Quartz heater: harmful or not?


The principle of the quartz heater is based on infrared radiation, which heats objects that fall into the zone of its action (Fig. 1). Surfaces, which receive IR radiation, heat up and give the received heat to the surrounding air. This is how the space is heated, which distinguishes quartz heaters from convection models.

The quartz device is called because the tungsten filament, the heating of which is carried out, is enclosed in a glass flask made of quartz (Fig. 2).

Fig. 1

This type of device has many advantages:

  • destroy microbes;
  • increase the amount of vitamin D produced in the human body.

Also, under the influence of infrared radiation, blood circulation improves.

Is there any harm from the quartz heater? Definitely, it is available:

  • IR radiation can burn the cornea of ​​the eye;
  • possibly the appearance of freckles on sensitive skin;
  • at very long exposure, the occurrence of burns.
Fig. 2
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How to avoid the harmful effects of a quartz heater?

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A quartz heater, harm from which is possible only in the case of a very long continuous exposure, is completely safe for humans if the conditions of its operation are observed.


It is necessary to follow the following rules in the process of using it:

  • It is not desirable to look at the surface of a tungsten filament for a long time;
  • The humidity in the room should not be more than 90%;
  • it is desirable not to be in the range of IR radiation of the quartz heater for more than 20 minutes (Fig. 3).
Fig. 3

If you follow these simple rules, then the likelihood of harm to the human body device of this type is almost zero.

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Harmful excessive infrared radiation for the skin. Although quartz-type glass, from which a flask of a heater of the type under consideration is made, is partially absorbs radiation, it is still worth placing the device in such a way that its rays do not directly affect the rights.

Especially cautious should be treated with the effects of rays on the person's eyes. Since this organ has a special sensitivity to all kinds of radiation. Excessive exposure can cause unpleasant sensations, irritation. A large amount of infrared radiation, which falls on the organs of vision, sometimes leads to blindness. That is why it is desirable to have the device not at eye level, but much lower (Fig. 4) or higher (Fig. 5).

Fig. 4

To date, the quartz heater, which is mostly positive about it, is one of the most popular devices for maintaining the heat in the house.

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Since it has many different advantages:

  • energy efficiency;
  • relative safety;
  • compactness;
  • easy installation and connection.
Fig. 5

For the most part, they buy heaters of this type precisely because of high efficiency. Consuming a minimum amount of energy, the device heats a fairly large surface area. That is an undoubted advantage. At the same time, the device is completely safe - if you follow the rules of operation. The likelihood of harm to human health is quite small in comparison with convection heaters.

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