Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum: an overview of functions, parameters, reviews

Household appliance manufacturers are pleased with the original models of robotic vacuum cleaners, which greatly simplify the cleaning of the room. The well-known Chinese company Xiaomi, which promotes its product, created on the basis of the Mijia ecosystem, is trying to keep up.

We offer an overview of the work of the vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum: features of its appearance, interface and customer reviews.

The content of the article:

  • Appearance and features of use
  • Functionality and features
  • Consumer feedback on the model
  • The main competitors of the robot Xiaomi
    • Model # 1 - iRobot Roomba 681
    • Model # 2 - Clever & Clean AQUA-Series 01
    • Model # 3 - iClebo Pop
  • The best deals on the market

Appearance and features of use

Having bought the device, get a considerable box with a vacuum cleaner, a dust filter brush, a charger and an instruction manual.

As for vacuum cleaning robots, the design is fairly standard: a kind of white plate with a diameter of about 35 cm and a height of 10 cm.

The only significant difference in the appearance of the robot robot "Xiaomi" - the presence of performances for the laser sensor. It is placed on a small platform that carries out 5 turns within a second.

The sensor analyzes the placement of objects in the room and makes a cleaning plan. The sensor is safe for both humans and pets.

Complete set of the robot cleaner from Xiaomi

The motor of the robotic vacuum cleaner produces minimal noise. It ensures the efficient operation of the device even with the most problematic dirt on the floor and carpets.

To control the robot, the manufacturer has provided two buttons: “Power On” and “Home”. The features of their use are as follows.

  1. If you click on "Turning on, Then the vacuum cleaner will clean the room.
  2. If you hold down the "Turning onThe device turns on or off.
  3. Pressing the "Home"Causes the device to return to the base.
  4. If you hold down the "Home"Within a few seconds, the vacuum cleaner will clean up the area next to you - a square with sides of 1.5-2 m2.
  5. Pressing and holding the two mentioned buttons will disconnect from the Internet.

On the rear panel are 2 contact platforms. One is designed for cooling by removing warm air from the appliance. The second is the speaker, which informs about the operation mode.

The front part of the robot is a small bumper. The latter is equipped with two important elements: a shock sensor and an ultrasonic radar.

On the side there is a compartment with a distance sensor from the walls. The device operates at a distance of 1 cm from the latter. Using the side brush removes dirt and dust near the walls.

Xiaomi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The basis of the vacuum cleaner - three different processors. They jointly collect, analyze and store information. Cleaning is done on the most efficient route.

If you open the lid of the device, you will see a plastic dust tank. It is transparent, so it is easy to control the level of fullness.

The container is easy to reach - there is a small hole for the finger. To securely fit the container to the frame, there is a rubber insert. A special sensor does not allow the system to start work if the container is not in place.

The device is equipped with 12 sensors:

  • laser range finder LDS;
  • wall placement sensor;
  • sensor collisions with objects;
  • a sensor indicating that large particles have entered the device;
  • laser distance meter LDS;
  • dust sensor;
  • ultrasonic radar;
  • electronic compass;
  • accelerometer;
  • drop sensor;
  • speedometer;
  • fan speed sensor.

Slightly above the control keys is a miniature light bulb. It glows blue when connected to a Wi-Fi network. If there is no access to the Internet, it flashes.

On the bottom of the device is a standard sticker from the manufacturer. It is prescribed here that the power of the device is 55 W, and in order to charge it in the network there should be a voltage of 14.4 V.

Charging the robot on the parking base

When the charge of a robotic vacuum cleaner ends, he returns to the “parking” without the intervention of the owners. A charged device returns to the place where cleaning was interrupted.

Placing the wheels work provides sufficient distance between the lower part of the body and the floor. The vacuum cleaner overcomes small obstacles that do not exceed 2 cm.

The main brush is floating. It ensures the removal of dirt from surfaces with irregularities. To clean the brush, you need to remove it.

