Which vacuum cleaner with bag or container to choose? Review of the best models

To make the right choice between models of vacuum cleaners with different types of dust collectors, you need to understand how they differ.

Two types of vacuum cleaners are known for a dust collection method:

  • With dust bags which are available both reusable and disposable. The first option is made of fabric, and the second is made of paper or synthetic material.
  • With containers. They consist of cyclone separators, more often - two. Large particles of dust and debris, spiraling through the external filter, remain in the tank, smaller ones are pulled into the inner one and settle there. At the end of cleaning, the container is cleaned and washed, eliminating dust residues.

To determine which vacuum cleaner to choose with a bag or container, consider the benefits of each type.


  1. Bag vacuum cleaners
  2. Vacuum cleaners with container
  3. Overview of the best models of vacuum cleaners

Bag vacuum cleaners

If the dust bag is disposable, then it is made of breathable material, so the dust carried by the air stream will remain inside the bag. The purified air, after passing through the filters, enters out through a special outlet.

Models with a dust collector of this type have compact dimensions and are very simple to operate.


  1. Dust collector efficiency. It perfectly performs its functions, regardless of the operating mode of the device, speed and suction power.
  2. The noise level during operation of such an apparatus is lower than that of a container type.
  3. A filled disposable dust bag is thrown away, minimizing litter getting on its owner. If the bag is equipped with a special valve, then it generally does not allow dust to enter the air.
  4. Easy removal from the vacuum cleaner body.
  5. The price of vacuum cleaners with a dust collector of this type is lower than their analogues with other types of dust collectors.
  6. More often the volume of the bag is greater than that of the container.

If the bag is not disposable, but suitable for reusable use, then there are no costs for its purchase.


  1. Paper material is not always reliable. Cases may occur in which the bag may burst, resulting in damage to the machine’s engine.
  2. Paper bags have a dense structure, so they require units with more power.
  3. Frequent purchase of new dust collectors, which means constant costs.
  4. As the bag fills up, the device engine has to overcome the increasing resistance. Because of this, the suction power is reduced and the motor can fail more quickly.
  5. The production of a disposable bag for a particular model of vacuum cleaner can be stopped due to its obsolescence.

As for bags made of matter, they are a weak filter. The fabric does not let out only large debris, and small fractions go outside and disperse in the engine or room air. Cleaning the dust bag from the material is not the most pleasant and hygienic occupation. In the next article we will tell how to clean the whole vacuum cleaner.

To understand which vacuum cleaner with a container or bag to choose, you need to study the positive and negative sides of your opponent.

Vacuum cleaners with container

The main advantage of such units is the lack of fixed costs for the purchase of replaceable bags. It is more convenient and pleasant to clean it than a reusable fabric dust collector. You just shake out the dust in the bin and wash the bowl of the container.


  1. Convenient garbage collection device for large fractions. Each container has a special flask, which serves as a collection of various lost things, such as coins, buttons and other necessary gizmos.
  2. Constant high suction power, independent of the degree of filling of the container.
  3. Special filters are used to clean the exhaust air.
  4. The cyclone principle of the filter protects the engine from overheating, and therefore extends the life of the motor.


For those who want to save money, this option is not very suitable, since the cost of the device is slightly higher than that of its opponent with a bag.

Also the negative sides are as follows:

  1. When choosing such a vacuum cleaner, it is better to dwell on models with multicyclone technology, because a regular cyclone retains 97% of dust.
  2. Have a higher noise level.
  3. The power of the apparatus with a container is still lower than that of similar models with a fabric dust collector.
  4. Have to wash the container after each cleaning.

Each line has its own best representatives, distinguished by certain parameters. Let's consider these models in more detail.

Overview of the best models of vacuum cleaners

Bag Models

Electrolux Z 7350.

Model Electrolux Z 7350

A model with high performance power (2100 W) and suction (400 W). Before leaving the device, the air is cleaned with specially installed filters, which can be rinsed as they become dirty. Two synthetic bags are supplied, the filling of which is indicated by an indicator on the device. "Soft start" when you turn on the vacuum cleaner provides a smooth acceleration of the motor. To protect against overheating, a trip controller is provided.

Rowenta RO 4541

Model Rowenta RO 4541

Popular model by customer reviews. The volume of the dust bag is 4.5 liters. Equipped with noise reduction and cord reeling systems. It has hygiene and high filtration. It is worth noting its affordable cost.

Karcher VC 6350

Model Karcher VC 6350

Known for its easy-change nozzle system. Its body has a round bottom with a rubber ring, which, when colliding with furniture, gently bends around them, which adds models of maneuverability.

Container Models

Panasonic MC - E8035

Model Panasonic MC - E8035

It is equipped with two containers and the same number of additional filters, so the air after passing through it enters the room in its pure form. Its design provides for rubberized wheels and a bumper, which protects the furniture and the unit itself from scratches and scuffs. The device can be stored in any position. With its compact dimensions, it has a container of 3.5 liters.

Electrolux ZCX 6205

Model Electrolux ZCX 6205

It features an unusual low-key design. Equipped with a smooth start of the engine and protect it from overheating. Has a large bowl - 4 liters. A turbo brush comes with standard nozzles. With its average operating power of 1800 watts, it has a reduced suction draft of just 300 watts. At work, it is very noisy.

Samsung SC8471

Model Samsung SC8471

Original case design. The power of the device is the same as that of the previous model, but the suction power is greater - 360 watts. It has a small container of only 1.5 liters. Comes with a set of standard nozzles and a turbo brush. Power can be adjusted directly on the handle, without leaning towards the body.

To finally find out what type of dust collector will be optimal for you, check out the video below.

Video about the features of vacuum cleaners with a disposable bag and container.

It presents two models of vacuum cleaners with different types of dust collector. Their "pros" and "cons" are clearly demonstrated.

Each model of the unit has its own characteristics that affect the choice of a vacuum cleaner with a bag or container. But there is one nuance for people with a tendency to allergic reactions - models with disposable dust collectors are more suitable for them, because when replaced, a person does not breathe dust. Deciding which model to choose is all the same to you, because both financial capabilities and personal preferences matter.

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