How to organize the irrigation of the garden with their own hands?

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Few gardeners were lucky to live in a climate where rain falls in the right amount and at the optimal time. Most still have to water their green pets. Watering the garden with their own hands is a time consuming occupation. But if you put your head in addition to your hands, then this activity becomes interesting and creative.

Possible options for watering the garden

Specialists in agricultural land improvement have developed many ways to irrigate a variety of crops. Not all of them are applicable in the garden. The choice of how to irrigate the garden with your own hands depends on several factors:

  • need of grown crops in water;
  • mechanical composition and moisture capacity of the soil;
  • weather and climate conditions;
  • availability of water for irrigation;
  • financial opportunities gardener;
  • area of ​​the garden.
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The main ways of watering the garden, which you can organize yourself:

  • watering by furrowing;
  • watering the allowance on strips and checks;
  • sprinkling;
  • drip surface watering;
  • subsoil drip irrigation.

Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages.
Irrigation by the release is simple, but worsens soil structures in the flooded areas.
Sprinkling is convenient, but contributes to the development of fungal diseases.
Subsoil drip irrigation saves water and time, but it requires considerable expenses.

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To achieve the best results with the least expenditure of effort and money, there are usually several ways of watering.

Automated watering of the garden

Automation, in principle, amenable to all the above methods of watering the garden. With your own hands, you can even collect the necessary electronic circuits, although in our time it hardly makes sense. Unless, if electronics is your hobby or profession. The essence of automation is to install soil moisture sensors that give the signal special electronic devices for opening or closing the shut-off valves on the water main or switching on and off pumps.


Automating the irrigation system for small gardens is unprofitable. They are too expensive. And without the visual control of the filling of furrows, it is difficult to manage. Automation of home sprinkler systems is much easier. It is important only to correctly position the sensors. But subsoil watering is best used in automatic mode, or at least install humidity sensors with indicators to know when the soil moisture in the root zone reaches the required values. Excess moisture is worse than its lack.

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