Interesting ideas for design and rules for making mangal with your own hands

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It is difficult to imagine country life on the nature without cooking on an open fire or coals. On weekends, many people go to barbecue at the dacha, and those who have their own plot can cook poultry and meat in the yard at any time. For these purposes, there is a grill or barbecue, which you can either buy or make yourself.

Homemade brazier is cheaper, construction does not require special skills, and its device is simple enough to cope with the work could any man. In addition to the lower costs, compared with the version from the store, you will be assured of the quality of the materials, you can choose the optimal size yourself and develop your own design.

How is the brazier

Before proceeding with construction, carefully study the principle of construction. A simple brazier consists of 5 parts:

  1. The furnace. These are internal walls, which, directly, contact with fire. It is best to make the facing of firebrick. If you push the inner wall forward with respect to the outside, then provide convenient access to the grid for grilling.
  2. Grill grill. It can be either cast iron or stainless steel. It lies on the angled slats, screwed into a brick.
  3. Foundation. It consists of a layer of concrete on top of compacted rubble and holds the whole structure.
  4. External walls. They gird the furnace on one side, protect them from flying sparks, and significantly reduce the consumption of firewood. Often perform the role of firebox, if there are no internal walls.
  5. An ashtray. It is a metal sheet on which fuel burns. It is located under the grate at a distance of about 30 cm.
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Choice of materials

The most budgetary material is concrete blocks. Inside, it is recommended to lay out with refractory bricks.

As a rule, external decoration is made of natural stone. This natural material is non-toxic and perfectly keeps heat. The installation takes a lot of time, however, the result is worth the effort.

Ceramic brick is the most popular material. It looks beautiful, is not afraid of open fire and perfectly preserves heat. We recommend that you first read about the basics of brickwork in order to avoid errors in the construction of the structure.

Where to place a brazier and how to sink it

During installation, basic fire safety rules should be observed. Do not place the brazier near the wooden fences and walls of the house. It is best to choose an open place where there are no low-dangling branches of trees. Check with the wind rose, - smoke and the smell of food should not fly towards the house or recreation area.

Do not eat charred meat. This increases the risk of developing cancer.

If fruit trees grow on the plot, then you already have the ideal material for kindling. Dry wood, stored after pruning, will give a pleasant aroma to all dishes. You can use the purchased finished coals, but the taste of food from them may not change for the better.

Provide in the construction of the compartment for firewood, where they will be easily accessible.

Improvements for barbecue

To expand the functionality of your oven and give it an original design, you can add several modifications:

  • The spit will allow to evenly cook a large piece of meat;
  • The chimney removes harmful combustion products away from the dining area;
  • The grill-fireplace is a stylish and grandiose structure, where the grill is located inside a homemade fireplace.

Before discarding coals, allow them to cool for at least 48 hours. Even seeming to be cold, they can retain heat for several days.

Tips for handling barbecue

Several recommendations will facilitate the process of interaction with the brazier and help to use it more effectively.

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We recommend to acquire long forceps with which you can stir coals and move the grate. Forget about short sticks and pokers, which are often used when working with small prefabricated braziers.

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Always use gloves, best of all, special for barbecue, which do not burn well. Read: how correctly to make a barbecue made of bricks!

Use a steel brush to clean the grate. It removes carbon and food remnants well. When the bars cool, sprinkle them with sunflower oil to prevent rust. Do not be lazy to always remove the ashes - it accumulates odors that negatively affect the taste of food.

Do not install brazier in enclosed spaces. A high concentration of carbon monoxide, even with ventilation, can end badly.

The barbecue area will be a cozy place where you can gather in the evening, look at the fire and feast on meat with haze. Choosing a self-made option instead of the purchase, you can implement all the ideas for design and functionality for full use of the design. Do not be afraid to experiment, because any idea can be implemented.

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