For work in the country, buy garden gloves with claws from China


Garden gloves with claws are unique gloves that help to perform small work without the help of any tools. One pair of gloves is equipped with 4 plastic tips in the form of claws. They are sharp, so you can dig, loosen and even plant plants without much effort. In addition, with their help you can rake the weeds and clean the soil of various debris.

Gloves with claws will be useful to every gardener during the planting season. Now you do not need to harrow the ground, make holes, dig beds. It's simple - to make a hole with claws and put a seed. And to clean gloves of dirt, you just need to rinse them with water.

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Advantages of gloves with claws:

  1. Durability. Gloves are made of excellent material. They will serve the gardener for several seasons.
  2. Water resistant. Now do not be afraid to work in wet soil.
  3. Versatility. 4 tips play the role of many garden tools.
  4. Suitable size. Gloves with claws can be used by every member of the family. Thanks to an elastic band, they take any shape of the hand and sit well on it.
  5. Protection. Gloves will not allow dirt to penetrate inside.

Now you do not have to dig in the ground with your hands in ordinary gloves, which can be torn at any moment. And for small work, you do not need any tools. All can be made convenient tips.

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But such gloves have one minus: they are suitable only for right-handers. The fact is that the tips are only on one glove and in most cases on the right. Unfortunately, but lefties are uncomfortable to use such gloves.

But the main question arises: how much are these gloves?

In the shops of Russia and Ukraine, gloves with claws can be bought for 248 rubles.

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But on Alyekspress one pair will cost 113 rubles. The Chinese manufacturer sells gloves 100 rubles cheaper than the domestic one. And the quality is the same.

Product characteristics with Aliexpress:

  • glove material - rubber and polyester;
  • material of nozzles - plastic;
  • color - green gloves and black claws;
  • quantity - 2 gloves and 4 nozzles;
  • size - universal.

Thus, it is more profitable to order a pair of gloves with claws in the Chinese online store Aliexpress. In addition, there is always a system of discounts, thanks to which you can buy gloves for a cheaper price.

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