Virtual reality glasses for smartphones - the future today

Virtual reality glasses for smartphones - the future today


People have long dreamed of immersion in virtual reality. Prototypes of the first devices for immersing the user inside the game environment were invented more than half a century ago. But now, when the theme of virtual reality is gaining momentum and is becoming more popular among gaming developers, people began to wonder how to make devices for virtual reality more accessible. And the most popular solution in this sphere are virtual reality glasses, which use smartphones of users themselves for their work.

How to choose a fashionable device, use it and even make it yourself - our entire article will tell about all this.


  • 1What are virtual reality glasses for smartphones?
  • 2Terms of Use
    • 2.1Video: opinion about budget glasses of virtual reality
  • 3Features of care for glasses
  • 4Device Selection Options
    • 4.1Table: the difference in price for various devices of virtual reality
  • 5The best virtual reality glasses for smartphones in 2017
    • 5.1Google Cardboard 2.0
      • 5.1.1Video: feedback on using Google Cardboard 2.0
    • 5.2Hiper VRS
      • 5.2.1Review on Hiper VRS
    • 5.3VR BOX VR 2.0
      • 5.3.1Review on VR BOX VR 2.0
    • 5.4Homido v1
      • 5.4.1Review on Homido v1
    • 5.5Samsung gear VR
      • 5.5.1Review on Samsung gear VR
  • 6The device of virtual reality for smartphones own hands

What are virtual reality glasses for smartphones?

Why is the idea of ​​virtual reality glasses for smartphones so good? The fact is that devices for immersion in the gaming environment require, firstly, a high-quality screen for their work, and secondly, the electronic stuffing. And, of course, this greatly affects the price of production and distribution of such devices. Using a smartphone is a good way to solve a problem. After all, the savings will be provided by each of the parts of the device:

  • screen device - as the screen will use your phone's display. As a result, the quality of the image depends solely on the screen resolution of your smartphone;
    The image quality of the game in VR will depend on the display of your device
  • to monitor the movement will be used the sensor of the phone - as a result, a virtual reality device may not contain any sensors at all;
  • electronics and wires - the smartphone has a built-in battery and electronics for displaying the image on the screen. Consequently, the virtual reality glasses themselves will be even easier and cheaper.

As a consequence, such a device of virtual reality for smartphones is a plastic or cardboard frame with a lens for each eye. Prices for it are often very low.

Terms of Use


How are virtual reality glasses used for smartphones? Of course, the answer to this question will partly depend on the selected device. But there are a number of common actions that you will perform regardless of the chosen model of glasses. For immersion in virtual reality you will need:

  1. Download to your device game, a video with a 360-degree view or any other VR-intended content. Run all the necessary settings and settings for the current software.
    Download and install any content for VR devices
  2. Customize your virtual reality device. This means to adjust the straps so that the device fits comfortably on the head.
    Reliably fix the virtual reality device on your head
  3. Paste the smartphone into the device. As soon as the image appears, configure the lenses of the device, if there is such a possibility in its design. The picture should be clear and not blurred when turning the head.
    Achieve a clear image for each eye
  4. Start playing a game or watching a video.

If you use a cardboard device, you may need to first collect it yourself on the fold lines.


Video: opinion about budget glasses of virtual reality

Features of care for glasses

Speaking about the peculiarities of taking care of glasses of virtual reality, it is necessary to decide what material we are talking about. If we are talking about the care of devices made of cardboard, then it is worth noting the peculiarities of caring for such a device:

  • dry cleaning of the body glasses - you can wipe their body with a dry rag. Do not use water during cleaning - cardboard quickly becomes soaked and loses its shape;
  • gently wipe the lens with wet wipes, trying not to touch them with cardboard - this will help you get rid of grease spots on the transparent material;
  • If necessary, use antiseptics in order to get rid of the unpleasant odor of sweat. Aerosol air fresheners here do not fit - they will soak the cardboard.

Care for virtual reality glasses with plastic housing is somewhat different:

  • plastic, as well as lenses, can be wiped with wet napkins - the material absorbs smells worse and is not afraid of moisture, which means it's easier to clean;
  • wiping the lenses themselves, pay special attention to cleaning the device from the inside;
  • Do not store the device in an open area, in order to avoid cleaning it from dust.

Carefully care for the device of virtual reality, especially if it is used by children.Because of sweat and close contact with the face, there is a danger of bacteria developing on the surface of the device.

