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Meat of turkeys is a useful product, rich in protein, magnesium, phosphorus and other important elements for the human body. It is highly valued in the market, but in comparison with other varieties is found on sale much less often, so it is increasingly popular today to grow at home turkeys BIG 6.

This breed appeared in Russia several years ago and immediately became popular. BIG 6 turkeys grow large, allowing you to get a lot of meat. In addition, they are the source of eggs, down and feathers. Birds are unpretentious in care and feeding, which facilitates the work of farmers. Thanks to all this, growing broiler turkeys at home is extremely beneficial.

BIG 6 is the heaviest breed of turkeys. It is highly valued, as birds quickly gain weight. Cultivation of turkeys BIG 6 allows to achieve high profitability to private farms, selling eggs and meat.

Characteristics of the breed

Birds have white fluffy plumage, their body is stocky, their head is small. From the point of view of anatomical features turkeys of this breed differ:

  • a convex chest;
  • thick legs;
  • large wings;
  • red earrings and a beard;
  • ornaments on the neck and on the head of males.
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Perot they are valued at least as much meat, as it is very light and soft. Turkeys broilers at home grow in a few months, after which they are sent to the slaughter.

The weight of the male reaches 25 kg, and the female - 11 kg.

About a third of the whole carcass falls on the sternum, and in general, the output of body weight is 80%. For the entire period of the female bring more than 100 eggs, which are known for their excellent taste qualities. Due to the high percentage of the appearance of the chicks, it is possible to independently breed and sell broiler turkeys at home. However, you should know some features of care for them to get a healthy and large bird. It is also necessary to be prepared for the fact that turkeys require much attention. Therefore, caring for them takes a lot of time and requires some money.

How to grow healthy turkeys at home?

Despite the fact that turkeys of this breed are rather unpretentious, they need constant care. First of all you should prepare a house. Before you put turkeys in it, the room needs to be ventilated. The temperature in it during the cold season should not fall below 20 degrees. Growing at home turkeys BIG 6 requires maintaining it at 30 degrees. As they grow, the temperature should be lowered, but gradually. Turkeys react poorly to its sharp fluctuations.

You can increase egg production by installing daylight lamps in the house.

The number of feeders and drinking bowls should be sufficient so that the birds do not crowd and do not interfere with each other. In addition, for growing turkeys BIG 6 at home in the poultry house it is necessary to put several tanks filled with ash and sand, in which the turkeys can clean the plumage.

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On the floor of the house is a straw litter. You need to replace it twice a week.

The bird house should be regularly ventilated, because due to humidity and humidity, turkeys can begin to ache.

In the dwelling for birds, it is also necessary to install roosts from thick bars so that they can freely accommodate them. Growing in the home turkeys BIG 6, in the warm season they are released on the paddock, which requires a large space. If this is not possible, a solarium with a cement floor is built for birds.

Feeding turkey BIG 6 at home

Nutrition is one of the important aspects of nursing. Without a balanced diet, the normal development of turkeys and their growth is impossible. Therefore, they should provide them with the necessary amount of food in time. Initially, it will be sufficient to have a special starting feed, but gradually the diet should be supplemented:

  • corn;
  • wheat;
  • barley;
  • grated beets, carrots;
  • rowan;
  • fish oil;
  • cottage cheese;
  • greens and hay.
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In order to prevent various diseases, young animals should be treated with antibiotics. Trying to understand how to grow healthy turkeys at home, many do not pay due attention to the quality of the feed. Only fresh and quality products are suitable for poultry. To strengthen their appetite and accelerate the collection of mass, the food is sprinkled with finely chopped onions. For small turkeys, it can be moistened with liquid dairy products. Stimulate the digestion they can with the help of wheat and chopped boiled eggs.

Do not use fatty foods for turkeys, as this provokes obesity.

Feeding turkey BIG 6 at home in winter is carried out 3 times, in the warm season - at least 5 times a day. With the right diet, the young grow quickly and gain weight. If growth retardation is noticeable, turkeys should be evacuated from adults, set clean waterers and feeders for them and make sure that high-quality feed is used. If all the main recommendations are followed after a few months, the young should turn into large birds ready for slaughter.


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