Daewoo washing machine faults( Daewoo)

Despite the fact that Daewoo washing machines are not very popular in the Russian Federation, they go on sale, and some buyers choose them.

These washing machines are reliable, but sooner or later they still break down, like the others. That is why many owners are interested in how to repair Daewoo washing machines with their own hands.

material Contents:

  • 1 Errors washing machines Daewoo
    • 1.1 error OE
    • 1.2 IE
    • 1.3 Error Error UE
    • 1.4 error LE
    • 1.5 Error E8
    • 1.6 Error E9
    • 1.7 error H6
  • 2 Frequent faults machines Daewoo
  • 3 Causes of
  • 4 breakdowns Repairing the most typical faults Daewoo DIY
    • 4.1 Checking and replacing the pressure switch( level sensor) in the machine Daewoo
    • 4.2 Cleaning the filling system of the machine Daewoo

Errors washing machines Daewoo

ProducesSpruce tree has provided self-diagnosis system in washing machines.

Washers on electronic control, having found a problem, report it, displaying fault codes on a board. And the Daewoo semi-automatic washing machines signal a breakdown by blinking lights.

Consider the main error codes and the reasons for their appearance.

Error OE

The essence of the fault is that the CM does not drain water. This can be caused by a drain pump( pump) failure or damaged wiring and contacts to the pump.

Not blocked and clogged drain filter and other elements of the drain system. In addition, the water drain hose may be clamped or incorrectly connected.

IE Error

The failure is that the water does not flow into the tank or is filled too slowly. Sometimes this error is not about breakage: the IE code may occur if you just forgot to open the valve that supplies water to the system from the water supply.

If there is water, then its pressure may not be enough for a normal water fill. It does not hurt to check the filter mesh on the filler hose and the hose itself too - there may be blockages in it.

A less likely, but possible cause of the error is a breakdown of the water level sensor( pressure switch).

Damage to the solenoid valve or freezing of the water intake hose is not excluded.

Error UE

The code indicates the unbalance of the drum. The most likely cause of the error is a lump of loose clothes. The code also lights up in cases of improper installation of CM( uneven, not level).

A rare but possible reason is a violation of the integrity of the counterweight.

Error LE

Indicates a hatch that is not fully closed or a lock device failure( UBL).The door could squint( curtain wear), or the UBL failed.

Error E8

Fault code E8 indicates a breakdown of the loading sensor, so the Daewoo washing machine does not work and the drum does not rotate. Requires replacement of the sensor new.

Error E9

These symbols on the CM Deo screen say that the water level sensor( pressure switch) or the level switch is broken. Need to check the sensor nozzle and connection density.

It could break the pressure switch itself - then you need to replace it.

Error H6

The code symbolizes an open circuit in the electrical circuit of the heater. It may mean breakage of the heating element - in this case the replacement of the heating element is necessary.

Important! If you have a Daewoo bubble washing machine, the last break is not terrible for you. Bubble type machines are not equipped with a heater, so in this case there is nothing to break.

Information for users. Air-bubble machines first entered the market under the Daewoo logo and are still leading in sales of this type of machine. The most popular model in the Russian Federation - Daewoo DWF-806WPS.They also do not have such breaks as the absence of pressing or draining water .

Frequent malfunctions of the Daewoo

machines On the basis of the above errors, you can immediately identify the most vulnerable points of the AGR of this brand. Typically, owners of styralok Daewoo turn to workshops with such problems:

  • Breakdown of an electronic board. Failures, confirming the failure, can be very diverse - from stopping the wash to too long a program. If the Daewoo washing machine does not spin, it can also mean a breakdown of the electronics.
  • Breakdown level sensor.
  • Clogged water intake filter.
  • Temperature sensor malfunction. Accompanied by poor heating of the water and stopping work in the washing mode.
  • Get worn out drive belt( often associated with a breakdown or factory marriage of the pulley).
  • Failure TEN.Usually due to a large layer of scale or corrosion.
  • The hatch leaks due to the fact that the rubber cuff bursts.

The breakdowns considered are the most typical, and it does not matter what type your Daewoo washing machine is with a vertical or horizontal load. These nodes are vulnerable to all types of CM.

Experts also attribute the drum to weak points on Deo machines, which wears out over time, rust, suffers from too hard water.

Causes of

breakdowns If you chose German quality Daewoo CM, pay attention to the reasons that most often cause malfunctions. If you eliminate the influence of these factors, there is a chance to extend the performance of your washer:

  • Natural wear of components and assemblies.
  • Poor water quality.
  • Power problems.
  • Low quality powder.

Repair of the most typical faults Daewoo with their own hands

Below, we will visually take instructions with photos and videos on how to act if you decide to carry out repairs yourself.

Checking and replacing the pressure switch( level sensor) in a Daewoo

typewriter. If there is no water in the machine, or this process is too slow, check the water level sensor. Proceed as follows:

  1. Disconnect the CM from the power supply.
  2. Remove the top panel from the body of the machine( cover).It is mounted on two bolts on the back of the washer.
  3. Remove the bolts, slightly pull the panel back, removing it from the body of the machine.
  4. In many models, the sensor is located on the CM wall, near the top cover.
  5. Having found the sensor, remove the pipe from it, which is fixed by the clamp, for this you will need to unclench this clamp, armed with pliers.
  6. Replace the old hose with a new one. Blow it slightly.
  7. If the contacts are triggered, you will hear clicks. Their number depends only on how many water levels are provided in your CM.
  8. Inspect the tubes for damage. If required, they must be replaced. If the tubes are dirty, just clean them. If the tubes are stuck, then it is worth changing the sensor itself.

Cleaning the filler system of the machine Daewoo

You can clean the water intake system in 2 stages: flushing the water filter and the filler hose itself. These works are performed in the complex as follows:

  • Expand the SM with the back panel to yourself or go around if the room allows.
  • You will see a hose through which water enters the machine. Take it off.
  • You will immediately see a small mesh. Remove and rinse it.
  • Inspect and flush the inlet hose.
  • Install the filter in place, secure the inlet hose.
  • Turn on the test wash.

If the problem is not resolved, then further self-repair is to replace the inlet valve of the Deo washing machine.

Other breakdowns, which we discussed above, are eliminated in the same way as in other brands of cars.

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