Choose an unusual strainer from China


Tea is a tasty and healthy drink. But many of him refuse to use coffee, because constantly floating tea leaves are simply annoying. Because of them it is practically impossible to enjoy this tasty and fragrant drink. However, it is very simple to solve this problem: it is necessary to purchase a strainer for brewing tea.

Tea strainer Tea is a figure of a little man. It consists of two halves: one of them is attached to the cup, and the second contains tea leaves. His hands are bent in a special way, which allows you to firmly fix the little man on the cup. From the side it seems that he just takes a hot bath.

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The sieve covers the small holes, so that even the smallest tea leaves can not prevent you from enjoying a delicious drink.

Use a strainer to brew tea. Tea is quite simple. It is necessary to fill the tea leaves in one of the parts of the little man, connect the halves and fix the strainer on the cup. After that, you can add water. And when tea is brewed, you can get a little man from the cup.

Advantages of a strainer for brewing tea:

  1. Simplicity. A strainer in the shape of a little man is very easy to use.
  2. Compactness. Since the strainer is very small, it will not take up much space.
  3. Purity. To clean the strainer, simply rinse it with water. In addition, it is perfectly cleaned in the dishwasher.
  4. Custom design. With such an unusual sieve you want to drink tea again and again.
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Tea Brewing Lot Tea should be for every lover of this fragrant and delicious drink. But how much does it cost? In Ukrainian and Russian online stores this product can be purchased for 490 rubles. The price is not the smallest for such a product.

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But on the website of AliExpress tea strainer. Tea can only be bought for 80 rubles. This price is almost 6 less than the price that the domestic producer has specified.

Characteristics of a tea brewer. Tea:

  • material - silicone;
  • height - 12 cm;
  • color - gray and white.

Thus, a tea infusion strainer Tea should be ordered only directly from a Chinese manufacturer. Otherwise, we will have to overpay quite a bit, although the characteristics of the Chinese and domestic products are completely different.

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