Overview of the robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 616: features, features + reviews

The American company iRobot is a pioneer in the development of intelligent robotic technology. In its range there are many high-tech solutions for automated house cleaning.

One of the most popular models of the brand is an affordable robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 616. There is nothing superfluous in it: a basic set of necessary functions and good technical characteristics make it possible to perfectly cope with their tasks.

The content of the article:

  • Features and characteristics of Roomba 616
    • Complete set of the vacuum cleaner robot
    • Design features of the vacuum cleaner
    • The principle of the model
    • Functions and specifications
  • Pros and cons of iRobot Roomba 616
  • Comparison with competitive models
    • Competitor # 1 - Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    • Competitor # 2 - PANDA X600 Pet Series
    • Competitor # 2: Clever & Clean 004 M-Series
  • The best deals on the market

Features and characteristics of Roomba 616

To get an owl opinion on Roomba 616 robotic cleaner and decide if it is suitable for your home, you will have to learn more about the characteristics and features of this model.

Complete set of the vacuum cleaner robot

Model 2016 release sold in specialized stores at an average price of about 20,000 rubles.

For this amount, the buyer receives:

  • directly the device itself;
  • charging unit with integrated Home Base adapter;
  • XLife rechargeable battery;
  • dumpster AeroVac Bin;
  • additional antibacterial filter;
  • instruction manual.

The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty on the equipment, so the package must contain a warranty card that must be filled before purchase.

The rest of the accessories for the robot are purchased separately. This may be a remote control for remote control, a device “virtual wall”, dividing rooms into zones, spare side or main brushes.
A detailed review of the robot and recommendations that are worth paying attention to before the first inclusion are presented in the video:

Design features of the vacuum cleaner

The model looks presentable and stylish. It can be recognized by its rounded shapes, convenient control panel, beautiful color combination of white or black with silver. The body of the product is made of durable matte plastic.

Robot Rumba 616 per pack

The robot cleaner of the American company comes in a compact packaging made of cardboard. The box contains all the important information about the device.

The unit has a standard for such products dimensions. The height does not exceed 9 cm, and the diameter is 34 cm. Weight without box is 3.6 kg. Compact size and adaptive shape allow the robot to wade under low furniture.

In the design there is an indented recess, in which an ergonomic handle is hidden, provided for the simple movement of the robot from room to room.

At the bottom of the bottom of the equipment there are three roller wheels. The leading functions are assigned to two of them, the third is necessary for a more coherent management. In the center is a pair of efficient turbo brushes made of nap and rubber.

It should be noted that this modification takes into account previous deficiencies with bearings and base. Details are closed with caps to prevent unwanted winding of hair and hair.

Attached to the side is a small auxiliary brush designed for cleaning in areas with difficult access.

Brush System for Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Brushes can be quickly removed to remove lint, hair, wool, and small debris, which reduces the performance of the vacuum cleaner. To do this, simultaneously hold the clamps that are located on the edges of the block. The designers have highlighted them in bright yellow

Other important elements are also conveniently located. Antibacterial filter and dust collector are removed through the side panel with a special button.

The principle of the model

Before testing a device in a business, you should decide on a suitable place and fix the charging base for Roomba 616. From this site, the robot will begin work, and also return to it if it is necessary to recharge the battery.

The launch takes place after double pressing the button labeled Clean, located in the middle of the upper part of the case, or through an additionally acquired remote control.

Next, the robot moves on the floor covering and proceeds to cleaning. The process is carried out according to the patented three-stage cleaning technology of the company iRobot.

The system includes three stages, which are repeated sequentially during each cycle:

  1. Side blade brush sweeps the dust particles from the corners, along the baseboards, around the furniture, and then delivers them to the main unit.
  2. Two center brushes rotate in opposite directions and scoop up all the large debris that comes across on the way.
  3. Bottom nozzle sucks in the container the remaining dust and already collected particles.

Bulk contaminants remain in the dust collector. Melkofraktsionnye particles trying to get back into the room, delayed by an antibacterial filter at the exit.

To better filter the air from fluff, pollen and sand, you can put another filter element.

