Learning to use the epilator without pain: practical advice

Learning to use the epilator without pain: practical advice


Epilator - an indispensable device for hair removal, which is in the arsenal of every second girl. But, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use the epilator properly. It would seem that I purchased the device, plugged it into the power socket and the hair on the hairy surface of the skin - the hairs will be ruthlessly removed and the case ends. Theoretically it is, but epilation is a very painful process, especially at first. To facilitate the procedure and to minimize the discomfort, we suggest you arm yourself with a few tips, and your first experience of using the epilator will be easy and productive.


  • 1Top 5 rules for high-quality hair removal at home
    • 1.11. Hair length cm
    • 1.22. Minimum speed
    • 1.33. Hot tub
    • 1.44. Against hair growth
    • 1.55. Do not make the effort
  • 2Epilation in different parts of the body - an individual approach
    • 2.1Leg epilation
    • 2.2Epilation of the armpits
    • 2.3Epilation of a bikini

Top 5 rules for high-quality hair removal at home

For starters remember - the ability to properly do the hair removal does not come with the first try. Instructions to the epilator are often not the best assistant in the difficult matter of hair removal. Well, if you can watch a training video on how to painlessly do hair removal.

Professionally use the epilator you will learn at least to 10 procedure, having studied your most painful places and having picked up the necessary speed of the device.

We advise you to begin to remember the basic rules, how to conduct this procedure, so that it does not hurt.

1. Hair length cm

If you used the machine before the purchase of the epilator and are accustomed to shaving your legs, then before the first use of the appliance you will have 1-2 days to leave the growth of the hair cover in complete rest. For an optimal hair grip, the epilator needs to be grasped entirely, which is difficult to do if the stem is too short.


2. Minimum speed

Start using the epilator in the first application at a low speed. High speed reduces time, but tweezers at high speed can grab and pull out only thin hairs. And at first, especially if you were shaving your legs before the epilator, your hair has a thick core, which you can pull out only at a low speed. In order not to hurt, use a massage nozzle over the head of the device.

3. Hot tub

Take the rule of doing the hair removal after taking a hot bath, or, in extreme cases, a shower. If you are accustomed to shave your feet under hot water, then now the removal of excess will wait for you after the bath.


When steaming the skin, the pores expand, and using the epilator will be much easier than "on dry" - the hair is easily and painlessly removed by forceps from the hair bulb.


4. Against hair growth

Doing hair removal is strictly against hair growth. Otherwise, you risk driving the device to the same place several times, trying to pull out the hairs, which you will not call pleasant. Even if you are accustomed to shave your legs, using a lathe in any direction, accustom yourself from the first days to use the depilator correctly.

5. Do not make the effort

You do not need to literally "push" the device into the legs and skin during epilation. Work better, it does not become of this, but the irritation from scratching the epidermis tweezers you will earn 100%. Drive the epilator over the skin as smoothly as you used to shave the machine, without pressure. Keep it under a slight slope to properly grasp each hair.


Epilation in different parts of the body - an individual approach

You have probably heard the phrase about the existing threshold of pain, which is different for every person. In fact, this is a true expression, only the sensitivity of parts of the body is almost identical for all. Do hair removal on the legs or in the bikini area - do you feel the difference? Remove hair in the second case will not be decided by everyone, but shaving your legs is also not an option. Skin preparation in different parts of the body is not the same. So, let's consider how to properly use the epilator on normal, sensitive and sensitive skin.

Leg epilation

On the feet, the most sensitive areas of the skin are on the ankles and under the knees. The rest of the surface quickly "gets used" to the pain - after 3-5 minutes to do the epilation is not so painful as in the first minutes of the procedure. Due to the flat surface, it is not difficult to remove excess on the legs. But do not expect to finish using the epilator in less than half an hour.


Prepare the legs for the forthcoming removal of the hair can be with the help of body scrub and hard wool. An hour before the procedure, raspirde epidermis legs, treat with scrub, rinse. Rub your feet with a washcloth, disperse blood. The keratinized layer of skin will wash off, the hair will be much easier to pull out, and it will be less painful.


Epilation of the armpits

Armpit skin is more tender and sensitive, and therefore requires a special approach. To not be painful to remove hair, by carrying the device over the skin, you need to slightly pull it. So the hair will be grasped faster and more efficiently by the tweezers of the device.


Too long hair under the armpits can cause pain and discomfort when pulling. Before using the appliance, you must gently cut your hair. Shave armpits before the destruction of hair bulbs should be no earlier than a day or two before the procedure. After removing the hair, treat the armpits with an ice cube and a thin layer of baby oil to relieve irritation.

Epilation of a bikini

One of the most sensitive surfaces of the skin is the bikini line. Carrying out epilation on it is desirable with the use of a cooling glove or a spray with a freezing effect. Some girls even drink anesthetic before such epilation, but we consider this measure superfluous.

Before turning on the epilator, remove a pair of hairs from the bikini line with tweezers. So you will let the skin know that there is a procedure to pull out the hair. Since the skin on this part of the body is very tender, then after epilation it should be treated with alcohol, and smear with moisturizing baby cream with chamomile, make damaged skin as soon as possible recovered.

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