How to choose a coffee grinder for the home: a review of the types, useful tips

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How to choose a coffee grinder
Surely in every family there is a coffee lover who loves this strong, invigorating and aromatic drink. Coffee can be prepared instantly from a bag or dear that you bought immediately ground. But real coffee lovers like to grind grains with their own hands, feel a pleasant aroma. It was for such gourmets that special devices were invented. In this article we will answer the question: "How to choose the right one and which coffee grinder is best for the home?"
Coffee grinder
What are the coffee grinders

You can grind coffee beans with the help of special coffee grinders. They are manual as well as electric. Before choosing the right one, it is necessary to study the features of their work, as well as technical specifications. Coffee grinders that use electricity for their work, as a rule, are divided into several types:

  • knife or rotary;
  • millstones.

To begin with, consider a rotary coffee grinder: we find out the necessary parameters that need to be studied when choosing a device, and also indicate the points that you need to pay special attention to when buying.

Rotary knife coffee grinder - “cut” grain with knives

Rotary coffee grinder
This coffee grinder is electric. How to choose it correctly? To answer the question, you need to study the device in detail.

A device of this type for grinding grain uses knives that are mounted on a special rod. They can grind any coffee beans at high speed. The body of the device is usually made of plastic, but there are also metal models. A powerful motor is placed inside the case, and the upper part has a special bowl in which the raw materials are poured.

The rotary knife is made in the form of a two-blade propeller. The manufacturing material in most cases is stainless steel. The knife is located in the lowest part of the coffee grinder and connected to the motor. The upper part of the body is covered with a transparent cover, which is very easy to remove. After the beans are completely ground, the removable lid must be put back, and all coffee should be poured out of the container into the container.

The capacity of such equipment is not more than 120 grams. In rotary models, an ordinary power button is always installed, but, unfortunately, there are no more specific functions. For example, the apparatus is not equipped with a mechanism to control the degree of grinding. This degree mainly depends on the duration of the operation of the knives. The more time they rotate, the finer the grinding is learned.


Knife coffee grinder
The knife rotates at high speed, and therefore pretty well grinds absolutely all grains. The grinding quality will depend on the rotation time of the knives. The speed with which the knife rotates is in direct proportion to the power of the device - it can be 80 or even 270 watts. The optimal is 180 watts. If the grinder is set at a too high grinding speed (which, of course, will increase power), then the beans will burn out, and the coffee will acquire a very unpleasant and bitter taste. Therefore, do not get too carried away by speed and acquire the most powerful cars.

Each coffee grinder has a special bowl in its design, where coffee is poured. It holds 30 to 100 grams of coffee. These data must be taken into account, since one or a cup of coffee on average takes 6 or 7 grams of powder. It is not recommended to immediately make a large supply and set aside freshly ground coffee, as this way the drink will lose its taste, quality and indescribable aroma. To roughly understand how much grains you need to fill in, you need to remember that 30 grams of powder is enough for about 3 cups of a good drink.

Positive and negative sides

The positive features of knife models include:

  • reasonable cost;
  • compactness;
  • ease of use.


  • no control over grinding;
  • uneven grinding of grains.

Coffee of this grinding can be brewed in a regular Turk. But if you want to buy a coffee grinder, which has a better grinding, then it is better to focus on choosing a millstone.

Millstone coffee grinders for the house with a removable bowl

Millstone coffee grinder
The millstone design differs from the traditional model in that it uses a different grinding method - using millstones. The degree of grinding here will increase significantly compared to the first model, and the powder will be much more uniform. Such coffee can be used in coffee machines that work under pressure.


Models are made of plastic. In the device is located:

  • A transparent bowl into which coffee beans will pour.
  • A transparent container that will accept the finished ground coffee.
  • Opaque compartment in which the electric motor is located. All parts of the structure are securely closed and sealed with special rings that separate them from each other.

Principle of operation

The device works very simply:

  1. When the power button is pressed, which is located on a special control panel, the millstones start grinding grain at high speed.
  2. Ground particles enter a special compartment, from where it is already possible to pour them into a cup.
  3. The cutting mechanism of such a device consists of two disks that grind grains. The grinding quality in this case is very good (in addition, it can be adjusted with your own hands).
  4. Grinding depends on the distance between the two discs.
Coffee Grind
Ground coffee, which was prepared using a millstone coffee grinder, can be used in any coffee makers, as well as coffee machines. This model has a larger capacity than the knife - up to 300 grams of grains. The device has approximately 15 grinding modes - as a result, the coffee is very homogeneous.


