Where to put a microwave in a small kitchen: photos and ideas

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Convenient microwave in the kitchen - installation rules
The life of a modern person cannot be imagined without a microwave. It has long become an indispensable assistant for us in the kitchen: it will quickly defrost meat, warm dinner, warm baby food to the right temperature when the baby is hungry. What can we say about modern microwave ovens: they cook, bake, cook steam cutlets and grill. The only question is how to properly place the stove in your kitchen (especially in the Khrushchev). So where to put a microwave in a small kitchen (photo options at the end of the article)?

Despite the compactness of the furnace, it is really difficult to find a place for it. The traditional working triangle: a kitchen refrigerator - stove - sink helps to organize the most coordinated work on cooking. But the microwave has also become an equally important subject for us, which we use daily.

Microwave can be installed in the refrigerator
It is important to remember that the microwave is quite heavy and needs a reliable and stable foundation. In addition, most furnaces are equipped with doors that close and open with great effort. It is very important to ensure that there is sufficient front space for free operation of the door and ventilation.
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There are many options for placing a microwave in the kitchen: low, high, within and outside the field of view. Consider the most convenient location to be able to evaluate all the pros and cons of each of them.

Microwave in the kitchen

Where to put: in a corner cupboard?

This is ideal for a large kitchen that has many unused corner surfaces. In this case, the microwave will fill the empty space and will be facing the facade to another room.

Microwave in the corner kitchen cabinet

Countertop Location

This is the most popular and logical option - to install a microwave on a work surface. However, this can not be done in every kitchen: if the room is small, the hostess often does not have enough space even for cooking. In the space between the countertop and the bottom of the microwave oven, crumbs from food will constantly accumulate, which are difficult to remove due to the weight of the oven. It should be remembered about the safe distance to the washbasin and stove and the presence of its outlet. If you choose this option, your triangle rule will be violated. But it will be convenient to take out a bowl with a hot lunch: I took it out and immediately onto the table. For a large kitchen, this is not a problem and will not cause tangible discomfort.

Can I put on the windowsill?

An unusual solution - the microwave is installed on the windowsill
This arrangement is only suitable if there is sufficient window sill width for safe microwave installation. The outlet should also be nearby. Microwave on the windowsill - you should be careful here, because when the device is working, hot air, which can cause a strong temperature drop from the inside and outside of the window, which makes the glass to crack. Especially if your apartment has ordinary, not plastic windows. There is one way out - to use folgizol on the windowsill, but it can look ugly.

Indoor flowers will also have to be placed in another place, since microwave radiation is detrimental to them. Moreover, you can’t put plants on the stove itself: not only will they die, water can leak from the pot - the microwave will become unusable.

Hide near the countertop

For the most reliable fixation, it is necessary to mount special fasteners for the wall.

  1. It is better to place it under a wall cabinet directly above the countertop. Another way is a real shelf. This is quite convenient, because there will be a place for work on the table. As for the outlet, the cord should not just hang around the wall (this is ugly).
  2. If the working surface is small or there is no microwave space in the wall cabinets, you can replace the bottom drawer with a niche. This option allows you to leave a lot of free space on the countertop. But if you have children, this arrangement can be very dangerous.
Microwave near the countertop

Embed in the kitchen

This is the most aesthetic and convenient option. It is better to choose a kitchen set simultaneously with a microwave, otherwise their sizes may not match. Sometimes the room allows you to use a classic cabinet with special ventilation. In this case, you can choose a traditional model for it. However, the built-in oven will look much better, ideally suited to the size of the headset.

Island for appliances: place in the center of the kitchen

As a rule, it is used in country houses: furniture is placed in the center of the kitchen, on which all household appliances and a sink are installed. It is very convenient to place here, as it allows you to completely free the rest of the space from kitchen utensils. Unfortunately, this option is not suitable for small urban cuisine.

Microwave on island cuisine

Hang over the stove

Microwave oven under the stove - placement option
Hanging here is effective, but not the best location in terms of aesthetics. Plus: a microwave and hood will do the double job, and there will be more space in the small kitchen. Minus: if you set the stove high, not everyone can reach it.

In this case, the microwave oven should be combined in style with the stove, so it is better to purchase them from one manufacturer. Installation time will depend on the duration of the removal of the hood, stove and microwave. In some cases, you have to cut the kitchen worktop from the headset and pick up new blocks.

Place in the fridge

Well, if this is not a very high refrigerator, otherwise you will need to constantly perform acrobatic stunts just to reach the device. It’s also quite dangerous. Moreover, the microwave is a heating device that is incompatible with the refrigerator (this is written in the instructions). If this is the only way out for you, install the device on a stand or adjust its legs to the maximum height.

Microwave refrigerator

Suspension systems

Microwave overhead system
If your kitchen has a too small work surface and it’s not possible to integrate the microwave into the built-in furniture, special fasteners on the wall will save you, allowing you to fix the device on almost any vertical surface. To hide anywhere, the modern market offers a large selection of suspension systems: miniature shelves, coasters, shelving or classic brackets. Choose a height that is convenient for you, and do not forget to take care of the maximum reliability of the fasteners. Remember that even the slightest movement when closing (opening) the door is simply unacceptable.

Safety and Ergonomics 

If you are looking for the perfect microwave oven in your kitchen, follow these safety and ergonomic guidelines:

  1. The device should be installed at a distance of 0.5 to 1.5 m from the floor, so as not to get burned during its operation.
  2. It is good when the countertop from the microwave is at a distance of no more than an outstretched arm.
  3. Do not install the oven near radiators or an oven. If this is not possible, provide good thermal insulation between them.
  4. Never put a kettle or coffee maker in the microwave.
  5. Do not cover with a towel or other objects.
  6. Ensure that the doors open freely.
  7. The main safety parameter is a stable and reliable support.

Of course, this is not all accommodation options. Today there are also such houses in which all household appliances are mounted in a separate room. The choice is yours.

Options for placing a microwave in a small kitchen (PHOTO)

Microwave kitchen shelf
Microwave - where to find her a place?
Where can and where not to put a microwave
Microwave can also

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