Smart socket with remote control: the kinds, which is better to choose

Sockets, able to understand their owner at a distance, have been introduced by manufacturers for more than one year. Their main disadvantage is the rather high cost. If one smart socket is bought, it will be inexpensive. But with one outlet all your needs in creating the most comfortable conditions cannot be fulfilled, is it?

In order to remotely control the maximum number of devices, it is necessary to spend money on the purchase of more outlets. In view of their considerable cost, I would not like to spend money for nothing, having bought an inappropriate or altogether bad product. To prevent this from happening, we looked at the device and the main types of smart sockets in this article.

They also brought useful recommendations on the choice of really high-quality smart products, complementing text material vivid photos and informative videos on the choice and operation of smart outlets.

The content of the article:

  • Functional purpose of smart sockets
  • Consumer species
    • Option # 1 - radio-controlled sockets
    • Option # 2 - smart GSM sockets
    • Option # 3 - remotely controlled Wi-Fi modules
    • Option # 4 - own production sockets
  • The subtleties of choosing a good smart outlet
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Functional purpose of smart sockets

Initially, devices that can be controlled from a distance were designed for private households. After all, house territory, flower beds and other plantings need daily attention and care.

So, you need to water the plants at a certain time of day, to include additional lighting in the greenhouses. It is not always possible to arrive home on time to carry out all these household chores.

And what only is the opening of the gate in the dank autumn evening, when gusts of wind and annoying streams of rain do not allow to quietly open the door of the car.

Here it is appropriate to use the modern achievements of the scientific and technological world to create additional comfort in your life, by organizing remote control lighting and the work of individual devices.

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A photo of

Appearance smart socket

A smart socket is a miniature device with a built-in GSM / GPRS module

Device for monitoring equipment operation

Installing a smart socket into an ordinary analogue allows you to control electrical devices with up to 10 pieces

The smartest smart socket in the group

The work of the outlet itself is carried out from almost any smartphone model through free applications for Android and iOs

Remote control of heating appliances

By sending SMS commands, you can turn on / off small appliances, lighting lines, heating systems, etc.

Remote control of external systems

The smart socket provides an opportunity, without leaving your home in bad weather, to include external lighting systems and a perimeter guard.

Mobile and lightweight options

Installing a smart outlet is banal to connect it to the mains. At any time, it can be moved and plugged into a different outlet.

Socket work together with the thermal sensor

The device can provide information about the temperature level in the room, turn on the heating or split-system at a temperature sensor.

Instrument service capabilities

Using a smart socket, you can control the operation of devices with a total capacity of up to 3.5 kW. Connection can be made either through a separate power point or through a network splitter.

Appearance smart socket

Appearance smart socket

Device for monitoring equipment operation

Device for monitoring equipment operation

The smartest smart socket in the group

The smartest smart socket in the group

Remote control of heating appliances

Remote control of heating appliances

Remote control of external systems

Remote control of external systems

Mobile and lightweight options

Mobile and lightweight options

Socket work together with the thermal sensor

Socket work together with the thermal sensor

Instrument service capabilities

Instrument service capabilities

Apartment owners living in high-rise buildings and hurrying to work every day also experience a lot of minor inconveniences. Awakened by the insistent trilling of the alarm clock, you do not want to get up and go and turn on the kettle.

A clever socket will help to correct such an absurdity - it will gladly undertake such a function.

Now you can, without getting out from under the blanket, send a command to turn on the kettle or coffee machine in the kitchen, using the capabilities of a reasonable device. While morning coffee is being prepared, you can blissfully spend these few minutes in a cozy bed.

Smart socket will turn on the coffee maker

Using a smart socket, you can program it to turn on the coffee maker at a certain time in the morning. It's nice when the aroma of morning coffee wakes up.

In addition to comfort, it is convenient to use smart devices in order to save time and money. For example, to program the inclusion of a boiler for 1-1.5 hours before coming from work or the morning alarm clock.

In the absence of the owner, also, it makes no sense to maintain a comfortable air temperature in the apartment - it is enough to do this 40-60 minutes before his return.

Smart socket for the street

When choosing a smart outlet, you should take into account the conditions of the upcoming operation, special attention should be paid to the level of protection from external influences

Consumer species

A variety of models offered by manufacturers, puzzling the client, first encountered with them. They are all different, but depending on the type of installation, they can be divided into 2 main types: overhead and inward mounted walls.

Overheads are essentially plug adapters. They are in great demand among consumers, because they do not require special skills to use.

