Delicious soups are obtained only in a pan with AliExpress.

The body simply “dries out” without liquid dishes, because water makes up about 50-86% of the human body mass. In this regard, a caring mother should regularly prepare households for soup, soup, soup, pickle, borscht, and other liquid foods. Moreover, she needs to feed her family with boiled vegetables and milk porridges. To cope with this Napoleonic mission is possible only with the help of a saucepan with a glass lid from China. Durable material and original design of the dishes makes cooking fun, and most importantly, a comfortable occupation.

Small structural features of

First of all, you should pay attention to the design of dishes. The rounded shape and capsular induction bottom of the tank contribute to the uniform heating of the surface. The lower part of the pan is protected by a special pan. Thus, the slabs do not scratch the steel surface. Among other things, the hostess will be delighted with the following advantages of the pan with AliExpress:

  1. Glass lid. Through it you can observe the processes that occur inside. On the wide sides there are two drains( 11 holes on each side) for comfortable work with the dishes. The steam outlet will help the hostess to leave the stove, without fatal consequences.
  2. Stainless steel. At high temperatures, the material does not emit harmful substances, and the food in it does not spoil for a long time. It is easy to look after ware: to wash or clean. When she gives, the metal is not deformed.
  3. Design features of handles. Hollow metal handles are provided on the pan itself. The only drawback of these models is that they are bolted. But on the glass cover can be both flat and round handle.
  4. On the one hand, a special spout is made to drain the liquid, which is very practical.
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When choosing a model, you need to consider how much dishware is needed. For a large family pans fit up to 5 liters. However, the capacity of 3.4 or 2.4 liters is also very necessary. For the adventurous cook, they will never be redundant.

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But most of all, the design of dishes is important for a woman. That glossy coating attracts many customers. In the rays of the LED lights, the pan shines like precious metal. In addition, amazing handles, along with the original shape of the dishes are perfectly combined with any kitchen set.

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Where to buy this beauty? This will tell the price of dishes. On the site of AliExpress there are shops that sell pots of different volume for 1 642 rubles.(2.4 liters), 1,824 rubles( 3.4 liters) and 1,987 rubles( 4.9 liters). In other stores, the buyer will pay for a similar model from 2 to 7 thousand rubles.

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