How to choose a geyser in an apartment? What is better automatic or semi-automatic?

On the gas equipment market today, a large number of models of water heaters imported and domestic manufacturers are presented. Below we will consider how to choose a gas column. After all, in order to choose a suitable device, you need to understand the features of different types of speakers and their characteristics.


  1. Types of water heaters
  2. Parameters for choosing a water heater
  3. Column for a private house
  4. The best models of geysers
  5. Video Tips

Types of water heaters

The geyser in the apartment is often chosen by the type of ignition. Modern devices are usually divided into two large classes:

  1. Semi-automatic (piezo ignition), ignition of the pilot burner in which occurs from sparking when a button is pressed that acts on the built-in piezoelectric element;
  2. Automaticin which the electronic unit is responsible for supplying a spark to the ignition or main burner.

Spark in automatic gas columns of different models can be generated in two ways - by a spark gap when powered by pairs of batteries of frame size “D” (the largest battery) and from a small electric generator driven by a hydraulic turbine (hydrofiring).

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Advantages and disadvantages of each column. Consider what you need to consider in order not to choose for a long time in the store which gas column to buy:

  • ignition burner of semi-automatic water heaters must burn constantly, otherwise the main burner when opening the tap with it just doesn’t light up with water, which entails a significant over-consumption of gas - a small wick “eats” up to 0.8 per day cube m gas;
  • batteries of automatic speakers periodically (about once a year) have to be changed, which is not always convenient;
  • water heaters with a road hydrogenerator, in addition, the hydrogenerator is sensitive to water quality - in case of clogging of this device, the column will simply cease to function.

And before you buy an automatic gas column with a water turbine, make sure that the pressure in your water supply is normal, i.e. higher than 0.4 atm, otherwise at low pressure it simply will not turn on. Also useful for this type of columns in the apartment will be the presence of an additional filtration system of tap water, i.e.. the hydrogenerator operates at high water pressure and good water quality.

Nevertheless, the convenience of using automatic gas water heaters determines the presence of increased demand for them, despite the high price. The “automatic machine” begins to work immediately after the consumer opens the hot water - there is no need to press and set fire to anything.

Semi-automatic speakers have still not lost popularity primarily due to the low price, simplicity, lack of expensive electronic components and a high level of reliability. Therefore, consumers often choose these water heaters when answering the question of which geyser is better to buy.

There are gas water heaters and the method of regulating gas flow. According to this parameter, they are divided into the following types:

  1. Columns with automatic adjustment in which the set value of water temperature is supported constant due to changes in the amount of gas supplied to the burner in a fully automatic mode.
  2. With smooth or step manual adjustment. The water temperature changes with a change in its flow rate or gas pressure in the line, however, the user has the ability to change the gas flow rate to the burner to maintain the temperature regime.

Manual temperature control is performed by turning the handle of the gas valve. If it is twisted excessively, the column may go out. Also, it is better not to use such columns in the mixing mode of heated and cold tap water, otherwise they will quickly fail.

Parameters for choosing a water heater

To understand how to choose a geyser for an apartment, study not only the type of water heater, but also the parameters, the main of which is power, usually expressed in kilowatts (kW). You can focus on the following statistics:

  • for heating water only for a shower or a sink, a low-power column up to 19 kW will be enough;
  • if several points of water intake should work simultaneously, then it is necessary to buy a column with a capacity of 22 kW or more.

Manufacturers usually indicate how much water the column can heat up to 25 degrees per minute. It should be borne in mind that if the column heats up to a maximum of about 11 liters of water by the specified value, then the productivity will be enough for only one draw-off point. A column with a capacity of 14 liters can already work on two points, 16 liters - on three points.

You should not take a powerful column if the water pressure in the apartment is low - the device will still not give out the required power, and you will overpay the money. If the maximum flow rate in your house, say, 10 liters, and you take a column with a flow rate of 15-16 liters, then depending on the manufacturer, the machine or semiautomatic device will either heat the water inefficiently or not at all turn on.

It is also important to correctly determine the overall dimensions of the instantaneous water heater, for which measurements are made of the installation site. The diameter of the chimney, to which it is planned to connect a water heater, is also measured. If the need arises, then for the docking of the gas column with the chimney it will be possible to purchase a special adapter.

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Column for a private house

To know how to choose a geyser for a home, you need to understand what requirements are presented by these devices to the presence and properties of a chimney in a building, as well as to the quality of ventilation.

Geysers work not only in apartments, but also in private houses. However, before installing the column in a private house, it is necessary to determine how and where the flue gases will be removed. If the house already has an exhaust duct with sufficient draft, then any type of instantaneous gas water heater is suitable for installation.

In the absence of an exhaust duct, for example, in an apartment in a five-story building, converted for use water heaters or for a private house, it is possible to use only parapet or chimneyless water heaters. In this case, the combustion products are discharged by a fan, for which a hole is arranged in the wall. The room itself should also be well ventilated.

Also, for private homes, the minimum value of the water pressure at which the column can turn on will be of great importance. As previously noted, the highest minimum pressure required to operate the column are automatic models with a hydrogenerator. For them, this value corresponds to 0.35-0.45 atm. It is better to choose water heaters that work already at 0.1 atm.

The best models of geysers

Below are the characteristics and descriptions of the best devices offered on the market today. So you can roughly figure out which geyser to choose.

Neva 4511

Neva 4511

One of the best low-cost geysers of economy class with an open combustion chamber, automatic electric ignition from batteries, but with a minimum set of functions. It has been produced since 2009 in St. Petersburg by the Gazapparat plant. There is no temperature control at the outlet, while the maximum flow rate is low - only 11 liters. Therefore, it is impossible to open the faucet, for example, in the kitchen with a working shower without risking burning a bathing person. But you can buy a geyser for a low price, and it works with a weak water pressure of only 0.1 Bar.



This is a reliable and safe gas water heater, one of the best on the market. Equipped with a piezo ignition system with a constantly burning wick and automatic maintenance of the temperature set at the outlet, it has all the necessary set of safety sensors. It works even at low pressure in the water supply network (only 0.1 Bar). In addition, this unit is actually the only one on the market that protects against the occurrence of back draft, which makes it ideal for apartments with poor ventilation and impaired smoke removal. Disadvantages - expensive parts and low consumption - 10 l / min.



In terms of price / quality, the water heater is one of the best. Buying a gas column with similar characteristics at the same price is problematic, while the device is characterized by high reliability and ease of operation with one knob to set the temperature. The column has a high capacity (14 l / min, 28 kW), automatic electric ignition and hydraulic adjustment of the flame on the burner depending on the magnitude of the inlet water pressure. That is, from a change in the pressure of water in the network, the column temperature does not change.

Above, we examined how to choose the right geyser for your home, the types of these devices and the parameters that must be taken into account in the store to accurately determine which geyser is best for your conditions operation.

Video Tips

The video describes the design of flowing gas columns, stages and production features using the example of the Gazapparat plant, which manufacture the Neva devices that are in demand on the market.

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