Creating a fragrant garden with your own hands is not at all difficult.

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one-year perennials

  • Fragrant flowers of the summer garden - video

one-year perennials

  • Fragrant flowers of the summer garden - video

annual Perennials

  • Fragrant flowers of the summer garden - video

annualsthroughout the season, you need to prepare for this in advance. In any case, fruit trees will smell and bloom, having a strong enough smell. But other perennial and annual flowers, trees and shrubs should be planted in advance. In our article you will learn about these plants.

Chubushnik, lilac and briar

Decorative flowering shrubs are the first to replace fruit trees and begin to bloom in late spring. Chubushnik Lemoine varieties in our climate is hard to grow because of its low winter hardiness. This parameter has a Vekhov Chubushnik, but it can be extremely difficult to find it.

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You can not chase the famous varieties and rely on the usual. They will create a spring mood in the garden and will smell good.

Lilac followed to pick up, based on practical considerations, its varieties differ in color, smell and flowering period. For example, Hungarian and Amur lilac blooms much later, so you can use these varieties to make your garden fragrant longer. If you like strong, saturated odors, we recommend to try Persian lilac.

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suburban area. The dogrose begins its flowering period at the same time. Feminine roses have a strong, pronounced aroma. If you want a softer - choose a wrinkled rose. Some varieties, for example, Fragrant or Rusty, smell not only the buds, but the leaves themselves. Favorable planting them as a hedge to create a large area of ​​fragrant plants.

Peonies, daffodils, honeysuckle

With lilac daffodils are starting to bloom. Their flavor is quite specific and not everyone likes because of its sharpness. However, in combination with other plants, daffodils are perceived more harmoniously.

In early June, honeysuckles take over the baton, for example, Kaprifol. You can cover them with gazebos or verandas. Thereby you will transform the building and you can enjoy a pleasant aroma, relaxing there with friends. The blooming of a single Caprifoli bud lasts only a few days, but the total number of flowers is numerous, and they bloom sequentially, which allows the plant to bloom until the end of June.

In early June, it is time for pions. As in the case of roses, peonies smell and bloom differently depending on the variety. The earliest are Tree Peonies. Just a few flowers can exude a strong fragrance over a large area. Together with the Tree Peony, the Species Peony begins to blossom. This variety has no bright smell, most often it is characterized by a faint pleasant aroma. The last in the top three are peony grassy ones.

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Thus, if you plant different varieties that will bloom alternately, the garden will smell sweet for a month.


June comes to an end, and Clematis enters the rights on a photo. His flowers are like white stars. This plant is incredibly fragrant and is felt throughout the site. It blooms up to 3 weeks. Plant on the site several varieties of Clematis and you will appreciate their elegant bloom.

Together with clematis lilies bloom. Many of them have a specific flavor that may seem unpleasant, so before planting a lily, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the varieties in advance.


July - it is time for the blooming of annuals that were sown in the spring. The most famous among them are musk knapweed, petunia, phacelia, reseda and fragrant tobacco. Carnation Shabo and nasturtium have a gentle, weak aroma, therefore they are universal. The smell of marigolds is felt in the evening. By the way, these plants are recommended to plant around the site, they help to resist pests.

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In addition to the famous, common annuals, there are varieties that only experienced gardeners know about:

  • asper blue has a pleasant and delicate lavender scent;
  • brachycom iberis plant has a very spectacular flowering phase with lush blue and white daisies;
  • cladantus arabic appeared relatively recently and has yellow camomile flowers and beautiful leaf shape;
  • Chinese Forget-Me-Not with Bright Blue Flowers;
  • Leia elegant;
  • didiscus blue;
  • yellowcone.

The list can be continued for a very long time, the choice is really extensive.

Herbaceous Perennials

Herbaceous Perennials will maintain the scent of your garden from mid-July until the fall. These include geranium, lavender, lily of the valley and paniculate phlox.

Ornamental shrubs also have a long flowering period, however, some of them, for example, daphne and loch silver, should be planted with caution.

The pledge of a spectacular garden is the harmony between the external component and the spectrum of scents that fill your area. Pick those varieties of flowers and shrubs that will not irritate the strong smell. If one of them does not fit, then try a hybrid - it will have other properties.

Fragrant Flowers of the Summer Garden - Video

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