Handheld vacuum cleaner for home

Not always the crumbs from the table smahnesh hand or with a cloth. That issue special steam cleaners for the kitchen. For example, there is on the oilcloth frozen eggs or dirty spots, is just a couple of crumbs. Handheld vacuum cleaner for home needed for hard to reach places. Imagine, in the room a lot of cabinets and wet cleaning is not suitable. Are you afraid to scratch the finish. Handheld vacuum cleaner for the house is designed to not damage furniture. Such a device is required in large apartments, where there are wall hangings and headsets. Before stripping remove dust.

Purpose for home vacuum cleaner

Compact handheld vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning of furniture: soft and polished. Required for wall hangings, chandeliers and other home furnishing accessories. But not all things suffer wet cleaning, and others do not require such an approach. Suppose worth ionizer on Wall convectors, in this case, and so the germs deleted. The situation is similar when using AirGate various purification steps. If the home has a microclimate is regulated in terms of protection against microbes, the need for wet cleaning the polished furniture fades into the background. Suffice it to vacuum.

Compact handheld vacuum cleaner

Steamer Grand Master GM Q7 Multi will clean the whole house. But he is present feature: it does not take away the dust, and simply throws a jet of steam. Dirt will build up inside the sofa, or remain on the skin. Both options are not very attractive, it is appropriate to buy a hand vacuum. In this case, pre-cleaning is done quickly. For this purpose the hand vacuum, and then going on cleaning oil stains and shiny seats steamer. This applies to the curtains. A number of hand-held vacuum cleaners are equipped with a narrow crevice tool for cleaning hard to reach areas and brushing, quick cleaning upholstered furniture and curtains. Pay attention to the set of tips when choosing a model.

Most of the hand-held vacuum cleaner built on the cyclone scheme. This will allow to manage the minimum number of filters to obtain a positive result. Far from any hand-held vacuum cleaners prefabricated container transparent. Just in this case to indicate fullness is a pointer. Although it is more convenient to assess visually.

Please note that manual vacuum cleaners are characterized by:

  • By size:
  1. Manual.
  2. Shoulder.

Mini vacuum cleaner

  • purpose:
  1. Collecting the dust from surfaces.
  2. Cleaning hard to reach places, cracks and polished furniture.
  3. Cleaning including sex.
  • design:
  1. Completely mobile.
  2. In the ad hoc brush squeegee.

Unknown hand vacuum, suitable for wet cleaning and acting in the manner of models with a water filter. It is warned against ingress of liquids. Handheld vacuum cleaners exclusively for dry cleaning.

A vacuum cleaner with a bulb on the handle noisy, like other cyclone. Nutrition is often the battery, but the national teams of instances where detachable hand vacuum if necessary, by a long handle, it is supplied to the power supply. Most devices are provided likeness docking or adapter where the constant current charge nonstandard nominal. We suspect it is made to radio amateurs are not trying to use this for the purposes of adapters from other equipment (radio, phones, laptops).

A vacuum cleaner with a bulb on the handle

Zepter TurboHandy 2 1

This handheld vacuum cleaner has a code PWC 400. For cleaning upholstered furniture, curtains and curtains fit poorly. At a cost of 13,500 rubles would like to see a separate brush and preferably a small hose to cope better with sofas and a wall hanging or vertical take Dyson. This team model is suitable for floors and polished furniture. For the first case suitable brush on a long handle, mop, which is mounted directly to the vacuum cleaner. From the construction it is clear that to clean it hard sofas. At the same time handle folds down, but only for storage.

Says that the model of man the docking station, where it spends most of the time, but does not specify the duration of battery life. The parameter may check the user manual. For products, standing 13,500 rubles, evaluate information support as below average: excluded from consideration parameter group. Not specified power consumption of suction power, for fitting the power cord to the handle. For a simple mop is sufficiently thick object. No information available within the adapter circuitry.

Zepter TurboHandy 2 1

This idea suggests that the docking handle with vacuum occurs through four broad terminal, looking power. At the end is the power button, even if it's two terminals (start adapter), but not four. As a result, destination devices becomes clear assignment of advertising materials disclosed baits, but behind the scenes possible. But the price of 13,500 rubles (cyclone vacuum cleaner will take 2,500 rubles) should be justified.

Mysterious Hand Vacuums 2 + 1 gift with ttstv.ru site

In the store and see models of hand vacuum cleaners on 3000 rubles, but about the possibilities have to guess. The device has not found the name, so we've provided:

  • code 60356-02;
  • ttstv.ru site address.

In aggregate with concise name cleaner 2 in 1 complete lot of tips for all occasions, the belt to be worn on the shoulder, extension hose to tackle and the floor, and there is no power cord dock station. Handheld vacuum cleaner deprived pronounced specialization, as the previous one, it looks massive, and it is unclear what to do with this mountain of tools and hoses when moving around the house.

Curiously, the available mode on the reverse thrust. Blow away leaves or sawdust with a track from the workbench. It turns out that this hand vacuum cleaner for swimming pools seen in American films. This refers to the dry cleaning of artificial reservoirs for bathing. If necessary, and the leaves will blow away, and vacuumed.

This is not a professional model, do not try to remove rotten, rotten leaves. vacuum cleaner handle does not look too comfortable, but it is assumed that most of the time the unit is hanging on his shoulder.

This device can be used as a spray gun, blow the sand with benches and inflating balloons and mattresses. It is also applied a nozzle for cleaning computer keyboards. the device power is 800 W, we get reason to assume that it is not fed by internal battery. Cord looks firmly attached. Handheld vacuum cleaner for the pool is equipped with a washable filter (like most of the manual models), which is not afraid of small screws.

It is recommended to pay attention to the hand-held vacuum cleaners with this site, worth a thousand cheaper. First, the manufacturing company SynBio known producer of cheap goods. Upright vacuum cleaner is a copy of the Zepter TurboHandy, but with a cord. Probably, in this model there is no battery. Handheld vacuum cleaner SynBio 2 kg corded simply hung on the arm, and cable spreads through the holder. vacuum cleaner handle looks comfortable. In the presence of a special unit of the furniture nozzle, the evaluation would be higher, in terms of the ratio of prices and capabilities.

If juicer SynBio see as a bad product, the manual vacuum cleaner looks better.

Handheld vacuum cleaner missile at a similar price looks like a thick red rocket with a decent size lint brush on the end. The main advantages of the model - the price and shoulder strap. Between the housing and the nozzle is inserted into the hose, which makes manual vacuum cleaner ideal for cleaning upholstered furniture. It included two brushes, both napped. They can be cleaned and the carpet and sofa tidy. And these models from the battery power is not available, you may need to carry the kit.

When cleaning the house there are unusual situations. Vacuum cleaner on the battery looks attractive and useful, but to pay for it extra 10,000 rubles do not want to. Zepter has provided with a bunch of lovely features, but the description in the ad text a bit.

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