5 reasons why paint on a door can become stained

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  • 1 Too thick paint
  • 2 Wrong Tools
  • 3 Violation of the painting technology
  • 4 Process too slow
  • 5 Lack of prior training

Many people, wanting to update and repaint the door in the house, are faced with the fact that paint stains on its surface. There is little pleasant in this, because then a second coat of paint will be required, which cannot guarantee that after this the spots disappear, often on the contrary, new bald spots appear.

To prevent this from happening with your door, get acquainted with the 5 main reasons for the appearance of spots on the door and try to avoid them.

Too thick paint

The first most obvious reason why stains may appear when painting the door is because the paint is too thick. No matter how evenly and carefully you try to paint the door, such paint will never lie evenly.

The only way to save the situation before it’s too late is to dilute it. Aqueous emulsion paint is perfectly diluted with ordinary water, special solvents will be required for oil. Specialists in the field of repair advise against dilution, otherwise the paint will become too liquid and several layers will be required to give the door the desired look.

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Wrong Tools

No less important points in painting the door is the selection of the right tools. It’s not enough just to come to the store and buy the first roller or brush that comes across, you need to understand what tool is intended for what work.

For example, it is strictly forbidden to paint a smooth and even surface of the door with a fur roller or a hairy brush. Otherwise, particles of fibers will stick to the paint and then and there unsightly spots will be visible.


Violation of the painting technology

Many people ask themselves: “What other technologies should be followed while painting the door? Paint yourself and paint. ” But as it turned out, this type of work also has its own nuances.

For example, paint should be applied only in one direction, horizontally or vertically. By alternating one method with another, the likelihood of stains on the door increases significantly.


Process too slow

The door leaf can also become stained because the painting was too slow. While you applied the second coat of paint, the first strokes had already dried.

On the one hand, this is good, because the drying process will be faster. But the minus still outweighs. Due to the fact that the dryness of the layers is too different, visible boundaries between them appear, and then noticeable spots in these places. The only correct solution in this case is to accelerate.


Lack of prior training

This list closes the most common reason - the door is not prepared for painting. Those doors that have been serving the owners for a long time and have been repainted more than once have irregularities and roughness that are invisible at first glance.

The old layer, not scratched to the end, scratches, chips and so on - all these shortcomings of the door leaf will appear as stains, and the overall appearance of the door will only worsen.

Try to avoid the above negative factors and your door will always have a beautiful view.

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