Beautiful fried eggs in the form from China


Breakfast is the most important meal. He helps to gain strength before a hard working day. But if there is no variety of food, then eventually tired of eating the same oatmeal or eggs. After all, you want something delicious and unusual, but not everyone has time for cooking. Therefore, today special forms are very popular for the preparation of fried eggs. With their help, you can diversify your diet by simply decorating your breakfast.

Forms for eggs are very popular with children. This breakfast can improve the mood for the whole day.

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Use forms for fried eggs is very simple. First you need to heat the frying pan. When it is ready, put the shape and beat the egg into it. In a few minutes the scrambled eggs will be ready, and you can pick up the mold. In order not to burn yourself, use a special pen that is on the form. Carefully place the egg on a plate. Delicious and unusual breakfast is ready.

Benefits of fried eggs:

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  1. Simplicity. You do not need to somehow contrive and cut an egg or a heart or an asterisk. It is enough just to drive the egg into shape.
  2. Speed. An unusual breakfast is done in just a couple of minutes.
  3. Versatility. The form can be used to prepare scrambled eggs and pancakes. With her help, you can unusually serve porridge or salad.
  4. Security. The shape has a special handle that allows you to safely take it from the pan.
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Forms for scrambled eggs are a useful thing in the kitchen, but how much does it cost? Internet shops in Ukraine and Russia offer to buy a form for 568 rubles. Something expensive for one form.

But on the website of Aliexpress you can find a form for fried eggs for only 40 rubles. This price is quite suitable for this device. It is almost 15 times less than the amount proposed by the domestic manufacturer.

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Characteristics of the form for fried eggs:

  • material - stainless steel;
  • there is a special pen;
  • color - silvery;
  • height cm;
  • the form of the form - a flower, a circle, a heart, a star.

As you can see, the characteristics of the Chinese product are no different from the domestic one. Therefore, it is best to order the form for fried eggs on the site of Alyexpress. After all, the Chinese manufacturer offers a much cheaper price than the domestic one. Order an omelette form in China and please your loved ones with an unusual breakfast.

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