Art Deco style in the interior, why deserves high marks

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Post-war years were hard for Europe. The memory of the deprivations of the First World War was strong, but living in an atmosphere of grayness and wretchedness was unbearable even further. People needed something beautiful, bright, filled with magnificence and brilliance. And therefore, at the international exhibition in Paris in 1925, incredible luxury goods were presented, confirming that the title of the world style center continues to remain in the capital of France.


The name of the exhibition served as the origin of the term "Art Deco", which literally means "decorative art" in French. But the style itself existed before, and the brilliant French designers only showed that he lives a full life.


Style features

Art Deco is an incredibly diverse style, and therefore it easily captures the hearts of the public with diametrically opposite tastes. The traditions of classical arts and crafts are unobtrusively intertwined with avant-garde impulses, reminders of historical styles are superimposed on primitivism and exoticism, and enthusiasm for rare craft techniques is met with advanced technology.

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The result is not only the exquisite beauty of things and decor techniques, but also the instantaneous effect of time travel, when the observer seems to be in a complex, but at the same time saturated with bright events, era between the First and Second World War wars.

Combining expensive colors, valuable materials, comfort and functionality, Art Deco demonstrates that the owner of the house, whose interior is designed in this style, is endowed with excellent taste and knows how to enjoy life.


The main features of art deco

Undoubtedly, strict geometry and symmetry are the hallmarks of Art Deco. There is no place for romantic patterns, the lines are as clear and vibrant as possible, and plant, animal and other motifs are extremely stylized. Another distinctive motive of the style are lines reminiscent of the sun's rays. They are usually used to frame mirrors and give them a special luxurious radiance.


More shine! In Art Deco there is no place for boredom and modesty, which is why glossy varnishes and paints are used in interior decoration and furniture design, and metal and wood are polished to a dazzling brilliance. Choosing an Art Deco style invariably means the incredible game of reflections has begun! And it is not only mirrors in impressive frames that lead it, because classic art deco implies an incredible amount of reflective surfaces.


It is worth adding here the delicate flickering of silk and satin, the tenderness of velvet and brocade, and the atmosphere of an endless celebration will settle in the house. There is good news for those who are not indifferent to exotic. Art Deco organically weaves African safari motifs, oriental patterns and Egyptian notes into the interior.


Art Deco color and lighting

The main Art Deco palette follows a strict sophistication of style and combines two primary colors - black and white. This range is diluted with all shades of jewelry - from deep ruby ​​to aged gold. And to give the atmosphere coziness, chocolate and cream tones are used, reminiscent of luxurious delicacies at receptions in the best houses in Europe.


The lighting system includes many levels, the location of light sources in different parts of the room, which allows you to create a mysterious and mysterious atmosphere.


In conclusion, it is worth saying that a complete recreation of the Art Deco style in the realities of an ordinary apartment is hardly possible, because this style requires large spaces and high ceilings. But the competent use of its elements will give the interior a luxurious and sophisticated look, reminiscent of the “Great Gatsby” and “Roaring 20s”.

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