A reliable assistant in the kitchen - a table set of measuring spoons from China

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Cooking a dish is a rather difficult process. It seems that this might be difficult? Just add the ingredients that are listed in the recipe, and follow the steps. However, this is far from the case, and even at the first stage it is important to be cautious. To get a wonderful and delicious dish, you need to add any product just as much as specified in the recipe. And there are quite often loose or liquid products measured by table or teaspoons.

What to do if you need to add exactly ¼ teaspoon? Fill the whole spoon and cover it "by eye"? In no event, because there is a special set of measuring spoons. The set includes 11 pieces of various spoons, provided for all occasions.

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Using measuring spoons is very simple. First, select the spoon that you need to add a product. Type it in a measuring spoon, and gently (if the recipe shows without a roller coaster), gently remove the spatula. That's all. However, there is an important point, which in no case should not be forgotten: never measure loose products with a wet spoon. Otherwise, most of it will just stick to the spoon.

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Advantages of a set of measuring spoons:

  1. Simplicity. No more need to add a product "by eye".
  2. Compactness. Measuring spoons do not take up much space in the kitchen. In addition, they can even hang on the hook.
  3. Purity. Measuring spoons are not whimsical, they should be rinsed with water after use.

Each hostess should have a set of measuring spoons. But how much does it cost? In Russian and Ukrainian online stores, this product costs 468 rubles. Quite a good price, 47 rubles per 1 spoon.

However, on Alyekspress the set of measuring spoons costs only 233 rubles. For this price, you really want to buy this product. In addition, the Chinese set includes 11 spoons, and in the domestic - only 10.

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Characteristics of the Chinese set of measuring spoons:

  • material - plastic;
  • the set consists of 11 spoons of various capacities;
  • color - blue, red, purple, green, black.

Therefore, a set of measuring spoons should only be purchased from a Chinese manufacturer. After all, he has a low price, and the kit includes 11 different spoons, each of which is useful in the kitchen.

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