Root remover from China

Professional gardeners and amateurs who are just beginning to learn the science of growing vegetables and flowers are well acquainted with the main pests. Wild plants - weeds not only reduce yield, but also spoil the appearance of the site.

Unfortunately, hands remain the most effective way to control weeds. The process of mechanical removal of unwanted plants takes a lot of time and effort. For processing of beds and beds in specialized stores there are several types of devices. All kinds of hoes, rakes and cultivators greatly simplify the process of weed removal. In addition, a flower bed or a bed can be covered with special material or covered with colored gravel, but summer residents will still have to “sweat” in caring for the perfect lawn.

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Russian online stores offer special root removers for pinpointing weeds from a beautiful green carpet. The tool allows you to remove weeds with a branchy and large root system. This “assistant” looks simple - a handle with an extended plug at the end.

Two large teeth capture the weed, and the ergonomically shaped handle facilitates the rapid removal of the plant from the ground. The working surface of tool steel increases inventory life. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the root remover in the Russian online store costs 150-500 rubles.

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After the end of the winter holidays, buyers on AliExpress are increasingly paying attention to products related to the summer season. Summer residents are interested in the seeds of strange plants and, of course, garden tools. A large number of orders can boast a root remover, which costs 324 rubles.

The tool has a curved working surface with a V-shaped tip. According to manufacturers from China, it is this bizarre form that allows you to remove weeds as quickly and efficiently as possible. The handle with a rubberized surface easily fits in your hand and does not slip, and the strength of the inventory is provided by an aluminum alloy.

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Buyers from Russia note the excellent quality and low weight of the root remover - in the process of work, the hand hardly feels the load. According to reviews, the tool allows you to treat the lawn with minimal losses - after the removal of weed plants, there are almost no holes in the green carpet.

Corneal remover from China costs a little more than the simplest models in Russian online stores. However, buyers believe that a lot of garden tools do not exist and boldly place an order for AliExpress.

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