How to choose a blender for home: a review of the types, expert advice

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Features of the right choice of blender for home
A working person has very little time left for cooking. He equips his kitchen with modern appliances, with which you can quickly cook various dishes.

All appliances must be functional, convenient and economical. You can’t allow the appliance to take up a lot of space, since the kitchen area in a standard apartment is small. And in this article we will consider how to choose the right blender for the house and what to look for when buying.

Blender in the kitchen

How to choose a good blender for home?

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Home Blender
A blender will be a good helper in the kitchen. He will help in a few minutes to grind food, replacing grater, knives and other kitchen items.

If you still have not acquired this miracle of technology, most likely you did not have a reliable source of information. This article contains all the information thanks to which you can easily find the model that suits you the most.

Principle of operation

The functionality of the blender depends on the quality of the electric motor. The more powerful the motor, the faster it will rotate the knife, the faster the food will be sliced.

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Regardless of the power of the device, the essence of its work is the same: the knives carry out the cutting of products. If the blender has several nozzles, they can be used to beat egg whites, chop ice, prepare healthy smoothies, chop nuts, and perform other actions.


Description of the design of a stationary blender
The device for sale is of two types: stationary, submersible. Which blender is better to buy? Consider both options in more detail, highlighting all their advantages and disadvantages.


This view is a plastic or metal stand with an electric motor, on which the tank is installed, and there is a cutting of products. The motor is located in the stand, and the control panel is located on top.

For this unit to work, you need to load the tank, install it on a stand, select the desired program (if there are settings) and turn it on. It is more rational to use such a stationary device when sauces, mashed potatoes, etc. are prepared with its help.

Its main advantage is independent work, during which you do not need to participate and make efforts. In addition, a big plus of stationary blenders is the power, which will be greater than that of immersion models.

Stationary blender

Such models are cheaper, and in most of them there is a self-cleaning function. This is a big plus, as the hostess will not be afraid to cut herself with knives while washing the unit.

Stationary models also have disadvantages. Since the unit is designed to handle large volumes, then it takes up a lot of space in the kitchen. If you process small portions of food in it, then the knife will most likely not be able to touch the entire portion. Products simply remain smeared on the wall.

A stationary blender can do the following:

  • whip cream or proteins;
  • grind meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables or ice;
  • make cream soup, smoothies or smoothies.

Bowl selection

Description of types of blender bowls
Each tank will have its own advantages and disadvantages. If earlier a device with a plastic container was cheaper than a glass one, now the situation has changed a bit.

Proven manufacturers produce good-quality plastic containers that do not darken over time and do not absorb a bad smell. A unit with such a capacity will be expensive.

If you have made your choice in favor of a stationary device and want to buy this particular type, you need to pay attention to the material of the bowl.

  • The glass container will not absorb odors, will not darken over time. You can lay hot products in it.
  • Plastic capacity will be much easier, it will not break. But over time, scratches may appear on it, it may darken.

The glass container looks prettier, moreover, it is environmentally friendly. But if you break it, it will be difficult to find exactly the same.

No less important indicator is the volume of the bowl. If a blender is purchased for home use, the volume of the bowl should be 1.5–2 liters. Each manufacturer produces devices with such a bowl volume - choosing is not a problem.

Hand blender 

Design, pros and cons of a hand blender
This unit has a completely different design. It has an oblong shape, on one side of which a rotating knife is installed, and on the other hand, a motor is located serving as a handle.

The housing may be metal or plastic. The plastic case is easy to clean, does not burden the design. In addition, on sale it can be in different colors.

Hand blender - which is better to choose? Models that are more expensive can have a steel or aluminum case. Distinguish between glossy and matte surfaces. Experts recommend stopping your choice on a matte surface, as fingerprints and stains from products will always remain on the glossy surface.

Some models are equipped with a container, which provides for whipping products. If you bought a blender without a container, any other convenient and deep bowl or pan can replace it.

The submersible model is designed to grind or whisk a small portion of products. It is characterized by multifunctionality, compactness and mobility. It can independently in the process of work change the position of the knife, which cannot be said about the stationary model.

The power of such a technique may be different, but it will be less than that of a stationary device. This is a significant minus. In any case, when buying a manual unit, choose a power of at least 300 watts. The more powerful the appliance, the faster it grinds food and meat.

To cook food and cocktails at home, you need a device that will have 5-7 speeds. The number of speeds will directly depend on the power of the device. A blender with a small power has 1-2 speeds, and in powerful units there can be up to 15. For example, to make meat from meat, a sufficiently low speed. If you do the work at high speed, instead of stuffing, you may get pasta.

