How to use a washing machine automatically?

Today, more and more people are buying modern washers, but not everyone knows how to use a washing machine. There are several washing modes from 5 (DAWOO) to 20 (LG automatic machine). Washing modes are selected using the installed programs.


  1. Washing programs
  2. How to choose a washing mode
  3. Start of washing
  4. What reagents are needed for a good wash
  5. General washing machine tips

Washing programs

  1. "Cotton" - this mode is most often used, it is in every a washing machine. In this mode, you can wash bedding or cotton clothes at temperatures up to 95 ° C. The process is quite slow - up to 2 hours, and the spin takes place at maximum speed.
  2. Synthetic mode is suitable for synthetic fabrics at temperatures up to 60 ° C. The washing and spinning times are the same as in the first version.
  3. "Hand wash" is designed for delicate fabrics - tulle, knitwear, etc. water temperature - no more than 30-40 ° C. The rotation speed of the drum is low, there is no spin.
  4. “Delicate wash” is the same as hand wash, but has a spin in many models.
  5. “Quick wash” (or “Express” mode, “Daily wash”) will refresh things well. Washing time - half an hour, water temperature - 300WITH. Spin occurs at maximum speed.
  6. The Intensive Wash mode is designed for heavy soiling. Water should be at a temperature of 80-90 ° C.
  7. “Prewash” - in this mode, two washings are carried out at once. To do this, the powder is poured into two compartments (main and preliminary washing). The first wash consumes the washing powder from the first compartment, the second process uses the powder from the second section.
  8. “Economic washing” (IVF - not to be confused with environmental washing). It can be a built-in mode an auxiliary option for other programs. In this mode, the water almost does not heat up, the water supply to the drum is minimal, that is, the unit saves both water and electricity.
  9. “Wool / Silk” mode - only for items made of silk and wool. Ideal gentle washing at low water temperature without spin.

How to choose a washing mode

A washing machine is a complicated device, therefore, it is necessary to know how to use the washing machine correctly so that your assistant does not fail prematurely. Tips from the practice of many housewives are given below:

  1. Sorting linen is required - it is needed to select a specific type of fabric for the inclusion of a special mode.
  2. In the machine you can not wash clothes on which there is a warning mark.
  3. Different models of washing machines can have excellent temperature and spin parameters in identical programs, so carefully read the instructions.
  4. If you select an automatic wash program, you cannot force the process to stop. If this did not happen through your fault (they turned off the electricity in the house), the machine will continue washing itself, but then you need to restart this mode again.
  5. It is recommended to wash clothes with rhinestones or with embroidery in the “gentle” or “manual” mode. For woolen or silk items, there are special modes.
  6. The “Fast-30” mode is considered the most economical, but it is useless to wash very dirty laundry in this mode.

There are special modes that are used for very dirty laundry. Before washing in any mode, check things for stains and strong contaminants - they need to be pre-wash, remove with a special stain remover or wash separately in the mode intensive washing.

Start of washing

First make sure that the water supply valve is open. Otherwise, the washing program simply will not turn on. Next, check whether the machine is plugged in, after which you can load things into the drum.

If a large thing is erased (bedding, jacket), it is recommended to add a few smaller things to it to align the centrifugal force in the drum. Now you can choose a suitable program, and it is for her to fill in the amount of powder, bleach or stain remover specified in the instructions.

In each automatic machine, the process of controlling the modes can be different, and these features must be taken into account. If the machine begins to wash in automatic mode immediately after selecting a program, then first you need to pour or pour detergent, and only then assign the mode.


What reagents are needed for a good wash

There are a lot of powders, additives and reagents for washing any laundry on sale, they are produced in the form of a liquid or powder. And each remedy serves for a specific type of fabric.

  1. Universal powder for any laundry.
  2. Powders with bleach.
  3. Means for colored linen.
  4. Reagents for washing and bleaching white items.
  5. Synthetic products without enzymes and other additives.
  6. Means with biological additives. They contain enzymes to remove specific stains.
  7. Powders for washing in cool or cold water (up to 400WITH).

Detergents are better rinsed and have an increased concentration of active substances. Together with the main powder, additional bleaching additives and stain removers can be used. Rinses soften and relieve static. Almost all washing powders contain surfactants (surfactants) that help flush out any dirt from the laundry. This is the most important additive that makes your laundry clean and fresh. The remaining additives are flavorings, bleaches, colorants, perfumes, decalcifiers, antifoam agents and so on.

Washing powder Price for 1 kg (rub) Total score The drinks Food stains Cosmetics Grass and dirt Fat spots Paint
Ariel "Mountain Spring" 144,4 70 Good Good Satisfied Medium Medium Passable
Ariel Color Lenor Effect 166,7 88 Medium Fine Passable Good Medium Passable
Bi-Max "100 spots" 150 88 Good Good Satisfied Medium Medium Passable
Eared Nannies 87,5 88 Good Good poorly Good Medium Passable
Ariel "White Rose" 151,1 65 Good Good Passable Medium Medium Passable
E Active Plus 2 in Exotic 108 63 Passable Good Satisfied Medium Medium Passable
Tide "Alpine Freshness" 128,9 63 Medium Good Passable Good Medium Passable
Biolan Color 100 63 Medium Good Passable Good Medium Passable
Tide color 133,3 63 Medium Good poorly Good Medium Passable
Myth "Frosty Freshness" 102,5 62 Medium Good Passable Good Medium Passable
LOCK Color 144,4 62 Medium Good Satisfied Good Medium Passable
Dosia Alpine Freshness 110 61 Medium Good Passable Good Medium Passable
LOCK "Mountain Lake" 117,7 61 Good Good Medium Passable Medium Passable
Persil color expert 166,7 59 Medium Good Satisfied Good Medium Passable
Dosia Active 3 97,5 57 Medium Good poorly Good Medium Passable
Persil vernel 162 57 Medium Good Passable Good Medium Passable

General washing machine tips

Long-term operation and reliable operation of your machine will ensure compliance with the following rules:

  1. The unit must be installed on a flat floor. A secure position will help prevent the body from shifting during spin.
  2. Before washing, check the contents of all powder drawers and bleach drawers. Also, they need to be periodically cleaned and washed, and the drum should be aired.
  3. Each machine is equipped with a special filter for trapping debris - pile, wool, thread, hair, etc. It is also recommended to periodically check and clean it.
  4. Overloading the drum of the machine with linen is unacceptable: the unit can vibrate violently, the laundry can be removed worse, and overload also affects the life of the device very much.
  5. Do not turn on the machine with a low pressure of water - you will violate all modes of operation of the unit.
  6. Tap water can be very hard in your area, so it is recommended that you fill up the descaler with each wash (see the video below).

Attention: Each model of a modern washing machine has built-in protection against water leakage and a protection device against engine overheating. But regular inspection of the unit and operation in good condition will extend the life of your assistant.

The video shows in detail how to use a washing machine. For those who still do not know how to use the machine - how to load laundry, where to put powder, how and what washing modes to set, how to start the process and whether it needs to be controlled. Shown on a DAWOO model washing machine, which are often similar to Samsung.

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