It is enough to buy the model you like, unpack the box, plug it into an ordinary outlet, adjust the necessary parameters for its control and connect the desired device.

There is nothing more to do. If you need to use this outlet in another room, then simply move it geographically.

False Sockets

Overhead sockets are more convenient to use - they can be bought and used immediately, without waiting for repair

Models that are installed in the wall instead of the usual outlet, are used, as a rule, making a full repair. For this, they first carefully consider where and for what purposes they will be used. Also, it is important to choose the right power device.

According to the type of control, sockets that execute commands at a distance can be divided into 3 main types:

  • radio controlled;
  • SMS-driven;
  • Internet-managed (wi-fi or mobile internet).

The representative of the radio-controlled models is a socket with a remote control for remote control. She responds to commands coming from a distance of 30 meters.

SMS management allows you to turn on the air conditioner by sending a message while in a queue at the supermarket checkout. Coming home with shopping, you can relax and enjoy the pleasant coolness of the room after the sweltering street smog.

It is convenient to manage models that perceive commands through communication via the Internet from any corner of the planet. Even while in a hotel in Goa, you can monitor the level of humidity in your favorite greenhouse.

Independent smart socket outlets

The socket, which has several independent control outputs, allows you to individually control each device connected through it

Depending on the design features, there are such types of smart sockets:

  • single independent model, remote controlled;
  • one socket containing several independent control outputs. Each of these outputs can accept individual commands to turn on / off the device connected via it;
  • a group of sockets, where one is the main one, and the rest are dependent. The basic unit is able to manage the work of a group of subordinate outlets;
  • power strip or gsm network filter. This type of controlled device accepts commands for all outputs at once, and for each separately.

As for use, independent models are in the greatest demand - many potential customers are only looking at the possibility of having such a smart device in their home.

Accustomed to the benefits of smart sockets, consumers often no longer represent their lives without them. Therefore, after a few months, they already buy a group of dependent outlets.

Smart power outlet

Smart filter, controlled at a distance, is very convenient. Here you can send commands both separately to each device, and disable everything at once.

You may also be interested in information about outlets with timerconsidered in our other article.

Option # 1 - radio-controlled sockets

One of the varieties of wireless smart sockets - radio-controlled. It consists of the outlet itself / set of sockets and a remote control for them.

As a rule, the package contains a user manual detailing the operational features of the device, and it is possible that there is a battery for the console.

Connection and further use does not require special skills. This smart device is a kind of adapter that plugs into a regular outlet, and then a kettle, computer, or other device is turned on.

On the outer part of the case there is an indicator button showing that the socket responds to the commands from the console. Also, there is a button for physical impact, if suddenly the remote is lost. These devices operate, as a rule, on a radio frequency of 433-315 MHz.

Detailed information about the technical characteristics of a particular model manufacturers indicate on the back of the outlet itself and duplicate in the instructions.

Smart socket with remote control

Smart socket controlled by remote control, suitable not only for a private house, but also for a city apartment

Such smart devices are made in the majority by the Chinese. But despite this, they are made of high-quality plastic that can withstand a long service life.

Depending on the model chosen, they are able to respond to the command of the console coming through the wall. The range of this kind of perception is 30-40 m.

Choosing a model for the street, you need to take into account external influences - wind, dew, etc. It is appropriate to purchase models with a degree of protection against moisture ip44. For a smart outlet with remote control, walls are not an obstacle.

Outdoor smart socket

Outdoor smart socket has a high degree of protection from moisture and dust, allows you to control outdoor lighting systems, protection, pumping water, etc.

Even being in front of the TV, you can turn on the irrigation of flowerbeds without interrupting your favorite movie. There are devices that perceive the command from a distance of about 100 m, provided that there are no obstacles on the way.

Option # 2 - smart GSM sockets

This type of outlet is controlled by a mobile phone. Initially, to perform their functions, you need a phone with a working SIM card, a socket, another SIM card that has an SMS message function connected.

On the back of the device has a connector for a sim card. On the one hand, the device is a plug, and on the other, a socket for switching on various electrical appliances. There are also indicators that show receiving a signal, the presence of power, and the supply of electricity to a connected device.

SIM card in GSM-outlet

In the GSM-outlets necessarily inserted SIM-card. Conveniently, in addition to this type of control, backup is provided, for example, via the Internet.

SMS commands can be controlled from various distances. It is important that in the house / apartment where this model is included there should be a stable network of the cellular operator. There are models that manage to send a message to the owner if an emergency power outage has occurred.

