What do the icons on the washing machines of different models

mean? With the appearance of automatic washing machines on the Russian market in the early 90s of the last century, our ladies breathed a sigh of relief. In Soviet times, a good "washer" was a luxury, the spin was often manual, the centrifuges thundered and often broke.

Over the past 20 years, automatic machines have also changed noticeably. Manufacturers are constantly changing the design of models, add new icons that define additional features, improving in competition. Convenient noiseless touch buttons for the most part have replaced rotary knobs, models are updated, getting a lot of different programs.

All changes are also designed so that this type of home appliances can be easily controlled by anyone. But sometimes to understand the various characters is not so easy.

We consider what information signs decorate the panels of washing machines of the most popular brands.

Concepts, which are depicted on the machine - automatic, can be divided into 4 main groups.

Images representing the process of work, to the running of which include:

  • ordinary wash;
  • prewash;
  • rinse;
  • rinsing plus;
  • drying;
  • spin;
  • drain.

Signs of different modes, which indicate the choice of temperature for certain types of fabric, as well as the intensity of the tank turns when pressing:

  • cotton;
  • synthetics;
  • wool;
  • silk;
  • jeans.

Icons denoting the modes that are selected at their discretion:

  • hand wash and quick wash;
  • turbo;
  • thin underwear;
  • cold water;
  • economical;
  • tulle and curtain;
  • baby clothes.

The signs of the fourth group assume the presence of their own control buttons, and not just a pointer:

  • easy ironing;
  • contaminated items;
  • increase in the rate of water;
  • half load;
  • foaming control;
  • number of turns;
  • temperature mode.

Designations on washing machines Electrolux and AEG

Washing machine Bosch

On the most popular models of this brand signs on the display are as follows. In the center of the panel on the machine is the power button. From the left edge there are 4 buttons, standard for such models:

  • things with stains;
  • prewash;
  • easy ironing( when this mode is selected, the display of turns is automatically set, at which it is impossible to select more than 600);
  • Extra Rinse.

The next row with the button at the bottom indicates the choice of the number of spin turns from silent to 1000. Next, from the bottom to the bottom are 4 indicators that accompany the entire washing process: from the beginning to the discharge of water. And on the right is a rotary knob for different temperature conditions, types of washing, different fabrics, the choice of rinse or spin.

Washing machine LG Intellowasher

A very convenient and popular series of the famous brand. On the left panel is a rotary knob for switching modes:

  • fabric selection;
  • pressed;
  • rinse + spin;
  • water drain;
  • hand wash and quick wash;

Bottom of the knob on the machine are buttons on and pause. In the center of the panel is the time display. On the right - a number of indicators of temperature, the choice of spin speed from silent to 1000, as well as a number of certain convenient services in the form:

  • prewash;
  • eco-programs;
  • Extra Rinse;Bio-mode
  • .

In the lower part of the right side, the buttons are horizontally arranged:

  • launch delay;
  • easy ironing;
  • temperature selection;
  • various options, including the key - child lock.

Washing machine Ardo

One of the most popular Italian brands of washing machines in Russia. On the model panel in the center is a display that reflects the washing time and the start button. There is also a rotary handle, with which you can choose different temperature modes and programs:

  • hand wash and quick wash;
  • program for sports things;
  • program of things of mixed fabrics,
  • mode for jeans and shirts.

There is a special hygienic laundry treatment cycle. At the bottom of the display are the signs of the buttons:

  • delay start;
  • pressed;
  • prewash / automatic cleaning machine;
  • turbo mode;
  • skin protection( wash with plenty of water, suitable for people with sensitive allergic skin and baby clothes);
  • drying.

Washing machine Miele

Dear quality brand, this unit in the washing segment is the dream of any hostess. On the panel of this gorgeous device there are programs:

  • jeans wear;
  • fine tissue;
  • cotton;
  • wool items;
  • shirts;
  • dark things;
  • sports underwear and shoes;
  • outerwear.

There are also information signs of the following programs:

  • of things treated with various dirt - and water-repellent impregnations( microfiber products, ski suits);
  • hygienic cycle;
  • drying;
  • cycle for absolutely new things;
  • mode for pillows and curtains;
  • mode for soft toys.

Symbols for Gorenje, Beko

machines We hope that our brief review will help you to fully utilize all the features of your washing machine. Good luck washing you!

Note: how to use the washing machine

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