Master of all trades with an electric plane Bort from China


The first glimpses of the spring sun are a wonderful occasion to visit the dacha. The dilapidated interior and dreary landscape of the countryside will soon be replaced by a magnificent view. A true master, of course, wants to make amazing things of his own. In the arbor, you need to replace the table and benches. A presentable appearance will have to be given to the gates and the gate. Carpentry works for the winter period accumulated above the roof. It is with an electric Bort plane from China that it will not be difficult to fulfill them. The advantages of this model have already been liked by many masters.

Unique Features

For the processing of boards and leveling of wooden workpieces, a powerful, and, most importantly, high-performance technique is needed. The power of the electric board of the firm "Bort" model BFB-710N is 650 W. This is quite enough for processing more than 50 boards with a width of 200 mm in one run. Thanks to this engine it is possible to work even with damp wood. The planer removes 1 mm of the upper layer of not very dried material. At the same time, the well-dried billets are scraped up to 2 mm deep. Manufacturers have provided a unique complete set of this model of the device.Along with the plane, the buyer receives:

  1. Bag for collecting sawdust. Such a device allows the carpenter to keep perfect cleanliness in the workplace. At the same time, dust from the wood will not enter his lungs.
  2. Spare set of carbon brushes. The engine is the "beating heart" of any technique. Carbon brushes are current conductors between stationary and moving parts of the electric motor. The degree of wear depends on the service life of the device. If you do not replace them in time, you will eventually have to overhaul the instrument or replace it.
  3. Depth stopper. With the help of this part, you can select and clean up a quarter of any parameters. The formation of such grooves will help the carpenter to make billets, which then can be assembled into one construction. Creating these "locks" allows you to securely fix the boards between each other.
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The ergonomic handle is specially designed for comfortable work with an electric plane. The weight of the device is not more than 2 kg, which means that it can be easily controlled. The width of the planing sole is 82 mm, so the carpenter will have to make several walks to process just one small surface.

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Minor defects

Like any other tool, the electric bort has its own minor drawbacks. Users complain that the blades are very quickly blunted. Basically, this happens when you have to work with oak or spruce. However, they can be easily replaced. Among other things, the trash pipe very quickly clogs. This complicates the creative process, because you constantly have to clean it from pollution. The runner can also begin to slip when selecting the maximum planing depth when processing too wide boards.

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Despite all these shortcomings with the Bort electric plane it is easy to make a perfectly smooth surface for further processing.You can buy this model at a price of , 44 rubles. on the website AliExpress.In the usual online store, the buyer will need to pay for the same device 3 490 rubles.

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