How to make a drywall fireplace with your own hands


  • 1 Beginning of work
  • 2 Frame installation
  • 3 Frame sheathing
  • 4 Finish

Making a drywall fireplace at home is an excellent substitute for a real wood burning fireplace. Such an interior item can be made cheaper and more original than the options on sale.

Beginning of work

To assemble the fireplace you need drywall, metal profile, metal and drywall screws, putty, screwdriver, grinder, metal scissors, tape measure, building level, pencil. According to the finished sketch, marking is applied to the wall where the future fireplace will be placed. The first thing is going to the back of the frame and pretending to be against the wall.


Frame installation

The installation of the frame is divided into three stages: the required dimensions of the profiles are measured out, they are cut and assembled. The parts are connected together by self-tapping screws using a screwdriver. To give originality to the frame, you can make an arch. For this, the desired profile size is taken and small incisions are made along its entire length.


In order for the frame to be durable, it is necessary to strengthen it with jumpers. The distance between the profiles does not exceed 40 cm. Electricity is supplied in advance if it is planned to make an imitation of fire.


Frame sheathing

The sizes of the drywall pieces are set according to the finished frame. Marking of the sheathing material and cutting with a knife. Drywall is screwed to the metal with screws, the distance between which does not exceed 10 cm.


Any drywall is used: waterproof or ordinary, for walls or ceilings. The latter is the least durable, since its thickness is 3 mm less. To fix the flaw, the frame is first made separately, and the finished version is attached to the wall. All ends are aligned for the possibility of finishing the future fireplace.


The finished frame requires finishing, which consists in putty and decorative work. If it is planned to conduct heat in the future fireplace, then first you need to make thermal insulation. The inner walls are covered with magnesite sheets, and then a foil is attached, which does not allow the structure to overheat excessively.


If the fireplace is planned to be painted, then the sequence of work is as follows: a primer is applied, then all are putty seams, the first layer of putty is applied, which after drying is sanded, the finishing layer is applied, which also polished. After the fireplace is painted in the selected color.


When decorating a fireplace with decorative stone or tile, the following works are carried out: a primer is applied, stones are attached to a special adhesive on drywall, the seams between them are sealed with a fugue. Imitation of stones can be done using decorative plaster, on which the necessary forms are created with a trowel or trowel. After drying, the surface is treated with acrylic paint.

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