10 ways to create beautiful window slopes

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It would seem, how special can one distinguish window slopes in a house or apartment? Traditionally, slopes are made of plastic or plaster. The color used is predominantly white. However, if you show a little imagination, you can give slopes an important role in interior design.

A great design option is decorative molding. This method perfectly emphasizes the architecture of the window. The trick is that the decor seamlessly transitions from the slope to the wall. For this, the slope angle is formed by molding and painted in the same color. Or the whole slope is decorated. If the slopes are wide, you can divide them on a plane and create an interesting composition. A decorative relief that gives more depth will look very advantageous. All painted in one color.

Not only wooden windows look beautiful, but also wooden slopes. In this case, you can experiment with carved massive panels or ordinary glossy plywood. Both options will look good. You can also sheathe the slope with a lining and open it with varnish.

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If the room has brick elements of the walls, then slopes made of decorative bricks will also be a good solution.


The plastered wall will look great against the background of a slope of natural stone. From it you can create an imitation of curly masonry. Instead of stone, sea pebble or shell rock, opened with varnish, is suitable.


The slopes, decorated on the sides with sheet mirrors or mirror mosaics, look spectacular in the interior. This will add light to the room, and unusual reflection effects will change perspective.

Owners of artistic talents can try to paint the slopes in the Russian folk style or to paste over them with bright wallpapers.

Remarkable is the idea to lay out the slopes with multi-colored mosaic tiles. The combination of beautiful pieces of tile will give a unique charm to the whole room.

Traditional white slopes can simply be painted by adding other colors to white. If you make yellow spots on the slopes, the room will become more sunny, will play in a different way.

PVC panels will also help transform slopes. Among them there is a huge selection of colors and patterns for the most demanding taste.


Another option is to make the slopes part of a single composition. For example, creating around the window a place to relax with shelves, cabinets and books.

With the decoration of window slopes you can and should safely experiment. The embodiment of the most unusual ideas will give the room a special gloss that all households will appreciate.

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