How to make a grounding washing machine

Grounding the washing machine - is the key to your safety and long life of your home appliances. Buying and installing a washing machine is only half the battle. For full and safe use you need to properly make the ground. You do not need to contact the service and call a specialist at the house. You can do everything you need with your own hands, you only need to read the instructions.


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A bit of theory of

So, why do you need to ground the washing machine in an apartment? Many people do not even think about it and continue to use ungrounded household appliances, as they do not see any cause for concern. Usually they are convinced of the need to ground the washing machine only after they have received a significant electric shock from a nearby mixer or metal body of the machine.

Do not forget that not only you, but also your relatives may suffer from such carelessness.

The first reason to resort to such security measures is the risk of getting an electric shock. Yes, an electric shock may not be very strong, and it may even seem like a slight tingling sensation, but this is also an alarm bell. How long do you need to wait before you get a significant blow? And if add to this aggravating factors like broken wiring and humidity, the consequences can be dire.

The second factor is somewhat mercantile in nature. There is an opinion that washing machines with built-in electronics of a modern design often break precisely because the ground has not been installed on time. Gentle electronics will fail even from the insignificant influence of static, and you have to spend money on repairs or even the purchase of new equipment. Therefore, you need to insure in advance and exclude the possibility of such an accident.

Before grounding your washing machine, you must carefully examine it for damage. It is possible that the problem lies elsewhere. It is possible to get an electric shock from the case if the insulation of the wire is damaged, in this situation grounding will not solve the problem. Just making sure there are no extraneous factors, you can get to work.

If you live in a modern-style apartment, you will have no problems. In such houses, grounding and modern wiring with a specially built third wire is already provided.

If you noticed, all the equipment, from the kettle to the refrigerator, comes with a three-wire cable that provides grounding. In the apartment of a new sample, you can use household appliances without any fear, since the third wire eliminates the possibility of getting an electric shock. But in the old-fashioned houses everything is completely different. There are two ways to solve this problem.

"Old School"

This method is the most common and well-known among the people. People with our mentality got used to finding ways of least resistance and using available means — the product of this approach was grounding from the battery in the apartment. This method is quite effective, and you can do everything with your own hands, but this approach is highly undesirable. And if you do decide to dwell on it, you should be aware of all the possible risks. After connecting to the washing machine, the pipes wear out very quickly and start to flow. All because of the extreme effects of electricity, for which household pipes are not designed.

Disadvantages of this method:

  • Dubious legality - this approach contradicts all the rules for working with electrical wiring;
  • Guaranteed problems with pipes and batteries in the future;
  • Insufficient reliability.

In order to make the grounding of a modern washing machine according to this scheme, you will need an ordinary wire with a single core. One end is fixed to any metal part of the washing machine, the other - directly to the battery.

You need to ensure maximum contact, therefore, the old enamel from the pipes must be scraped off.

You can attach the wire to the battery using an ordinary metal clip. The main thing is to make sure that the grounding is securely fixed. This is a "self-made" method, which is already fraught with risk, so you should not aggravate everything with a negligent attitude.

Electrical panel

This is a much more civilized and efficient way to ground a washing machine. You will need to attach a neutral wire, which will work as a ground. Zero needs to be split, and fix the special tires on both the neutral wire and the ground. All the wiring necessary to complete the task will be fired from these tires. You will need to install a new outlet for the washing machine, designed for grounding. It will be powered from the shield, and connected to it with a three-core wire. Thus, you can compensate for the absence of the third wire, if you live in the house of the old sample.

All three conductors must be connected to the appropriate place - two tires and a circuit breaker. Many people try to simplify the process and connect the neutral wire directly to the “earth” contacts and sockets for the washing machine. But in this case, the effect will be much less, and in case of damage to the wires you will face serious problems.

To perform such work you will need a minimum set of tools and skills:

  • Pliers;
  • Screwdriver with indicator;
  • Stripping tool;
  • A little bit of enthusiasm.

Which of the ways to choose is a private matter for everyone. It all depends on your abilities and skills. All operations can be done by hand, but if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to seek help from specialists. Grounding home appliances is not the most difficult task, but when dealing with electricity, you should be very careful. The main thing is not to forget about the basic rules - the safety technique is written in blood, therefore, it is unacceptable to neglect it.

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