GSM sockets can also be controlled through a special application that you need to download and install on your tablet / smartphone.

Connecting SMS sockets

Connect, configure and use a smart socket, controlled by SMS commands is not difficult

This type of smart socket has additional features and functions that they can perform. For them, additional sensors and indicators installed in the device are sold. For example, door opening sensor, temperature indicator, humidity indicator.

Also, many models have the ability to set a schedule for turning on and off certain devices depending on time of day or day of the week, customizable timer, external microphone and other features that allow you to make your life more comfortable.

There are models equipped with a battery designed for 12 hours of uninterrupted operation, in the event of an unexpected power outage. Some models can only send an emergency message to the owner of the home about what happened.

Smart sockets are used in home security systems:

Image Gallery

A photo of

Socket - the basis of security control

The main working body of the security control system is a smart gateway outlet. The sensors of all devices and the host’s smartphone are associated with it.

Tandem with home monitoring and security devices

Intelligent sockets are capable not only at the right time for the owners to turn on / off appliances, but also to control the safety of the house

The option of connecting smart gateway sockets

The smart socket of the gateway status is connected to the usual power point and is connected to the home network via Wi-Fi. Sensors can be connected to control the radio

Configuring the security and safety system

Before starting up the system, it must be configured to solve specific problems. This will require a smartphone on Android 4.3+ or iOS 8.0+

Smart Motion Sensor

Through a smart socket, a motion sensor is connected to the system that monitors the appearance of unauthorized persons and even animals

Fixation of all movements in the protected area

The motion sensor records all movements within the premises being processed, the socket sends a notification to the smartphone. The information obtained makes it possible to prevent theft or mayhem in a timely manner.

Reed sensor for gates and doors with windows

The reed switch associated with the smart socket captures the displacement of window, door leaves and gates. Even being in a different camp on vacation, you can call the police

Informer about the care and arrival of loved ones home

The same sensor will be able to report the arrival / departure of the household, which is especially useful if there are primary school students and elderly people in the family.

Socket - the basis of security control

Socket - the basis of security control

Tandem with home monitoring and security devices

Tandem with home monitoring and security devices

The option of connecting smart gateway sockets

The option of connecting smart gateway sockets

Configuring the security and safety system

Configuring the security and safety system

Smart Motion Sensor

Smart Motion Sensor

Fixation of all movements in the protected area

Fixation of all movements in the protected area

Reed sensor for gates and doors with windows

Reed sensor for gates and doors with windows

Informer about the care and arrival of loved ones home

Informer about the care and arrival of loved ones home

Depending on the reputation and reputation of the manufacturer, the internal state of the device can be made neat or not. If you unwind the outlet, you can see the printed circuit board with the electronic circuit and notice how the manufacturer is concerned about the quality of performance of all components.

It happens that the wires are soldered carelessly, the flux is not washed off the board, there is no special coating capable protect the internal components, places of rations and conductors from the environment - steam, moisture, grease and salts.

Among the drawbacks of GSM sockets are their relatively high cost, bulkiness, dependence on mobile and Internet communications.

Option # 3 - remotely controlled Wi-Fi modules

Sockets that perceive commands via the Internet are also in strong demand in the market of smart devices.

Due to the presence of additional functions, they can have a built-in video camera, motion indicators, humidity and temperature, various adjustable timers and other additional features.

Also, prudent manufacturers offer models where several types of controls can be used - for example, SMS and Internet. No network - sent a message to the outlet, she started the command.

Smart Wi-Fi outlet

Wi-Fi-outlet can be controlled from any distance - even from another city or country. The main thing is that on the tablet / smartphone of the owner there should be an installed application for its management

A smart socket consists of a button for turning on and off, an LED indicator, necessarily has a ground connection, and some models are equipped with spare batteries in order to have time to execute the command in case of emergency power outage and notify the owner.

The principle of operation of this outlet is based on the use of a Wi-Fi network - 802.11 b / g / n, 2.4 Hz. It connects to the router and gets its IP address. For wireless control, you can use any gadget - laptop, tablet, PC, smartphone.

To do this, you have to download a special application and set acceptable settings. Everything is clear and accessible, it is enough to use intuition.

The main technical characteristics of these sockets are indicated by the manufacturer on their reverse side and in the instructions. Their input voltage is 100-240 V, and the output - up to 5 kW. These parameters are individual and depend on the specific model.