Device Selection Options

When choosing virtual reality glasses for a smartphone, there are not many parameters to consider. The most important and really affecting the price are the following:

  • material glasses or a helmet of virtual reality - when manufacturing virtual reality glasses for smartphones, plastic or cardboard is used. It is obvious that the plastic will be more durable and pleasant to use, but it costs more. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the material of the parts adjacent to the face. In plastic devices, foam rubber or pads made of various soft materials are often used;
  • the manufacturer-unknown devices from Chinese manufacturers will be cheaper than analogues from large companies. So, Google Cardboard points though and are budgetary, all the same is more expensive than other cardboard glasses. If you talk about the glasses of virtual reality from the firms Samsung and HTC, then you will immediately see the difference in prices with a similar product from less well-known brands. On the other hand, a well-known manufacturer is responsible for its quality reputation;
    Points from well-known manufacturers will cost significantly more
  • flexibility in tuning - please note whether you can adjust the focus or the position of the lenses in the glasses that you select. This option is very desirable for a full-fledged experience in virtual reality, because the shape of the head is individual, like the distance between the eyes;
  • the form of the device of virtual reality - simple glasses or a full-fledged helmet, closed or open to the light compartment for a smartphone. These options affect not only the appearance of the device, but also the experience that you get when immersed in virtual reality. For the greatest effect of presence it is necessary to choose closed devices, inside of which there is no light;
    The glasses and helmets of virtual reality can be of very different shapes
  • additional features - charging the phone while using glasses, smartphone management and other optional options can make using a virtual reality device for smartphones much more pleasant.
    To some points of virtual reality in the kit is a remote for your smartphone

Table: the difference in price for various devices of virtual reality

Device model Material of manufacture Price in USD
Google Cardboard 2.0 cardboard 15
Hiper VRS plastic 20
VR BOX VR 2.0 plastic 24
Homido v1 plastic 85
Samsung gear VR plastic 120

As you can see, the price of virtual reality devices for smartphones is quite low. After all, a full device for virtual reality will cost you about $ 850.

The best virtual reality glasses for smartphones in 2017

Consider the best virtual reality glasses for smartphones on the price-performance ratio of the popular in 2017 models.

Google Cardboard 2.0

Points of virtual reality for smartphones from Google are still very popular. The high quality of the product at a low price makes them the best choice among budget cardboard points. The following advantages can be distinguished in the current device:

  • low weight - virtual reality glasses from cardboard almost do not weigh anything;
  • convenient design and fasteners - your phone will be well fixed in the device;
  • lenses for viewing at 100 degrees - a similar viewing angle is felt quite natural in games with support for virtual reality;
  • low price - by itself, the price of the device is low, given the cheapness of materials. This allows you to use these points for individual users and organizers of public events.
    The budget solution among the virtual reality glasses for smartphones will be Google Cardboard 2.0

Of the minuses of the current device, it can be noted only that the cardboard is not a durable material. Over time, he will absorb the smell of sweat or just worn.

Video: feedback on using Google Cardboard 2.0

Hiper VRS

A helmet made of comfortable plastic uses large lenses to create a three-dimensional environment. This device has convenient focusing controls. The main advantages of this device are:

  • light does not get inside the helmet, which, in turn, enhances the effect of presence;
  • on the head this device is fixed with the help of a special strap - a reliable fixation allows you not to worry that the glasses will fall from the head;
  • in the helmet of virtual reality there is the possibility of connecting headphones. This, no doubt, adds an atmosphere to the game, especially when it comes to horror;
  • good compatibility allows you to use a helmet with any phones on iOS, Android and WindowsPhone. Restrictions on the screen diagonal are also not available.
    Good compatibility allows you to use the Hiper VRS glasses with any device

As cons, you can note:

  • The big weight of this device - together with the smartphone the device can weigh up to 500 g. This is not quite comfortable on the user's head;
  • the ability to adjust focus and adjust to different phone models leads to the fact that virtual reality glasses contain many moving parts. Their tuning is somewhat annoying with the creaking of the whole structure, although the fasteners themselves are reliable and do not break during the adjustment process.

Review on Hiper VRS


What is the impression? Yes cool thing! You sit, turn your head, as if you are there! It is visible all in a three-dimensional variant. You turn your head - and you see everything from the roller on the left-right, behind your back. Class! Especially beautiful diving! Well, the takeoff and landing on the plane is also impressive!

Lady Charm



The stylish helmet VR BOX VR 2.0 is made in a very pleasant design. The material is matte plastic, and for convenient attachment to the face, the front of the case is framed with a soft material. The virtual reality helmet has the following advantages:

  • control can be carried out using the remote control - so you can run games and use their menus without removing the smartphone from the device. This console can also be used in the gameplay of some games, replacing the mouse cursor;
  • the helmet mounts have an adjustment. He will reliably sit on a head of any size;
  • beautiful form factor of the device and nice material make the helmet very solid in appearance. This is not often found in devices of this price category.
    VR BOX VR 2.0 stand out with stylish design

The disadvantages of this virtual reality helmet include poor compatibility with iOS devices.

Review on VR BOX VR 2.0


In sum, we can say that these are excellent points for little money. You can get a lot of pleasant emotions. By the way, I found out that some of them are dizzy from them. Personally, everything goes without dizziness, but nevertheless I try not to stay in them for long.



