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Each owner of dairy goats is concerned about the condition of the udder of the wet nurse. Inflammation of the udder, mastitis in the goat can be treated at home, but this long, painful process, the lactation is broken. Microbes and bacteria are not removed from the body by heat and rubbing - long-term medication is required.

Signs of the appearance of mastitis

The goat still feels healthy, the udder is soft, and the bacteria already colonize the milk ducts and actively multiply. You can learn this at an early stage, if you take the rule of the first trickles of milk to pass through a frequent sieve.

Clumps appeared, slime, the sycophant needs to sound the alarm, the cause of the inclusions are the signs of mastitis in the goat, start the treatment. The earlier a problem is detected, the easier and without consequences it is possible to cure mastitis.

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Most animals suffer from a subclinical, latent form, which is determined by the following indications:

  • insignificant compaction of one of the udder's lobes, the animal does not bother when touching the massage;
  • clots block the exit from the nipple at the beginning of the milking;
  • clots, strands, lumps during milking block the canal, and the milk comes out with difficulty;
  • unpleasant remnants of gauze while cleaning milk;
  • sediment at the bottom of the dishes;
  • milk is sour in the first day, subject to hygiene;
  • The milk is bitter.

Any of these signs requires the beginning of treatment for mastitis in goats, just like treating mastitis in a cow. Infected milk will not deliver health to the goat and people.

Milk needs to be destroyed, it is contagious, nevertheless, it is necessary to surrender it, as often as possible, simultaneously with treatment.

Acute mastitis will not make you doubt the diagnosis:

  • stone udder, which slightly weakens toward the end of the discharge;
  • milk becomes small, burns out;
  • On the gauze are flakes, lumps, mucus, sycamore.
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In the rest, even with acute illness, the goat behaves normally. But if the mastitis of a goat at home is not treated, the udder tightens, enlarges, inflames lymph nodes. In the udder, gangrene develops, an abscess develops, and the death of the animal is possible.

Prevention of mastitis in goats

If the animal has already recovered with mastitis in previous laps, the probability is great that the slumbering bacteria in the body will begin to multiply again. Therefore, preventive medicamentous treatment is carried out in advance, before lambing.

If the goat has stopped chewing constantly, it means that digestion has been disturbed. To restore it is necessary to give roughage, vitamins B1, B6, B12 in turn, as the veterinarian will appoint.

During the beginning of lactation, the most favorable time to resume or to develop a disease. In order not to treat mastitis in a goat after lambing, it is necessary to create conditions that prevent disease:

  1. The place of keeping the new food should be without drafts.
  2. Every day, change the litter in the shed, do not regret, lay a thick layer.
  3. Handle milk completely, so that there are no stagnant zones in the udder.
  4. Give only warm water and swill.
  5. After the end of the milking process, disinfect the nipples so that the infection does not penetrate them, lubricate them with petroleum jelly, so that the skin does not dry.

At the first suspicions of the disease of mastitis in a goat after lambing, begin treatment with folk remedies and call a veterinarian to prescribe antibiotics. The earlier the disease is detected, the faster the goat organism will manage it. The entire course can take 5 days and permanently rid the animal of infection.

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Lead to masturbation can not only dirty litter and drafts. The goat must be in gentle conditions before lambing. An animal should not lie on cold ground, walk in snowy or rainy, windy weather, be in a shed at a temperature below 10 C.

When milking, you can not pinch your nipples, do not perform proper nursing and udder massage. It is necessary to protect the udder from bruises, scratches and cuts. Unsuccessful prolonged labor can also lead to inflammation of the udder.

An unbalanced diet, the lack or lack of coarse feed and root crops can lead to the same result. It is important not to overfeed goats with grain mixes and mixed fodder.


How to properly treat mastitis in goats

If you do not defeat the disease in the acute stage, it will go into a chronic form and will return with each new lactation. With this, the milk will become smaller, the active passages die off and the udder becomes smaller. All this should force the owner to cure the animal at the time of primary mastitis.

Experts warn that folk remedies, ointments, warming up only alleviate the condition of the animal, but they can not overcome the infection. Treatment of mastitis in a goat after lambing folk remedies is ineffective.

The doctor prescribes strong antibiotics only for intramuscular injections. If the compassionate mistress replaces injections with tablets, in a short time there will be diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - the tablets will kill the microflora, which facilitates the digestion of food. Benefits from the pills will not, they will unfold and will not get where they should go.

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The course of treatment is appointed by the doctor depending on the state of health of the animal. It is rational to prescribe treatment based on the results of the detected strain of bacteria, so as not to conduct several courses.

But the action of antibiotics on animals is the same as on humans. The microflora of the intestine is broken, and the appetite disappears. The animal becomes sluggish. Therefore, concomitantly with injections, the doctor prescribes maintenance treatment, and his recommendations should be followed.

If the goat as a result of the treatment of mastitis lost the cud, stimulate the operation of the scar with the help of ASD-2 solution, soldering it in the prescribed dose. At the same time, it is necessary to massage the scar and stop the treatment with antibiotics.

Folk remedies used in the treatment of mastitis

It is very effective to treat spherical hardening in the chilled udder lobe after lapping with a mild massage. It happens that such compaction in the udder is of little concern to the animal, then they can be gradually mashed. Others are an abscess with all the ensuing consequences. Therefore, mastitis in a goat with an abscess at home will be cured with the help of ichthyol ointment. In the absence of such an abscess will cope with flowers of calendula with petroleum jelly. If you use ichthyol ointment, you need Vishnevsky ointment to heal the wound after the pus. Calendula with petroleum jelly will cope with two problems.

Dry flowers of calendula or spirit tincture are mixed with Vaseline in the ratio rubbing in porcelain or glassware. Prepare such a composition can be stored for future use, stored in a cool dark place in a closed jar.

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