Positive aspects of the device:

  1. A special program has been installed that allows you to control the size of the grinding.
  2. The cost of the device is higher than that of the previous model, but it compensates for its price with the help of additional functions.
  3. The mill grinder has a very large power (from 100 and even up to 1000 watts). Optimum power is 250 or 300 watts. It is not necessary to purchase more powerful models.


In rotary models of coffee grinders, steel knives are used. In millstones, the choice of materials is somewhat wider.

  1. Metal millstones, which are made of stainless steel, are very cheap and durable. In addition, they are covered with a layer of titanium, which increases the service life.
  2. Knives are made of cast iron, which is more reliable and durable. But he has one drawback - such knives grind much faster, and also absorb various odors.
  3. Ceramic knives provide excellent grinding and also have a very long life. Of course, they need proper care. The downside is that they are very fragile, and therefore can easily crack if dropped.
  4. Stone millstones are an alloy of corundum with ceramics. Such a device is very strong, and also durable, provides a very good grinding. But you need to handle such knives very carefully, since they can easily break if dropped.
Electric coffee grinder how to choose
If, when choosing a coffee grinder, the choice fell on a machine with millstones, then you need to keep in mind that there are two containers in it: for beans, and also for ground coffee. The device is best to choose with a large container for grains.

All containers are absolutely leakproof, so if a large number of grains are poured into them, then you can use the special function. It will set the required amount of ground coffee. And the remaining grains will be stored inside the device, preserving their aroma and quality.

Additional features of electric coffee grinders

Many manufacturers equip coffee grinders with some additional functions in order to make their product more popular. These include:

  • double knives that increase the speed of crushing grains;
  • a special slope is made for a container with grain, which ensures uniformity of grinding, as well as a high intensity of mixing;
  • there is protection against equipment overheating;
  • there is a function to lock the device, that is, the device does not turn on with the lid open;
  • special devices are installed that wind the cord;
  • models are produced that have the function of turning off the device in case it becomes clogged;
  • good sound insulation designed for quieter operation;
  • rubber legs, which are available in some models, provide strong adhesion to the working surface of the table;
  • Some devices have a sleep timer.

Manual coffee grinders

Manual coffee grinder how to choose
There is absolutely no need to buy an electric device for grinding beans to brew a cup of coffee. There are simpler options. These are manual coffee grinders. Their work is also based on grinding using millstones, which determine the degree of grinding of grains. Such a device is also called a mill. It is a very simple device with a mechanism, which is located in a square box, and is also equipped with a rotating handle.

The mill is equipped with a special regulator, with which the degree of grinding is set. It will depend on the size of the gap established between the millstones. Grinding discs are made of metal or ceramic. Ceramics are more preferable, because after it the coffee is much tastier.

Customers usually choose Peterhof PH-12721, as well as Gipfel K. S. 833 B. P.

Manufacturers rating

Usually, the same companies that produce various equipment for the home are engaged in the manufacture of coffee grinders. Manufacturers such as Scarlett, Saturn, Binatone are notable for their low price, as well as good quality products. You can buy the equipment of a famous brand, so as not to worry about quality. In such cases, it is better to opt for the following companies:

  • Philips
  • Bosch
  • Kenwood;
  • Moulinex.
Electric or manual coffee grinder
All models of these manufacturers are of very good quality. They will differ not only in cost, but also in functionality. But most of the firms that were presented above produce rotary machines. If you want to buy a millstone grinder, then you can stop at the companies Gaggia and Saeco. These models are user tested and very popular.

Those people who decide to opt for manual coffee grinders need to pay attention to such companies:

  • Scarlett;
  • Becker;
  • Bosch

How to choose and which is better

How to choose? To make a choice, you need to answer some questions for yourself:

  1. What will the coffee brew in? If an ordinary Turk will be used, then you can purchase a rotary electric machine, as well as regular manual, if there is no need for rushing and you want to fully enjoy the process cooking.
  2. Is it necessary to control the degree of grain grinding? If the answer is yes, then it is better to purchase a millstone electric model.

That's all the necessary parameters that you need to know in order to choose the model that suits you. Good luck choosing.

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