Fast and safe cutting: choose a set of graters from China

Cutting is an important stage in the preparation of any dish. After all, it is really beautiful when each slice and cube is cut into one shape. But the usual knife such effect is difficult to achieve.

However, there is a way out: use a special set of graters, which can cut a product of any shape in seconds.

The advantages of a set of graters:

  1. Simplicity. You can chop any vegetable or fruit, without making great efforts.
  2. Speed. A set of graters allows you to cut any product in seconds.
  3. Versatility. In the set there are several types of graters, thanks to which you can cut the product of any shape.
  4. Comfortable cutting. No longer have to chop on weight. After all, there is a special container to which the grater is mounted. All crushed products fall into it.
  5. Compact. All graters are placed in a special container, so they will not take up much space in the kitchen.
  6. Quick Clean. Using a special button, you can clean the grater in hard to reach places. And the set itself can be simply rinsed with water.
  7. Security. It is quite difficult to cut a hand during cutting, because there is a special holder for products.
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A set of graters is a great tool that should be in the house of every chef. But how much does such a set cost? Online stores in Ukraine and Russia offer to buy a set of graters for 3309 rubles. It includes 11 items. This price is quite inexpensive for a universal set of graters.

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But the Chinese manufacturer on the website Aliexpress sells a set of the same graters for 1280 rubles. The set, by the way, consists of 12 items. Why there is such a difference between the Chinese and domestic online store is not clear. After all, even the characteristics of the product sold are the same.

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Characteristics of the Chinese set of graters:

  • blade material - stainless steel;
  • material grater and container - plastic;
  • can be washed in the dishwasher;
  • color - green with white;
  • consists of 12 items, including a peeler and a press for citrus.

As you can see, it is much more profitable to buy a set of graters from a Chinese manufacturer. After all, he offers his product almost 3 times cheaper than the domestic manufacturer. Is it worth overpaying? Of course not, since the characteristics of the product are not at all different.

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