To do this, click on the special mounts, which are indicated by small red arrows. The disadvantage of the model is one side brush.

The functionality of the robot cleaner Xiaomi

The autonomy of the device is 2.5 hours, which is enough to clean a room of 250 m2. There is a battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh

Functionality and features

Kinematic system 2 driving wheels and 1 roller
Dust collection method Vacuum filtration and inertial movement
Dust collector 1 tank
Central brush 1 (petal-bristled)
Side brush 1
Modes of operation Standard return to base for recharging, local and on schedule
Cleaning area on one charge 250 m2
Management on the body Mechanics
Remote control Using the application and the remote server
Alert Voice and light signals
Autonomous work 2.5 hours
Charging method Using a special database
Power 55 W
Weight 3.8 kg
Differences Cleaning card, use of magnetic tape
Products webpage
Price from the manufacturer 250 dollars

Unlike other models, the device is equipped with an improved orientation system. It is able to obtain data on the placement of obstacles, 5 times per second by analyzing changes in the range of 360 degrees. Scanning speed is 108 thousand samples per minute.

Obstacle definition

To identify obstacles, many other models of vacuum cleaners approach them closely. The robot determines the distance to things from a distance of 6 m, and the error is less than 2%

The application language is Chinese. However, it is quite simple to find information on the operating time, cleaning map and battery charge level.

To control the robot with a Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner, use the MiHome application, which runs on Android and iOS.

To download it, just a few minutes. Next, you need to press both working keys and release them after the beep. The Wi-Fi light should come on. Go to the app, find the device and connect.

Since the robot remotely determines the placement of objects, it is able to form a map of the room. It also analyzes where it is located relative to other things and where is the base station. The system remembers which places have already been removed, and which have not yet.

Lidar - a sensor that is responsible for detecting obstacles - works at a certain height from the floor. Some things he is unable to detect.

However, for the obstacles that are placed in the lower blind zone, a bumper with an ultrasonic sensor is provided. The manufacturer has not offered a solution to the problem regarding the upper range, which the main sensor does not see.

Small size

The robot vacuum cleaner is a rather tiny device. Since it also weighs less than 4 kg, it is convenient to transport it, for example, to the country

The axles of the drive wheels are on the same radius - 175 mm. This feature allows the robot to unfold in place and is a prerequisite for excellent maneuverability.

Drive wheels have a small diameter - only 70 mm. But the course of the hinges is almost 30 mm. The device is able to overcome obstacles with a small height or depth.

The tread wheel is made of rubber-like material that does not slide on the surface.

About sensors, control buttons, wheels and other vacuum cleaner elements:

The task of the front side of the brush during cleaning - slip the garbage to the center. Its basis is flexible and elastic wires that have solid lugs.

The central brush is the main element that is responsible for garbage collection. The latter, together with the air enters a special tank. Gases are discharged through a hole in the back of the device.

Brush speed

The speed of the brushes is easily adjustable. The robot gently cleans soft carpets and ruthlessly removes dirt from tougher surfaces.

The vacuum cleaner kit also contains a comb tool and a blade. These items are designed for cleaning brushes.

Office placement of the central brush has a free course of 9 mm. This allows you to repeat the unevenness of the surface and to ensure the most effective cleaning.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide a sensor that signals the fullness of the tank with dust. Since the volume of the tank is small, you will often have to check it. The dust collector has a cover that you need to remove and shake out the contents.

Care of the vacuum cleaner bag

The crossed drop is depicted on the case of the dust collector - this means that it is prohibited to wash the dust tank. But wiping with a damp cloth still does not hurt

The manufacturer used a fan with a brushless motor, made by the Japanese manufacturer Nidec. The maximum power of the element is 0.67 m3/ min The highest rate of discharge - 1800 Pa.

