Why does water appear in a new or turned off machine

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If water is a sign of a malfunction in a new dishwasher. In normal condition, the machine should not make a fence until the user starts it. A similar problem can lead to leakage and an emergency situation. How to fix it, read below.

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Should there be water in the dishwasher not working?

If you recently bought a technique, and water constantly appears in it, you need to look for the reasons. At purchase not always it is possible to check up working capacity of all details, therefore after installation and connection there can be certain malfunctions. Did you notice that the dishwasher is wet inside? One reason is a malfunction of the solenoid valve.

The inlet element operates in accordance with this principle: the user starts the program, the control module signals the valve, its membrane opens and water begins to flow into the PMM chamber. As soon as the level reaches a certain mark, the membrane closes, blocking the flow.

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If the dishwasher is switched off itself, it accumulates water, then the membrane is damaged or not closed at all.

This part can not be repaired, it will take a complete replacement. But how to understand that the valve does not work and why does it happen? It needs to be checked. There are several ways for this:

  • Most often it is located in the lower part of the case, for example, at the dishwashers "Bosch". In other models can be placed on top.
  • Close the shut-off valve.
  • Disconnect the filler hose and filter mesh.
  • Unscrew bolts and remove the panel, behind which the inlet element is hidden.
  • The simplest verification is as follows: remove the valve from its place. Connect the fence hose to it and let the water run out. If the part is working, then water will not pass. If the membrane is turned off, but water comes in, it means that it has been mechanically damaged.
  • Apply operating voltage 220 V to the coil. The membrane does not work? It is necessary to replace the element.
  • Carry out the diagnosis with a multimeter: connect the test leads to the valve terminals. The norm is 2-4 kOhm.

Select the fill valve correctly. There is a marking on it, which means that the part is suitable for your dishwasher model. It is with this labeling you need to go to the store.

How to replace

Diagnosis showed that the valve is defective? Replace:

  • After the shut-off valve is closed, disconnect the wiring harness from the part. You can take a picture of their location to make the correct connection.
  • Unscrew the screw that holds the element on the seat.
  • Install the new part in the reverse order.

Now you need to do a trial run. Replace the panel, connect the water inlet hose. Open the tap and start the washing program. If everything works fine and there are no leaks, then the problem is fixed.

How to protect yourself

In case of malfunctions in the flooding system, water can be collected until a leak occurs. To avoid similar incidents, follow the recommendations forconnecting the dishwasher to the water supply.

On the side of the pipe is a tee with a tap. After the machine is finished, the valve can be closed. Then in your absence, such problems do not arise.

If you notice something similar in your technique right after the purchase, you can contact the service center for warranty. If the manufacturer is to blame for the failure, the repair will be free of charge.

How to perform a self-test, look at the video:

Checking the water inlet valve of the dishwasher from Vladimir Zemtsov on Rutube.

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