What to do if the dishwasher is clogged

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Read our article and find out what to do if the dishwasher is clogged.

After loading the dishes and turning on the "Start" key, you heard that the dishwasher is buzzing, but does not fill the water? Or did the machine start the washing cycle, but stopped at the plum stage and refused to discharge the waste water? It is necessary to take urgent measures to fix the problem. The most common cause is clogging in the system.

The result of the clogging of the dishwasher drainage in the form of water stagnation in the hopper pan

Content of the material:

  • 1Types of obstructions and the causes of their appearance
  • 2How to clean parts and eliminate clog
    • 2.1Drainage filter
    • 2.2Drain pump
    • 2.3Spray
    • 2.4Intake Filter
  • 3How to avoid problems

Types of obstructions and the causes of their appearance

If the PMM does not drain or flood the water, the cause may be a blockage. Depending on the brand of dishwasher - "Bosch "Siemens "Ariston "Indesit Veko - the error code may be displayed on the display. Decoding the code indicates a problem that you need to find and fix.

If there is no error on the scoreboard, you will have to look for the cause of the problem on your own. First you need to determine the type of clog: external or internal.

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External factors:

  1. The sewerage system, pipes or the connection point of the drain hose with sewerage were clogged.
  2. The siphon was blocked (when connected through it). If the siphon is poorly traversed from the sink, it is difficult to leave the water. This may serve as an additional indication for verification.
  3. He leaned over, twisted the drain hose. This happens when the connection is incorrect. Probably, the hose is transferred by a foreign object.

What to do in this case? Check that the drainage system is connected correctly. Shut off the water supply, disconnect and install the hose correctly, without kinks. Also, disconnect its end from the sewer and clean the block by special means. Do not forget to check and clean the siphon.

The reason for the clogging of the dishwasher can be a lump of hair in a drain siphon

Hair Ball Clog in Drain Pipe

Internal blockage occurs if you have poorly cleaned the dishes before loading into the chamber. Slices of food, pieces of napkins, toothpicks are flowing into the tray along with water. If during washing the dishes are beating, then the fragments also penetrate into the filter and drain.

What details can get trashed:

  • Drainage filter. It serves as a barrier behind which the pump impeller and the pump itself are hiding. Water passes through the filter to allow water to flow into the drain or again to circulate through the chamber. Therefore, it is recommended to clean twice a month. Better yet, check the filter after each wash.
  • Spray. Water is supplied by the circulation pump to the sprinkler, where it emits under the pressure from the nozzles (holes). The jets are clogged - water does not flow, the system gives an error or stops the operation.

The clogged nozzles of the dishwasher sprayer can lead to an emergency stop

  • The sink is blocked. If the filter fails, the food remains further into the pump, drain hose. To remove foreign objects you will need an article on how to disassemble the dishwasher. We also describe the sequence of works in this publication.
  • The inlet filter. At the entrance to the flood valve there is a small mesh that stops large debris from the water pipe, rust. Over time, the part gets clogged and needs cleaning.

How to clean parts and eliminate clog

To solve problems with sewerage, you can call a repairman or cope on your own. For example:

  • clean the contaminated area with a thin brush on the wire;
  • disconnect the siphon and rinse it with water;
  • fill in a special powder and use a plunger.

What to choose is up to you. Also, you need to clean the drain hose: under pressure from the tap or by mechanical means (using a brush).

Internal problems will have to be given more time. Consider how to clean the filter from clogging.

Drainage filter

Before starting work, disconnect the PMM from the mains, shut off the water supply. Do this:

  • Open the camera door.
  • Pull out the bottom basket for the dishes.
  • Unscrew the filter and the metal mesh from the pan.
  • Rinse under the tap. In addition, you can use a non-rigid brush and toothpick, for particularly complex contaminants.

The timely cleaning of the drainage filter of the dishwasher will help to avoid breakage

Remove water from the container in the tray with a sponge. Remove the damper of the pump. Pull the cover to the side, and then towards yourself. Additionally, you may need to unscrew the screws. Check the impeller for obstruction. If everything is in order, then inspect the pump and its parts.

Disassembly and extraction of the drain filter for cleaning in different models of dishwashers

Drain pump

You need to disassemble the dishwasher to get to the pump. Remove all baskets from the camera. Extend the machine to a free space and place it on its back. Then proceed as follows:

  • Unscrew the screws or unfasten the latches of the bottom cover (bottom).
  • A float sensor can be attached to the underside of the bottom.
  • Carefully unscrew the fastening bolt and unfasten the wiring.
  • Having access to the circulation unit, you will notice that a pump is attached to the side.
  • Unscrew its screw.
  • Disconnect the wiring chips.

We recommend to photograph or shoot your actions on the video. So it will be easier to assemble the car back.

  • Turn the pump and remove. Check the holes at the time of clogging.

Disassembly of a dishwasher for dismantling a drain pump for the diagnosis of clogging

In addition, you can inspect the remaining parts, hoses, nipples.


Here everything is simple:

  • The lower rocker is located near the drain filter.
  • Scroll it and remove it from the seat. In some models, you may need to press the latches.
  • Flush the part with water. Additionally, the nozzles are cleaned with a toothpick.

Washing of parts and filters under high pressure of water will help to clean the dishwasher from food debris

Do not forget to inspect the upper sprayer and its openings. Sometimes the scum accumulates in the holders, to which the sprinkler is attached.

Intake Filter

The mesh can be cleaned by detaching the filler hose from the PMM body. If the part is clogged with a scum, put it for a while in water with the addition of citric acid. The reticulum is recommended to be cleaned at least once every six months.

Checking and cleaning the filter of scale and hard water on the water inlet hose of the dishwasher

How to avoid problems

Adhering to the rules of operation can prevent problems. What do we have to do:

  1. It is good to clean the appliances of food debris.
  2. Regularly clean the dishwasher.
  3. Twice a month to clean the drainage filter, once a half a year - filling.
  4. Remove the scale from the parts. Usespecial salt.
  5. Dry the hopper after the washing cycle.

So you can eliminate problems with your own hands, and also prevent their occurrence. Related videos will help you:

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