Robot vacuum cleaner Rumba 616 in motion

Before turning on the device, it is advisable to remove from the floor of the electric wire, unstable and fragile furnishings, clothing, tuck long curtains

Unlike expensive premium models, the Rumba 616 does not have a built-in system for operational navigation and mapping.

Reasonable and safe cleaning is provided by the iAdapt artificial intelligence technology. An automated vacuum cleaner monitors the space and draws up a work plan based on the indicators that it receives from infrared sensors.

The incoming signals help him to avoid obstacles, not to fall from the stairs, detecting elevation differences, establish the perimeter of the room. Excellent maneuverability does not limit the operation in rooms with a complex layout.

In case of accidental collisions, the bumper saves damage from the vacuum cleaner itself, wall decoration or furniture edges.

IRobot Roomba 616 motion path

During operation, the device alternately uses several motion algorithms, selecting the best option depending on the trajectory and type of cleaning. The robot is able to ride around the perimeter, zigzag or spiral

Using the adaptive movement technology implemented by the developers of iRobot, he learns during each work cycle, remembers the features of the space and improves the quality of cleaning.

Owners note: often the device moves in a randomly random order. Manufacturers claim that such a scheme is the most effective.

In one go, an automated cleaner masters 60 m2 space, which, as experience shows, is enough for a small house or an average apartment.

After cleaning the rooms there is no unpleasant smell of burnt plastic, which is typical of many ordinary vacuum cleaners. The cleaning of one room takes about half an hour.

Virtual wall for the robot

iRobot Roomba 616 is equipped with the option of limiting the working area. To be able to install "virtual walls", you should buy a special device.

If the unit is tangled in laces, fringe, wires or cable, then sensors are included that are responsible for idle scrolling. Brushes rotate in the opposite direction, the device itself is released and continues to work as usual.

When the robot runs out of charge, which usually happens two hours after the start, it finds the platform without any participation and parks to feed the battery.

It takes about three hours to fully charge the battery. On one charge, the model removes several rooms, but it needs to be transferred to different rooms along with the station.
How does a vacuum cleaner behave in work:

Functions and specifications

Rumba 616 is designed exclusively for dry cleaning. The list of supported surfaces is quite extensive. It includes all common laminate, tile and parquet flooring. The device also works without problems on short-nap carpets.

Trash bin in iRobot Roomba 616

Despite the small volume of the dust collector, the user will not have to empty it too often. This is facilitated by the AeroVac system, which evenly distributes and seals debris inside the container with powerful air currents.

The device is not endowed with complex options, but for a regular full-fledged cleaning of the house, its capabilities are enough.

According to the official information of the iRobot concern, the 616th Rumba vacuum cleaner has the following main characteristics:

  • type of cleaning - dry;
  • power supply - Ni-MH battery with a capacity of 2200 mA / h;
  • capacity garbage container - 0.5 liters;
  • autonomous operation duration - 60-120 minutes;
  • the time required to fully restore the charge is 180 minutes;
  • noise - 60 dB;
  • the power with which to retract is 33 W;
  • boundary coverage area - up to 60 m2.

The container for dirt is calculated on 0,5 liters of volume. It is recommended to closely monitor the level of its filling: due to the lack of a special indicator, the device continues cleaning with a full dust collector.

Such a nuance subsequently adversely affects the performance and power of suction, can harm the main mechanisms. If the premises are almost daily cleaning, the tape and brushes should be cleaned every few days.

The noise level of 60 dB can not be called low, but this figure is within the average norm. The sounds from the vacuum cleaner during cleaning do not irritate your ears and do not overlap the volume of the TV, computer or mp3 player.

Pros and cons of iRobot Roomba 616

This model, like many other representatives of robotic assistants, has its advantages and disadvantages that consumers are talking about. Let's see what users most liked.

In-depth monitoring of user feedback left since the advent of the 616th modification iRobot Roomba in the Russian market, shows that, in general, the robot is characterized with a positive parties.

Rechargeable iRobot Roomba 616 Battery

If the robot vacuum cleaner will not be used for a long time, you should fully charge it and then remove the battery. During this period, the battery must be stored in a separate place, protected from cold and excess moisture.