The fan is powered by a powerful rechargeable battery, which is located below. It is necessary to unscrew 6 screws to get to it. Removing the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, you can quite simply replace the brushes and wheels.

The vacuum cleaner, as well as any other equipment, is forbidden to be used in the damp room. Dust with water can lead to its failure or the need for long-term cleaning.

Modes of operation

The robot has three modes of cleaning: quiet, standard and intense. They are selected in a special management application. It is convenient to adjust the features of the device under the level of pollution of the room

The unit does not need to be turned on and adjusted daily for cleaning. The system allows you to set a work schedule. It is necessary to note the days of the week and the time of cleaning.

The manufacturer recommends starting from the base - then two cases are possible. First, the vacuum cleaner can clean the room completely.

Secondly, if the battery charge level has dropped to 20%, then the device returns to the base, is fed and continues cleaning from the place where it has completed.

The planning of cleaning in space is provided by a magnetic strip. It can be placed directly on the floor or hidden under a thin coating.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not include this addition in the vacuum cleaner kit. Those who want to use it should buy on their own.

Unique technology

The approach to orientation in space in a vacuum cleaner is similar to the technology used in unmanned vehicles. This once again underlines the originality of the model.

The device signals its state visually with the help of the LED indicator. The system also tries to inform the user using the words written in Chinese. However, voice messages are easy to disable.

Management is carried out using the application from the company and a mobile device based on iOS or Android.

Unfortunately, there is no official Russian version, but you can use the unofficial one. In the second case, you also need to download a special addition.

Corners of the room

One of the few drawbacks of the device - it is difficult for him to clean the corners of the room. This is due to the round shape of the vacuum cleaner. He just physically can not call in the corner of the room

Immediately after installing the application, you need to adjust the control of the robot. The latter should be located in the network coverage area and be connected to the Internet. Management is carried out not directly from the application, but through an intermediary - a remote server.

You can give commands to a vacuum cleaner from any part of the land where there is Internet access. However, if you have access to the Web disabled for several days or there are problems with the service, it will be impossible to make new settings.

The main section of the application contains information about the state of the robot, the area harvested, the map and the battery charge. At the bottom are the keys to return to the base, setting the power of the fan and the start of cleaning the room.

Vacuum cleaner programming

One of the most useful features of the application is working with the room map. The sequence of cleaning is the vacuum cleaner system. But the user can adjust the trajectory and increase the efficiency of the device.

Consumer feedback on the model

Users are actively discussing the possibilities and features of using a robot vacuum cleaner. At the same time consider it both strengths and weaknesses. In particular, the benefits include:

  • significant cleaning efficiency;
  • automatic continuation of cleaning the premises after recharging;
  • setting the desired fan power;
  • an advanced approach to determining the location of the robot and the route of work;
  • significant cleaning area without recharging;
  • work in accordance with the established schedule;
  • use of magnetic tape to limit the cleaning area;
  • convenient management based on a mobile application.

Robot vacuum cleaner has numerous strengths. However, it is far from perfect. But the negative points in his work are much less than the positive ones.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Software

Vacuum cleaner software sometimes crashes. This has a negative effect on the duration and efficiency of cleaning. Also, regular problems in the operation of the mobile application and the cloud service are not in favor of the device.

As evidenced by reviews of the robot cleaner Xiaomi, the device has the following disadvantages: the lack of an official version on Russian, the minimum configuration, regular cases of loss of communication with the cloud service and the minimum size of the tank for dust.

The drawbacks of the device still pale before its advantages.

We offer to personally check the capabilities of the robot vacuum cleaner at home, watching the video, which one of its owners kindly shared:

The main competitors of the robot Xiaomi

The considered clever representative of Xiaomi cleaning equipment of the brand has main competitors with which potential customers compare it before they finally decide on a purchase.

Among competing robots are iRobot, Clever & Clean and iClebo. They are in the same price range, have excellent functionality and are pretty smart at their price tag.