Homido v1

The virtual reality helmet for smartphones Homido v1 has a flexible configuration of the optical system. This allows you to take into account the individual parameters of the user's head and provide the best experience of immersion in virtual reality. Other advantages of this helmet:

  • universality - you can connect a phone of any diagonal and model, regardless of its manufacturer;
  • light weight and compact dimensions - the device takes up little space and weighs only about 200 g.
    Homido v1 is very light, for virtual reality glasses made of plastic

Among the shortcomings I want to note:

  • high price with low functionality - in fact, this helmet does not offer any additional opportunities for virtual reality, which does not quite correspond with its rather high price. It does not even have its own gyro or motion sensors; it just as completely cheap models relies entirely on your smartphone;
  • there is no connector for charging the phone - you can not play in the virtual reality for a long time, since your device will simply be discharged.

Review on Homido v1


Excellent assembly, convenient carrying case, removable lens attachments for people with different eyesight, comfortably sits on the head, adjusting the interpupillary and focal length (showed the virtual world even to a father with not very good eyesight, the father was delighted) in the analogues was smeared and fuzzy picture. Also did not notice a strong discomfort for the eyes. You can enjoy virtual reality for a long time.

Byi Syana—homido-v1/14202017/reviews


Samsung gear VR

Dear helmet of virtual reality for smartphones from Samsung. There is a built-in touchpad for controlling the device in a durable form. In addition, I want to note a good design. The virtual reality helmet from Samsung differs from similar devices in the following:

  • flexible adjustment of the focal length - you can adjust focus at any time for a better 3D effect in virtual reality;
  • There is a slot for charging the device - it allows you to watch movies or play for a long time without the risk that your smartphone will be discharged;
  • all the parts adjacent to the face and head are soft and comfortable - the device will not rub or crush even during prolonged use;
  • the plastic case of virtual reality glasses is well ventilated - Samsung gear VR will not fog with long use.
    Samsung gear VR very expensive, but high-quality solution for Samsung smartphone owners

The main drawback of the device is obvious. It will work exclusively with smartphones from Samsung.Do not buy this device if you have a smartphone from another company.

Review on Samsung gear VR


Points were purchased last year for Galaxy C6 for , 90 in Svyaznoy. Points are very cool!!! Especially when you put them on for the first time! Roller coaster, hot air balloon, parachute jumping, snorkeling, cage with sharks, suit-wing, travel around the city and a lot of things! and in the center of all this you are!!! You can watch different videos and of course play games. Also some movies are available for viewing in glasses.



The device of virtual reality for smartphones own hands

The assembly of a virtual reality device for smartphones is possible with their own hands. Of course, this will require diligence and some skills, but nothing very complicated in this. The main thing is to be attentive and patient, and also to get suitable materials. To build glasses from cardboard you will need:

  • Dense cardboard - the main material for the case of your device;
  • two lenses with a focal length of about, cm - of course, with another focal length, you only have to make some changes in the dimensions of the device;
  • soft pads for the nose and face - believe me, there is nothing pleasant in the cardboard on the face. Use any soft material from foam rubber to soft rubber;
  • black paint - the inside of the device is better to paint in black. This will allow you to avoid glare and enhance the effect of immersion;
  • adhesive - the device will need to be assembled. To give the device a more rough look, you can use an adhesive tape or a stapler.
  • rubber bands and hooks - instead of them there can be something else, the main thing is to securely fix your smartphone in the corresponding compartment.

The device is assembled as follows:

  1. Transfer the drawings to a sheet of cardboard. If possible, you can do this with a computer and print directly on the card.
    Transfer the sweep drawings to the cardboard
  2. If this is not possible, then just draw the cardboard itself according to the given parameters.
    After drawing the drawings on the cardboard, carefully cut them out
  3. After everything is ready, cut out the sweep. Right after that it will be convenient to paint those parts of the sweep that will be inside (however, if the outer parts too are black, nothing terrible will happen);
    When all parts are ready, start assembling them
  4. Begin assembling the device. Do not forget to provide a place for your nose. In the process, you can try the device on the face - to make adjustments right in the course of the assembly.
  5. Make dents under the buttons of your smartphone, otherwise you will encounter unintentional clicks on them during the use of the device.
  6. Carefully fix the lens in the device on special fasteners.
  7. Once the virtual reality device is ready, you can try using it.
    Homemade virtual reality glasses may look gross, but be very effective

If you have a 3D printer, then you can make a virtual reality device from a much more reliable material than cardboard.


Communicate to virtual reality is not so expensive, as it seems at first glance. A large selection of devices for smartphones allows you to select the device in any price range. Well, for a budget option, you can collect virtual reality glasses yourself. In the end, in the device there is nothing complicated, and all the necessary electronics is already contained in your smartphone.

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