Ariston washing machine: malfunctions and their elimination do it yourself

Breakdowns among Ariston washing machines are an infrequent phenomenon, because manufacturers have long recommended their equipment as the most reliable. But still, even such an excellent technique can fail after a long time of operation. Failures of the Ariston washing machine in most cases are typical and come down to the replacement of failed elements.


  1. The main malfunctions of Ariston washing machines
  2. Fault Codes for Washing Machines

The main malfunctions of Ariston washing machines

Damage to the heater. Thanks to this part, water is heated to make the washing process more efficient. If a failure occurs for this reason, the machine will detect this and issue the appropriate fault code (F03). This can be either a malfunction of the element itself or the breakthroughs accompanying it in the power circuit due to the burned-out terminals. To eliminate the breakdown, you need to replace the blown heating element or correct the terminals.

Ariston washing machine damage

Bearing failure. This malfunction is typical for almost all models of machines of any manufacturer, including the Ariston hotpoint model.

You can see how this is done in the video or in this article:

Continuous operation of the machine causes the bearing shaft to wear out and moisture can get into it. As a result, the deformation of the part and the incorrect operation of the washer.

It is not difficult to notice this breakdown - the machine starts to make a lot of noise at the spin stage. The sound is significantly different from working in normal mode. This breakdown is easily fixed by replacing new bearings. But working with faulty bearings can lead to serious problems - violation of the drum mounting, damage to the tank. Such violations lead to overhaul of equipment.

Pump or filter malfunctions. Regardless of the vertical or horizontal loading, model range, and other indicators, it may happen that the machine refuses to drain or fill the water. The reasons may be blockages, a burnt pump winding.

Pump or filter malfunctions

Sometimes it’s enough to get things going clean filtersif their further work is impossible - replace. If everything is normal with the filters, but the water still does not drain, the pump must be replaced.

Failures of the Ariston hotpoint washing machine may result in water leakage. The problem most often lies in the hoses for collecting or draining water, depending on at what stage of the wash a leak is noticed. To fix the problem, you need to inspect the attachment of the hose to the machine.

Most often, you need to tighten the fixing nut or change the rubber seal. Less often the culprits may be hatch cuffs, pipes. In this case, the problem part should be replaced.

Noise when operating the machine with reference bearings. In such situations, you need to check whether the machine is evenly placed. If not, you need to align its placement, and to reduce the level of vibration, you can put a rubber mat. If this is done and the machine is still noisy, the problem may be with shock absorbers or a tank belt.

To make repairs, you need to check these details and in case of breakdowns, replace the necessary one. Another cause of noise can be small objects that hit the drum during washing. To eliminate the noise, it is enough to remove this small thing. Also read this article:

Malfunctions of washing machines of other companies:

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Electrolux.

Fault Codes for Washing Machines

Ariston washing machines are equipped with a display that displays information about the washing process, mode. But there is another indispensable function of such a display. It will also display any breakdowns under the trouble codes. Each such code is responsible for some kind of breakdown and knowledge of their values ​​will help to quickly identify and eliminate the malfunction that has arisen.

Malfunction codes

The following codes can be displayed on the displays of Ariston hotpoint or aqualtis washing machines:

  • F01: indicates a short circuit in the drive motor of the unit. It is necessary to check the contacts of the controller, moisture must not be allowed to enter the motor. If a breakdown is detected, replace the electronic controller or drive motor.
  • F02: the electronic controller does not have information about the operation of the motor. Inspection of the rotor of the motor will help to determine the problem (its operation can be blocked by jamming of the bearings), also check the connections of all parts. Damage can be eliminated by replacing the motor or controller.
  • F03: malfunctions of the sensor responsible for the temperature, TENA. To eliminate this code, you need to check whether the controller is correctly connected to the temperature sensor, you should see if the sensor has electrical resistance. If all these manipulations do not resolve the problem, you need to replace the sensor.
  • F04: breakdown of the sensor that detects the amount of water. Here the problem areas are the sensor itself, with its connection to the controller. If everything is in order, but the code does not disappear, replace the sensor.
  • F05: drain pump problems. Check how the controller and pump are connected. If no breakdowns are found, but the problem persists, you need to check the pump to see if it has mains voltage. You should also check for blockages in the drain hose. If the breakdown after these actions remains, replace the pump, pressure switch.
  • F06: An error occurred with the buttons. It is necessary to check whether the buttons of the device are working, check the panel for the presence of contacts with the controller. The detected damage is eliminated, often the control panel of the device is replaced.
  • F07: Lights up when there is no immersion in the heating element. Actions: checking the quality of the connections of the sensor that determines the amount of water and the controller, test the sensor itself with the controller, as well as the heater. To eliminate the breakdown, you need to replace the problem element.
  • F08: Relay “stuck” or a problem with the sensor detecting the amount of water. It is worth checking the sensor, relay connections with the controller. If a breakdown is detected, replace the corresponding part. If no damage is detected, change the controller.
  • F09: Failure in volatile memory. To eliminate the damage, change the controller. You can also try to make the firmware of the microcircuit responsible for the memory of the machine.
  • F10: Water check sensor does not send signals. It is necessary to check the connections, wiring, serviceability of the sensor itself and the controller with the replacement of the old part.
  • F11: no data from the drain pump. It is necessary to check the operability of the connector connections from the controller to the pump, test the pump, if necessary, replace it. Also check the sensor.
  • F12: There is no communication between the display module and the controller. Similarly with previous breakdowns, the connection is checked, the detected breakdowns are replaced with new parts.
  • F13: Drying temperature control circuit malfunction. It is worth checking the connections of the controller with the dryer, checking the sensor and replacing the inoperative element.
  • F14: during drying, it does not turn on. It is necessary to check whether the Ten, which is responsible for drying and the controller, are connected, to check the operability of both elements.
  • F15: Dry mode is not turned off. Check the connection board, check with the subsequent replacement of the level sensor and the connection board.
  • F17: indicates an unclosed hatch door. Check if there is mains voltage, if the micro-switch of the lock works, how securely it latches. Identified damage is repaired by replacing the lock lock of the hatch doors.
  • F18: microprocessor malfunctioning. To eliminate the code, you need to replace the controller.

Knowing the fault codes of washing machines Ariston hotpoint, you can find the reason for the stop of work. Ariston washing machines have a complex device, but in many cases it is possible to make repairs with your own hands, while saving time and money.

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