Lovers of natural coffee just need a manual coffee grinder from China

True coffee connoisseurs usually buy grain coffee. After all, only freshly ground beans have a wonderful aroma and rich taste, which is not the case with ready-made coffee, which is sold in a store. In addition, this coffee quickly exhaled. But to enjoy this delicious drink, you must grind the grains with a coffee grinder.

Manual Millstone Grinder is an excellent tool for creating a delicious drink. The device is capable of turning grains into a fine and uniform powder. Even during this process, the air will have a rich aroma of coffee that you will never feel when opening a pack of ground coffee purchased at a store.

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Manual grinder is very easy to use. First you need to fill the grain in the device. Then close the lid and attach the handle. To grind grain, you need to scroll the handle several times. Through the window in the lower compartment you can see how a hill of ground coffee grows. After all the grains are milled, you can open the device and pour the ground coffee into a cup or a Turk. That's all. Only in no case should not grind spices. Otherwise, the next cup of coffee will be with pepper, star anise, or other previously ground spices.

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The advantages of a manual coffee grinder:

  1. Speed. In a few minutes you can grind coffee for the whole family.
  2. Compact. The grinder does not take up too much shelf space.
  3. Real coffee. Thanks to the manual coffee grinder, you will always enjoy only the most delicious and aromatic coffee.

The manual coffee grinder is an excellent device that every coffee lover should have. However, how much does it cost? In the Ukrainian and Russian online stores manual coffee grinder will cost 1,300 rubles. Pretty decent price for this device.

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But on Aliexpress site the same coffee grinder costs only 500 rubles. For such a price, of course, it is worth buying this device. After all, it is almost 3 times less than the amount indicated by the domestic manufacturer.

Characteristics of the Chinese manual coffee grinder:

  • material - stainless steel;
  • volume - 30 grams;
  • height - 18.8 cm;
  • width - 4.9 cm.

Thus, it is best to buy a manual coffee grinder only directly from a Chinese manufacturer. After all, the characteristics of domestic and Chinese goods are completely different. However, the price for a coffee grinder from China is much less.

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