How to install the hob in the countertop

Cooktops save space in the kitchen, and they work just like bulky stoves. In addition, the installation of the hob is completely easy, it happens quite quickly, and any adult can handle it with certain tools.

For those who started repairs in the kitchen, it is possible to replace the stove to the surface. You can also make a combination of a surface and a separate oven, and thus you will absolutely not lose anything.


  • 1 Cutting a hole
  • 2 Sealing and sealing
  • 3 Connecting an electrical panel
  • 4 Connecting a gas panel

Cutting a hole

If you’ve done a house repair or some kind of construction work, then installing the hob, you can use the panel to put the cooking panel into the panel, and you can use the panel to put the panel in the panel, and you can use the panel to make it, you can use the panel, you can use the panel, you can use the panel, you can use the panel, you can use the panel, you can use the panel, you can use the panel, you can use the panel, and you can use it to make it at the end of the house, you can use the panel, and you can use it to make it at the surface of the hob, if you have to do some repair work in the house or do some construction work, then you will need to install the labor. So, let's begin.

  1. To install the surface on the tabletop with your own hands, you first need to know its size. All the necessary dimensions are shown on the diagram in the instructions, no need to invent anything. This speeds up work and significantly reduces the likelihood of measurement errors. Measurements can be made with your own hands by turning the panel, and using a tape measure, determining its width and length along the inner edges.
  2. Please note that the instructions indicate the values ​​of the minimum indents from the edges of the table top. You can only change them in a big way, because too narrow an edge can break off over time.
  3. Make a layout on the countertop, according to the dimensions of the hob. In this place it will be embedded. To ensure that lines are not erased and are better visible on a dark surface, glue strips of paper tape and transfer lines to it.
  4. Next, drill a hole from which to start the cutout. Cutout is done using an electric jigsaw. To make the cut even, not crumble, it is recommended to use a file with fine teeth, not dull. It is even better to use a hand mill, round the corners with a radius cutter and grind the cuts.
  5. The resulting sawdust can be collected with a vacuum cleaner.

When the hole is ready, try on the hob to make sure everything is done correctly.

Sealing and Sealing

Treat sections with silicone sealant or nitro lacquer. This will protect the tabletop from dirt, wetting, swelling and premature damage. You can also use a self-adhesive seal that performs the same function. It is pasted on top to the edges of the panel lay on it.

Even for sealing the edges, you can use aluminum tape, which, among other things, protects the tabletop from temperature changes. The presence of high-quality sealer will lead to the fact that your countertop will last a long time, and it does not need repair or replacement.

Further, the differences in the installation will be related to the fact that your gas surface is gas or electric, as well as with some mounting features. Fastening elements can be fixed with screws.

Electrical connection

Modern electrical panels are very convenient, with good assembly, they rarely fail, which means they will not need repair for a long time. If, however, repair is required, it is easy to disconnect the panel and take it to the workshop on your own, thereby saving on the call of the master.

Before embedding an electrical surface, it is necessary to lay it on a tabletop, turn it over and connect according to the diagram. The scheme is depicted directly on the panel on the back side for you to be comfortable. When doing this procedure on your own, be careful. If the wires are connected incorrectly, you will not be able to regulate the switching on of the burners and the heating temperature.

If a separate wire is provided from the switchboard for connecting the electric hob, the plug and socket are not needed. Just connect the wire to the panel.

Turn the panel over and install it in the hole. She is ready to work, it remains only to check whether it turns on correctly and heats up.

Connecting the gas panel

When installing a gas hob, first look at how it is mounted. Install the panel, align it with the edge of the table and secure. Usually brackets are provided for mounting from the bottom with the panel. Electrical wire must be plugged in.

To connect the gas with your own hands, you need to know the safety rules. Shut off the gas and connect the hob to the pipe with a flexible hose. In the nuts must put paronitovye gaskets. Open the gas, turn on the burners and check the hose connections for leaks. For this they need to soap. If the foam does not bubble, there is no leakage, you did everything right. You can also use a gas analyzer for testing.

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