With a rather low cost, it has a good functional set and is distinguished by high-quality assembly.

According to the results of the analysis of feedback left on the forums, we can highlight the following important advantages:

  • independent and effective cleaning of various types of floor coverings;
  • simple control scheme;
  • Russian language module;
  • fast recognition of noise and thresholds;
  • Anti-entanglement system;
  • thorough collection of dirt, wool, hair on the floor and carpets;
  • filtering air from small debris and allergenic particles;
  • cleaning of hard-to-reach space around the furniture and under it, along the baseboards, in the corners.

Vacuum cleaner unpretentious in the care. To ensure a stable, serviceable and long-lasting product, it is enough to follow the rules specified in the attached instructions.

Among all the shortcomings of the 616th modification of the Roomba series, users most of all discuss a few points:

  • the absence of a timer and indicator indicating the filling of the dust collector;
  • the inability to perform local and wet cleaning;
  • lack of cleaning function according to the established schedule.

Periodically, the robot may not behave correctly. This is mainly manifested in the repeated processing of the same parts of the room.

Robot Vacuum Charging Station

Sometimes there are some problems finding a charging station. For example, a vacuum cleaner is looking for a block for a long time, and in the meantime it is right in front of it. When such errors appear, you should urgently check the automation system or make sure that the base is stable

As for the negative reviews, users complain that the device does not support integration with a proprietary application. They cannot be controlled remotely, starting it while being outside the house.

Comparison with competitive models

Xiaomi's Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Panda's X600 are considered to be the main competitors of the iRobot Roomba 616.

They fall into the category of budget vacuum cleaning robots and are in the same price range as the considered model of the American brand.

Competitor # 1 - Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The cost of the first competitor is up to 19,000 rubles. For a reasonable price, the consumer gets a decent functionality, significantly exceeding in its quality indicators the potential of the Roomba 616 robot.

More comparative analysis of these two competing models can be found in the table below. The table shows the basic data for comparing the functionality of the models of robots Ayrobot Rumba 616 and Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

The Xiaomi robot cleans up to 250 squares of area, supports the control option via wi-fi, has more advanced navigation. It works at 5 dB quieter than the review hero.

Nevertheless, the Chinese are significantly inferior to Roomba 616 in size, weight, volume of the dust receptacle, the quality of the brush system.

Competitor # 2 - PANDA X600 Pet Series

Panda is a fairly well-known brand in the home appliance market. The company offers a good range of robots vacuum cleaners.

But now let's compare one of the representatives of the 6th generation with the Roomba 616, which is in the same price range with it. The Panda X600 model of the brand also applies to the budget segment, and its price tag is about 16 thousand rubles.

The predominant features of the Japanese representative X600 are the options for wet wiping the floor and anti-bacterial disinfecting treatment with ultraviolet.

In addition, it can clean up on schedule and perform local cleaning of very dirty areas. Rumba bypasses it in terms of suction power, battery capacity, the ability to get out of the wires.

In terms of service and warranty service, the Roomba 616 leaves the competition a step behind. The company's centers are in almost every region of the country, so there will be no problems with repairs in case of breakdowns.

Competitor # 2: Clever & Clean 004 M-Series

The most affordable model from the considered line is equipped with the minimum required for cleaning functions. Designed to perform dry cleaning. At the request of the buyer can be supplemented with a panel for the production of wet floor treatment.

Clever & Clean 004 M-Series charges for 4 hours, it is set manually for charging. The device with a charged battery works without interruption for 50 minutes.

The dust collected and passed through a fine filter is collected in a plastic box, which must be emptied at intervals specified by the device manufacturer. To optimize cleaning, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a side brush, to protect it from impacts when it collides with objects in the room served, it has a soft bumper.

The best deals on the market

Rumba 616 does not claim to be the most technologically advanced device and loses to later modifications in terms of functionality and configuration. Wherein Roomba 616 is a leader in its price niche and does an excellent job of cleaning small rooms. With such an assistant in the apartment will always be clean and comfortable.

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