The robot vacuum cleaner Redmond RV R300: features and technical capabilities

Clean room with a stationary vacuum cleaner is usually carried out once every few days. For everyday cleaning without human intervention can buy a robot vacuum cleaner Redmond RV R300.

In general, it is similar to models of other producers in the price range up to 15 thousand rubles, but has differences in some respects, to be aware of its future owner.

The content of the article:

  • Overview of parameters of the robot cleaner RV R300
    • Indicators and operating rules
    • The operating parameters and equipment
    • Programs and operating modes
    • Typical malfunctions and troubleshooting
  • Pros and cons of the model Redmond RV R300
    • The main advantages of the robot
    • The negative side of the unit
  • Comparison with competing models
    • Competitor # 1 - Xrobot XR-560
    • Competitor # 2 - Foxcleaner Up
    • Competitor # 3 - UNIT UVR-8000
  • The best offers on the market

Overview of parameters of the robot cleaner RV R300

The first estimate of the robot cleaner can be given in terms of its features and capabilities declared by the equipment manufacturer. Therefore it is necessary to understand what is meant by the technical information presented in brochures.

It is best to focus on the passport, which can often be downloaded from the manufacturer's Web site, as in the exhibition explicit material weaknesses models tend not to specify.

Indicators and operating rules

Vacuum cleaner RV R300 completed standard NiMH batteries 14.4 The output power and the network adapter at 24 V and 600 mA current strength.

Charging device can be carried out using the supplied parking station, and directly connecting the adapter to the cleaner through the network.

Robot Redmond RV R300

The batteries are supplied in a fully discharged state, so the first procedure should be carried out 12 hours. Otherwise there will be an incomplete charge of the battery, resulting in a significant permanent loss of its capacity

Battery power lasts for an hour vacuuming. Indicator of readiness is key color "Clean". If it is red, the device needs to be charged.

Do not use the robotic vacuum cleaner is in low charge, since it reflected badly on the duration of battery life. Upon reaching the critical level of remaining energy, the vacuum cleaner stops cleaning and eager to return to base.

Electrical parameters Redmond RV R300

Standard battery parameters and the network adapter makes it easy to carry out their replacement by purchasing devices with similar characteristics from any other manufacturer

Install the charging station close to the wall is better to park the vacuum cleaner does not interfere with the movement of people on the premises.

Since after completion of the cleaning robot automatically returns to the place, it is not placed in the range of 1-2 meters from charging any interference in the form of furniture.

The operating parameters and equipment

Robot RV R300 has a classic shape, the average size and weight for its class. It is equipped with the necessary minimum protection against overheating systems, obstacle detection means on and off in the event of emergency situations.

Turn on the vacuum cleaner can be a button located on the body or using the remote control.

Main specifications Redmond RV R300

Specifications model Redmond RV R300 usual for this class of devices, except for a small absorption capacity and high noise level

Robot comes complete with the following equipment:

  • remote controlWhich may be without batteries;
  • battery, Charging the parking station and the network adapter;
  • two brushes (They are different right and left)
  • nozzle for wet cleaning 1 pc .;
  • Two HEPA-filter H13;
  • documentation.

When you purchase, the warranty card, in which the vacuum cleaner can free repair within one year from date of purchase.

Apparatus, equipment, a container for collecting dust in Redmond RV R300. Switching modes, especially cleaning-bedroom apartment:

Programs and operating modes

Press "Mode" on the remote you can select the automatic operation of the robot 4 modes:

  1. Fully automatic selection of the path. This method is used by default. Electronics cleaner analyzes the cleaning area and calculates the route yourself.
  2. Cleaning fixed area. Applied to handle very dusty portion. It occurs spiraling movement of the vacuum cleaner with a gradual expansion of the purification zone.
  3. cleaning corners. Forward movement of the cleaner free area perimeter allows clean corners and near-wall portions of the characteristic accumulation of dust.
  4. The trajectory of "zigzag". The use of this mode is effective when working on large areas of the correct geometry of the condition of minimum density of obstacles.

In addition to automatic mode it is possible to manual control using the remote control buttons.

After the end of the cleaner returns to the parking lot. Also, the cycle can be forced to terminate by sending a robot to rest by clicking "Home".

Parking space robot vacuum cleaner

With a parking spot there is one problem: the vacuum cleaner lights shine brightly that interfere with sleep at night. Therefore, if you do not disable the device, you need some way to "hide" it

Changing the operating parameters of the vacuum cleaner takes place in the standby mode. To enable it, you must press the button on the unit or turn it off using the remote.

There is an option to automatically daily activate the robot at a fixed time. Customization work on certain days of the week or several times a day is not provided.

Sleep mode is designed to save energy and increase the lifetime of the device. It can be activated in two ways: with the remote control or button on the case.

Control panel with a vacuum cleaner Redmond RV R300

Hoover goes into sleep mode when idle for one minute. In this case, it is still possible to "wake up" from the remote control for the first 15 minutes, after which it stops responding to remote commands

Forced hold button on the robot body will put it to sleep. In this case, the display goes off and there is no response to commands from the remote control.

Deactivating the sleep mode occurs by pressing and holding "Clean".