Making mashed soup blender

Options and functions of the submersible model

Description of functions and configuration of submersible blenders
There are modes: impulse, smooth adjustment, turbo mode. An expensive device of a well-known company will have not only high power, but also many speeds. Decide whether to overpay for features that you simply won’t use.

The disadvantage of this model can only be that every time after use it must be hidden in a box and removed from the table. And if you take a small container, the whipping of different products and meat will be accompanied by spray flying in all directions. This must be taken into account when choosing the right capacity for the job.

If you need to use the device for a long time, it will be difficult, since it must always be held in your hands. The length of the power cord is also important. The device will be extremely inconvenient to work if the cord length is less than 1 meter.

Depending on the manufacturer and the price of the apparatus, a different number of nozzles and containers will be attached to the blender. The most popular are the following:

  1. Measuring cup - in the kitchen it will be simply irreplaceable even as an independent container. If it is made of plastic, it will not break in the near future.
  2. Chopper - a standard nozzle in the form of knives, with which products are crushed. It is a container with a lid, at the bottom of which knives are installed. The usual material from which it is made is plastic, but metal is also found. Some grinders in the lid have holes in which you can add or add ingredients without turning off the appliance.
  3. Whisk - thanks to this nozzle, the old mixer can be presented to someone. Suitable for whipping batter, cream and eggs. With it you can cook a wonderful pancake dough.
  4. Mill - with its help you can effectively grind the smallest portions.
  5. Vacuum pump - with its help you can pump air out of a special container, create a vacuum. So the food will be stored much longer.
  6. Shredder - nozzle designed for slicing vegetables and fruits, as well as some varieties of cheese.

The product is intended for cooking:

  • cream soup;
  • mousse;
  • milk or fruit cocktail;
  • breadcrumbs;
  • minced meat;
  • whipped cream.

How to choose a hand blender for home? Having familiarized with the stated information, it will be very easy for you to decide. The main thing is that the equipment is powerful and reliable, suitable not only for whipping cocktails.

What to consider when choosing? Which one to buy? (VIDEO)

Popular Manufacturers

List of Popular Blender Manufacturers
Having decided on the types of apparatus, you need to consider the firms of this technique. The most famous: Braun, Bosch, Philips.

Brown is a German company that produces high-quality equipment. Their blenders have a large number of functions and modes. They created a device that can be used outdoors - a wireless model.

Bosch is another German company - a quality manufacturer of home appliances. The machines are quiet and durable, and a knife with four blades and a chopper for greens were invented for blenders.

Philips company produces a wide range of high quality household goods. Like the two previous firms, this company is also famous. Blenders of this brand are lightweight and compact. The containers for grinding products are made of high-quality material, in which hot ingredients can also be processed.

There are other, not so popular companies. Among them:

  • Moulinex;
  • Kenwood;
  • Zelmer;
  • Tefal;
  • Redmond
  • Vitek etc.
Blenders of different brands

In their assortment there are submersible and stationary models. Firms offer not only budget options for the unit, but also models that can replace the kitchen:

  1. mixer;
  2. coffee grinder;
  3. meat grinder.

The models will differ not only in the name of the company and in appearance, but also in the body material, number of nozzles, power and speed. Only you will be able to determine the model that you really need, since only you know how you will use it.

Video: the most powerful blenders

Useful tips from specialists

Recommendations of specialists for choosing a blender for home
If you decide to buy a blender, first take an inventory in your kitchen. If you have a mixer, you do not need a whisk nozzle. When there is a coffee grinder, you do not need a mill nozzle.

And if you have been baking bread in a bread machine for a long time, you do not need a nozzle for making dough at all.

When choosing a machine, pay attention to the fact that the knife mount must be on a high-strength plate. This will allow you to use the device for a long time, despite high loads.

A stationary device during operation can vibrate violently, which over time begins to annoy. To avoid this, you need to choose the right unit on suction cups or on rubber legs.

Powerful aggregates can grind both soft and hard products. If the complete set of two blenders is the same, and the power is different, the more powerful model will be more expensive.

Experts recommend choosing a stationary blender model for large families and for production purposes. And if you use it at home and not really load it, the model of the submersible unit is suitable.

Before buying any equipment, carefully read reviews about it. If the store did not have your chosen model, do not be upset. You need to pay attention, remember, and better write down the names of the blender models recommended by the consultant. At home on the Internet to read all the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed models, and only then make your choice.

Experts advise for a small family to buy a submersible assembly. In addition, in a small kitchen he will be a great helper.

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