Model # 1 - iRobot Roomba 681

The robot from the manufacturer iRobot, as well as all of its development, differs in a good-quality assembly. Roomba 681 is able to work without stopping for just over an hour, but this time is enough for him to cope with cleaning the average room size.

Model Specifications:

  • battery type / capacity - Li-Ion / 2130 mAh;
  • dust collector - without bag (cyclone filter);
  • side brush / soft bumper - eat / eat;
  • virtual wall - complete;
  • cleaning - dry;
  • programming - yes, by the day of the week;
  • Dimensions (diameter / height) - 33.5 / 9.3 cm.

This robotic assistant is distinguished by an increased capacity of a dust container, the volume of which is 1 l. For robots, this is a very good indicator, which allows one to cope with a polluted room without user intervention.

Also, its advantage in the excellent quality of the cleaning - it very thoroughly cleans the room.

Of the shortcomings of the owners point to plastic, not rubberized, bumpers, insufficient duration battery life and problems when cleaning sand brought from the street, lack of ability to build a map premises.

Also iRobot Roomba 681 badly removes near the base - he tries to go around it away. Therefore, it should be placed on a less polluted area of ​​the floor. And his price tag is 4.5-5 thousand higher than that of Xiaomi.

Model # 2 - Clever & Clean AQUA-Series 01

Another competitor model Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum - the robot Clever & Clean AQUA-Series 01. Despite the fact that this vacuum cleaner is sold for the same money, it is able to perform not only dry, but also wet surface treatment in the room.

And its equipment with the function of collecting liquids allows you to run an assistant in the kitchen / living room, where you spilled juice / coffee or your pet accidentally made a puddle. Oh, this robot will cope with the elimination of this kind of trouble without consequences.

Operating parameters of instruments:

  • battery type - NiCd;
  • dust collector - without bag (cyclone filter), with a capacity of 0.50 l;
  • side brush / soft bumper - eat / eat;
  • the display is;
  • cleaning - dry and wet;
  • programming - yes, by the day of the week;
  • Dimensions (diameter / height) - 34 / 8.5 cm.

Of the advantages of the owners note the excellent quality of surface cleaning, especially pleased with the presence of wet cleaning. Moreover, its implementation is not associated with abundant watering of the floors with water - the robot performs a really wet, and not wet cleaning.

Of the minuses, users point to the inability to turn off the voice menu, which sometimes causes irritation.

Especially if the robot notifies of its condition when the owner does not care about this issue. Therefore, during sleep it is not recommended to run the cleaner.

Model # 3 - iClebo Pop

iClebo Pop, as well as the previous competitor, is able to perform wet cleaning, in addition to dry. True, its price tag is a couple thousand rubles higher.

It is equipped with infrared sensors that control its movements in a particular room.

Technical features of this model:

  • battery type - Li-Ion;
  • dust collector / capacity - without bag (cyclone filter) / o, 6 l;
  • side brush / soft bumper - eat / eat;
  • display - complete;
  • cleaning - dry and wet;
  • working / charging time - 120/110 minutes;
  • Dimensions (diameter / height) - 34 / 8.9 cm.

Robot iClebo Pop can be controlled using the remote control, which the manufacturer supplies in the kit.

Of the benefits the owners point to an excellent assembly, reliable battery and long working time, which is enough for cleaning the average room size.

Also, users note that with his appearance in the house has become much cleaner.

Of the minuses called the need for regular care of the robot with the cleaning of its work items.

I do not like the fact that the comb for cleaning the brush does not cope with its strong pollution, and we still have to select devices that will help remove all debris.

The best deals on the market

The robot cleaner brand Xiaomi stands out an excellent system of orientation in space. It detects obstacles at a considerable distance using a special laser sensor.

The device also features a powerful lithium-ion battery, the ability to change the fan power and control using a mobile application.

The latter allows you to see automatically determined the trajectory of the robot and change it if necessary.

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