly, metal ceramics are used in production. Demand for irons with this coating is great. The ironing coating behaves well. The surface is cleaned with an ordinary sponge. Cermets stand out significantly in terms of design.

Surface heating in cermet irons occurs with the help of spirals that give uniform heating. Sometimes manufacturers use heating elements. Despite its positive aspects, cermet is easily susceptible to deformation and mechanical damage.

Firms that produce household appliances tried to deal with these shortcomings. The result of the struggle was the launch of models of irons with transverse stripes on the sole. They were made using steel casting. These devices did a great job with over-dried laundry and easily resisted damage. The nose of the iron was heated as much as possible. Therefore, the sole allowed to iron out all hard-to-reach spots.

If there is a desire to purchase a ceramic-metal iron, it is better to buy a Tefal device. The company has long used this coating in its irons and managed to fix most of the mistakes in the production of new products.

So, ceramics or other material, you decide.

Aluminum sole

Aluminum is the very first material to be used in the manufacture of irons.

Positive traits:

  • ease;
  • high thermal conductivity;
  • fast heating;
  • maneuverability;
  • reasonable cost;
  • quick cooling.

Negative qualities:

  • easily deformed;
  • scratches quickly;
  • puts gloss on the fabric.

Ironing things with irons with aluminum soles is necessary only through gauze.

This material of the sole of the iron has significant disadvantages. However, it continues to be used in production due to its affordability and low cost.

With which sole it is better to purchase a device, manufacturers are well aware. They are constantly trying to improve the sole of the iron, covering it with various additional materials.

In order for the aluminum sole of the iron to possess the qualities of a ceramic product, it is covered with ceramics. As a result, such a double sole glides well and easily iron synthetics. The device leaves no residue and remains light.

Another way to improve the quality of the sole is to apply an oxide film (anodizing). The sole is gold in color and lasts longer.

Aluminum sole

If the question is buying an aluminum iron, then it is better to choose a device with an anodized sole. Well-established manufacturers such as Philips, Rowenta.

Stainless sole

Which sole of the iron is the most popular, you ask? Stainless steel (stainless steel).

Positive properties:

  • glides easily and quickly across the fabric;
  • perfectly smoothes;
  • durable
  • resistant to corrosion;
  • affordable price.

Negative properties:

  • the iron is heavy.

Manufacturers are trying to make stainless soles more practical. An element such as chrome helps them well in this. By applying chrome to the sole, the iron gives durability and protects against corrosion.

Iron with stainless sole is the most profitable budget option.

Braun, for example, uses a special sapphire powder. As a result, the soles of irons possess:

  • durability;
  • super strength;
  • very good sliding properties.

This coating has been specifically designed for stainless steel irons. Sapphire spraying improves the quality of the product very well. Fine wrinkles and difficult folds are smoothed out perfectly.

If an ordinary stainless steel iron is cheap, then with sapphire spraying it immediately becomes more expensive. To understand that the material has been processed for greater durability and to improve the quality of ironing, pay attention to the designations “Careeza” or “Anodilium”.

The widest range of models is in the line with this coating. Choose between Rolsen, Scarlett, Vitek, Panasonic and many more.

Teflon sole

Teflon coating is similar in characteristics and quality to aluminum. Therefore, the answer to our question: “Which sole of the iron is better?” Has not yet been found.

Positive properties:

  • ease of sliding;
  • good ironing of the material;
  • non-stick coating;

Negative properties:

  • the surface is easily scratched.

Due to the non-stick surface, the soleplate is easy to clean.

What other properties distinguish a non-stick coating: such a coating can not burn and spoil the material. Choose Kenwood, Bork, Atlanta and Unit.

Composite sole

The creation of this sole of the manufacturers was pushed by the fragility of the surface of its predecessors. It has been observed that composite materials are stronger than ceramics and aluminum. In addition, they perfectly withstand damage to metal objects.

Positive properties:

  • quick glide;
  • high strength;
  • wear resistance.

The material is so durable that it easily withstands damage to metal locks and buttons.

You can see the models of the famous Philips brand.

Titanium sole

Which iron sole cover is better and more expensive? Of course, titanium. There are several models of irons with this coating on the market. The fact is that titanium is an expensive material. If you do not look at the price, then such an iron will delight you with excellent quality and durability for a long time. The cost of the device is its only drawback.

Positive properties:

  • brilliant glide;
  • good thermal conductivity;
  • impact resistance;
  • durability.
Philips models with titanium soles

Models with a similar sole are produced by Philips, Panasonic, Bork.

Other operations

Besides ironing, what sole should be or what should it be able to do? In everyday life, several more operations are used, such as ironing, ironing, steaming and ironing. If your model can do any of the above, then you are very lucky.

In addition to these models, on the market you can find irons with removable soles. The type of sole is selected depending on the type of material. Such a universal option will last longer than others and will be convenient to use.

How to choose a sole

Pay attention to:

  • The back of the. If the back of the sole is rounded, the iron will not wrinkle the fabric (especially when moving in the opposite direction);
  • Nose. If the sole of the iron has a sharp nose, then it will easily iron hard-to-reach spots.
  • The presence of holes. A large number of holes on the base allows you to better steam things. It is especially convenient to use this property when ironing strongly creasing fabrics.
  • Special groove. Modern irons have a thin edge. This makes it easy to bring the device under the buttons. In this case, the button will not melt from high temperature.

Sole Types Video

You will learn what types of soles exist and listen to tips on choosing an iron:

Good to know: how to remove scale from the sole of the iron.

Which sole of the iron to get, you decide. Absolutely all materials have disadvantages and, of course, pluses. The iron and its sole should meet the requirements of your family. If you want to save money, it is better to buy an iron with aluminum or Teflon soles. If the price does not matter, buy an iron with a titanium option.

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