Also, up to 50 dependent ones can be connected to a single control outlet by combining them into a network. Installing such a number of smart devices will fully automate the management of all equipment in the office.

You may also be interested in information about other smart devices - smart bulbs, smart breakers.

Smart socket saves electricity

Wi-Fi-socket can be used as protection against thieves, using the function of accidentally turning on lighting in different rooms at different times of the day

Using Wi-Fi-controlled sockets helps not only to solve many issues without personal involvement, but also to provide additional comfort. It all depends on the additional features and built-in functions of the device, as well as on the settings made by the owner of the dwelling.

For example, if a noise level sensor is installed in the children's room, you can use the built-in video camera to see what is happening in a given period of time. Perhaps the nanny is mistreating the child, but until the mistress rises to the nursery, she does not have time to see anything compromising.

Option # 4 - own production sockets

Assemble your own smart socket, controlled remotely, really. But for this you need to have certain skills, tools and spend a certain amount of money on components. Also, do not do without knowledge of electrical and programming.

Smart socket do it yourself

Especially talented home craftsmen fully equip their home with smart appliances, collecting everything with their own hands. According to their calculations, such a system is much cheaper than the purchase option.

For a simple version of a self-made reasonable outlet that can execute commands, you will need the following components: external socket, Wi-Fi module, power supply with 3.3 V voltage stabilizer, solid-state relay, soldering iron with consumables materials.

It is easier and cheaper for a newcomer to face such a task to buy a ready-made smart device. After all, having made a minor mistake, you can not only spoil the details for the future instrument, but also harm yourself.

But if you have knowledge of electronics and experience in assembling various devices, you can independently assemble not only the socket, but also the system smart homeby automating heating system, lighting and other systems. Why many homemade craftsmen take as a basis arduino controllers.

BUT smart devicesproduced by various manufacturers of household appliances, you will actively help in this matter.

The subtleties of choosing a good smart outlet

Firms that produce smart home appliances offer increasingly competitive models. Appearance, capabilities and specifications of all manufacturers are different. Therefore, choosing the best option for your home, you should focus on the needs.

First, it is necessary to decide for what purposes and in which premises the smart sockets will be used. This is the most important question, because if you only need to turn on / off the electric kettle, then it makes no sense to buy an expensive model with many additional functions and features.

You may need more than one device, but several at once - the main and dependent ones.

The power of the smart socket is important

Choosing a remotely controlled device to control the heater, do not forget about the power of this device

Secondly, it is important to choose the power corresponding to the power of the electrical device, which will be controlled using this outlet.

In no case can not rely on the fact that the outlet with a lower value of output power to cope with a boiler or heating boiler. It is advisable not to buy smart devices with an output power of less than 2 kW.

Thirdly, you need to decide what additional features your model should have and choose a device that meets these requirements. After all, not all sockets have special connectors for connecting certain devices or sensors.

Smart sockets for giving

It is especially important to buy sockets with an extra battery for country houses, where electricity is more often interrupted.

Fourthly, it is highly desirable that the device has an additional battery.

Fifthly, it is better to choose models in which several channels are provided for control.

As for the cost, you need to understand that while there are no good models with a wide range of functions at a low price. Therefore, the more a smart device can do, the more expensive it will be.

Cheaper options are quite suitable for use, they are made of high quality plastic and are fully capable of performing all the functions provided by the manufacturer.

Technical specifications sockets

Before purchasing the selected model, it is advisable to carefully study the technical characteristics of the device by reading the manufacturer's instructions.

The most popular smart sockets from manufacturers such as TP-Link, Orvibo, SenseIT, Redmond, Xiaomi and Broadlink.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video review of the most popular GSM outlets:

The video in visual form will introduce remote-controlled sockets:

The video presentation will help to better understand the specifics of smart sockets:

A detailed review for potential buyers of Orvibo WI-FI sockets:

The use of smart sockets to increase the comfort of your home or apartment is proved by a good example of more than one satisfied user. The high cost of smart devices is justified - because they are able to perform a lot of additional useful functions..

By installing remote-controlled sockets, you can monitor the situation in the house, even while on a long trip. You do not have to ask a friend to water the flowers and check if the faucet is leaking, if the wiring is OK. Just go to the application installed on your smartphone, and see everything in real time.

Have you decided to test the capabilities of a smart outlet by purchasing one “per sample” model? Or do you have any questions on the choice that we have not touched on in this article? Ask your questions in the box below - we will try to help you.

Or maybe you already use a set of smart outlets, controlled at a distance? Please share your experience with our readers.

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