What is the secret of hatching eggs from chickens, not roosters?

The probability of one who hatches from eggs in an incubator, such as chickens or roosters, is approximately 50/50, with a slight advantage in the direction of males. As a rule, the majority are interested in breeding females from incubation eggs, or, at least, in that they constitute the main part of the brood. It would be great if there was a way to increase the number of chickens among chickens, not roosters. It turns out he really is!

Although there are quite a few different ways that help determine the sex of chickens( including the length of feathers on the wings, the difference in feather color, sex determination by the form of cloaca), some of them are suitable only for certain breeds of chickens, and special methods such as screening for cloacaestablish the floor, it is best to trust a professional. In addition, many grandmother’s fairy tales are passed down from generation to generation, how to determine who will hatch out of eggs - female or male, but they are not scientifically proven and do not always give the expected result, which can be seen only after the chickens are bred from the eggs.

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On the shape of the

eggs Many people believe that the shape of the eggs can accurately determine the sex of future chickens. Unfortunately, however, this is a myth. They say that the pointed shape of eggs indicates future cockerels, and more rounded - on chickens. But such an approach cannot be considered authoritative. Nevertheless, I agree with something - only in the case when each layer always lays eggs of the same form, one can notice that some of them hatch more eggs with female embryos, while others - with male ones. But in any case, it is an unreliable method of determining gender.

You will surely be surprised to learn that there is a way with which you can change the ratio of chickens and roosters in the brood.

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How to change the ratio of chickens in favor of chickens, not roosters

It turns out that the whole thing is in temperature! I read that if the temperature in the incubator is slightly increased, the chickens will probably hatch, and if they lower it, the chickens are more likely. It is also interesting that from the eggs that the hen incubates are likely to hatch females. I think that in nature everything is arranged reasonably, because a flock of birds needs hens more than cocks. It seems that the temperature at which hatching eggs are stored does play an important role. Try to maintain the storage temperature for a few days at 4 ° C instead of the usual recommended regimen of about 16 ° C to get more female chicks. These conclusions are scientists of Australia who conducted the research.

And now the most important! Keep in mind that no matter what you do, it will not be able to change the sex of the chick inside the egg - this is already predetermined. However, for some reason, male embryos appear to be more sensitive to low temperatures, so they simply will not hatch from their eggs. Thus, the total number of hatched chickens will decrease, but the percentage of females among them will be much higher.

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It's sad to know that most roosters will not be born. But even those who prefer to keep them in their flocks, do not seek to breed males in equal numbers with females. So poor cocks are doomed from the very beginning. Nevertheless, it is much more humane than to allow undesirable chicks to hatch.

I really find this information very interesting. When I ordered hatching eggs, the weather in Maine was cold, and I would not be surprised that at some point during the journey, the eggs were at temperatures around 4 ° C.eggsIt is interesting to see how the ratio of hens and roosters in the brood will be.

Have any of you tried this method? If so, it would be interesting to know about your results.

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