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A toaster is a necessary item in the house, which allows you to get fragrant crispy toasts in a matter of seconds, which are eaten with appetite for breakfast or as a quick snack. If you are seriously thinking about purchasing this unit, then we have prepared this article especially for you. Here we will discuss different models of toaster, reviews, which is better, which is more productive and so on.

Toaster with toast

Selection rules

On the shelves of hypermarkets and in online stores now there are a huge number of different companies and manufacturers. Helpful consultants will be happy to show you quality models, but not the fact that they will be budgetary. To know how to choose a toaster for your home, check out the following list of options.

The number of branches. This important parameter should be based on the number of people in the family and the amount of bread they consume. It is logical that the more people, the more departments will be needed. The options are as follows:

  1. Two compartments. If you plan to cook for yourself one or a small family of two people, then this model is suitable for you.
  2. Four branches. This option will suit a large family of three or four people. In the mornings, every minute counts. A four-compartment toaster saves you valuable time by making four toasts at a time.

Power. The choice of a toaster should be based on such an important parameter as power. The higher it is, the less time it will take to make a toast. However, in this case, it can turn out to be overcooked or completely burnt. That is why it is important to have such a part as a thermostat with the ability to control the temperature. You yourself can set degrees by experimenting with different modes.

Material. Such a parameter as the case material plays a significant role in determining the price of the device. The toaster can be made of the following materials:

  1. Metal. The metal case looks expensive and solid, and also has high strength and reliability indicators, a long service life. Among the shortcomings, the rather high cost of the device, as well as the sensitivity of the material with various kinds of contaminants, should be mentioned. Fingerprints will be clearly visible on it, so the surface will often have to be wiped.
  2. Plastic. The main advantage of the plastic case is its budget. Another advantage is the rich color palette on the home appliance market. You can choose any color - from dark red to lemon yellow - depending on the interior and style of your kitchen. However, plastic models do not look as representative as metal ones, which can simplify the overall design of the room. Another serious drawback is the inevitable heating of the case during operation. Due to thermal effects, the surface may become deformed or become covered with small cracks.

Heater. The element that warms the bread, making it crispy, deserves no less attention than the other parameters. The heating part is of the following types:

  1. Metal. The simplest and most reliable option, proven over years of use. It is used in most standard models and costs little money. The disadvantage of a metal heating element is the appearance of an unpleasant odor when the device is heated.
  2. Ceramic. This option appeared relatively recently, based on modern technology. It costs significantly more than a metal heating element, but it also has some advantages. Among them are a long service life, economical energy consumption and uniform heating of the entire device.

Varieties of Toasters

To understand what to buy a toaster for home use, it is important to decide on individual requirements and wishes for this subject of household appliances. The following types of toasting equipment are available:

  1. Standard. This is the most common, familiar and familiar device for everyone, which evenly fries slices of loaf on both sides. The device is located vertically, bread is placed in the compartments. After pressing the button, the pieces of bread fall down to the heating elements, the power is turned on. After a certain time, the finished toasts themselves jump out of the compartments.
  2. Sandwich toaster. This device is intended for the preparation of sandwiches or, as they are also called, sandwiches. In appearance, the device resembles a waffle iron. The principle of operation is as follows: a slice of fresh bread is placed in the mold, on top of it the filling is put (cheese, smoked meat, sausage, etc.), and all this is covered with another piece of bread. Next, close the form, turn on the power by pressing the button and wait a bit. As a result, you get a hot stuffed sandwich, fried to a crisp on both sides.
  3. Grill toaster. Outwardly, it looks like a compact stove designed for making sandwiches. It can also be used to heat and fry other small foods. Such models cost more than others, but their functionality is impressive.

Customer reviews

So which toaster is better to buy? Customer reviews are designed to help us sort out this tricky issue.

I am the mother of three children. In the mornings, I absolutely do not have enough time to collect them at school and at the same time prepare breakfast. A toaster with four compartments helped me with this problem. Children are satisfied and well-fed, but I am calm.

Anna, Kazan.

Hello. I live an ordinary bachelor life, I work a lot, I don’t have time to eat normally, I’m always in business. The toaster has become my best friend in the kitchen. In a few seconds, I get warm toasted bread that you can eat with anything.

Maxim, St. Petersburg.

I really liked the hot sandwiches served in the cafe. I bought a sandwich toaster, decided to try out this function and was delighted. Two hot toasts, and between them melted cheese and a couple of slices of sausage. Real jam.

Alexandra, Moscow.

Top Ten Toasters

Especially so that you do not get confused among the variety of manufacturers and models, we have prepared the TOP-10 for you. "Best toasters" rating will help you finally decide on an important purchase.

  1. Bosch TAT 3A011 / 3A014
  2. Electrolux EAT 5300
  3. Bosch TAT 61088
  4. Philips HD 2595
  5. Polaris PET 0702L
  6. Bosch TAT 6901
  7. Delonghi CTO 2003
  8. Philips HD 2596
  9. Philips HD 2630
  10. Electrolux EAT 5300

As we can see from the rating, manufacturers such as Bosch and Philips are in the lead. The point is the universally recognized quality of the product, its durability and reliability. Enjoy the shopping!

Video: test purchase of toasters 

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