Control button on the cleaner body Redmond

Customize many parameters Redmond RV R300 comes with the use of a single "Clean" button on the vacuum cleaner. It is very convenient

Typical malfunctions and troubleshooting

The robot vacuum cleaner is not too complex instrument, so most of these problems can be repaired on site. In Redmond RV R300 The most common faults:

  1. There is no battery. This means that until the battery voltage does not reach: the problem may be in the socket, or wire nest.
  2. Audible and red light served mounted on vacuum charging. This happens when the appliance is switched off (it should be included) or incorrectly seated in the socket (it must be properly installed on the parking lot).
  3. Vacuum cleaner does not turn. The battery is exhausted.
  4. Robot independently switch. There was a separation of the front wheel from the surface, whereby the protection circuit tripped. The vacuum cleaner is necessary precisely to deliver and turn.
  5. increased noise. Clogged dust collector or prefilter.
  6. No work at a specified time start. There has been reset due to a power failure. It is necessary to re-establish daily cleaning options.
  7. Do not respond to remote commands. Or does not reach the IR signal, or the batteries are drained.

If their own problem persists, then you need to contact the service center.

Service Center Redmond

Redmond - common grade variety of household appliances, so no problem finding the authorized service centers and warranty workshops

Pros and cons of the model Redmond RV R300

Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages. I was no exception and the hero of our review. Based on feedback from users have been identified strengths and weaknesses of this model. We list them below.

The main advantages of the robot

manual control function using the buttons located on the remote control is very convenient, because you can vacuum the area cluttered with furniture. The robot responds well to commands.

Sleek design of its products enter into the interior without problems. Black and beige color scheme is neutral and suitable for any color scheme wallpaper, furniture and flooring.

Redmond overcomes obstacles

Redmond RV R300 normally overcomes thresholds in height and 0.8 cm. With a larger difference can be disconnected. Good travels area cluttered with furniture

Cost Redmond RV R300 in stores is a little less than 10 thousand rubles, but at the promotions in supermarkets, you can buy a model for 6000 rubles.

The negative side of the unit

Wet cleaning is difficult small size of the nozzle, which even with an average contamination of the floor has to be washed in a short time. If you do not, then it will spread evenly collected dirt on clean place.

Stated dust collecting volume - 350 ml. However, it feels that the useful volume is much smaller. Therefore, the presence of highly polluted areas there is a need frequent cleaning capacity.

Dust bag in a vacuum cleaner

Extract the dust bag from the vacuum cleaner is quite simple. This is important, because when cleaning heavily soiled places vacuum cleaner will often stop working and require cleaning capacity

Robot vacuum cleaners complement Ni-MH or Li-ion batteries. The second type is preferable, since virtually no "memory effect", that is, there is no reduction of its capacity with an increase in the total number of cycles.

In Redmond RV R300 installed nickel-metal hydride battery is small (1000 mAh) for automatic measurements tank cleaning devices.

This decision from the Redmond company, of course, will lead to faster time to replace the power unit. This problem is partially compensated for by low total power of the vacuum cleaner.

Robot vacuum cleaners are not very adapted to remove stubborn dirt from the floor. The low-power Redmond RV R300 pilfered a dirt in all the corners, so the hall it is better not dopuskatPri small wattage vacuum cleaner produces a sound level of an average washing machine. Therefore, its use in the presence of young children, especially those aged 0.8-3 years, is causing problems.

During wakefulness, the child will be interested in using a working robot in its sole discretion, and during sleep, it will interfere with the noise of a device or a loud enough sound response systems warning.

Overview bought a vacuum cleaner. Manual control mode, the search base, the problem with bar stools:

Use this vacuum cleaner with complex geometry flats or in case of a large number of obstacles in the form of thresholds, elevation, or piece of furniture is difficult, since there is no way to program the way it movement.

Comparison with competing models

In order not to doubt his choice is to compare a vacuum cleaner Redmond RV R300 with similar models from other manufacturers. For this we consider three models, which are in the same price category with our device.

Competitor # 1 - Xrobot XR-560

This model is designed for dry and wet cleaning. Powered by a lithium-ion battery capacity of 2200 mAh, which is enough for 90 minutes of continuous operation. On this parameter Xrobot XR significantly exceeds Redmond RV.

Yes and suction power is far ahead of competitor - 35 watts to 15 watts. This suggests that the cleaning will be done faster and more efficiently.

As for size, here our review leader rose to the occasion, as it has a more compact size that allows it to get into hard to reach places such as under furniture.

Noise level slightly larger than Xrobot XR-560, it has 65 dB versus 70 dB, but the difference is practically imperceptible.

Among the advantages of users have noted the presence of a virtual wall that limits cleaning zone, good suction power, the presence of wet cleaning.

Deficiencies in Xrobot turned out a little more. The most important of them: the lack of height sensor (because it does not see the furniture legs and cuts into them), noisy work, not enough informative instruction, often need to reconfigure, as get off on the settings base.

Competitor # 2 - Foxcleaner Up

Foxcleaner Up Cleaner is intended only for dry cleaning facilities. The battery life is no more than an hour, which is slightly smaller than the devices of Redmond.

This is one of the lowest models, its height is 6.5 cm, which allows the device to be cleaned even under sofas and cabinets. It is a small height can be explained by a small dust collector, with a capacity of 0.35 liters.

If we talk about the level of noise, the Foxcleaner Up quieter, it can run even at night. work volume is only 50 dB.

Advantages of the model: the price, compact size, quiet operation, good power, the presence of the side brushes.

The disadvantage is the lack of charging stations, as well as the fact that crashing into an object a vacuum cleaner, a long time circling in the same place, before resuming work.

Competitor # 3 - UNIT UVR-8000

One of the most inexpensive robotic vacuum cleaners with similar functionality. Designed for wet and dry cleaning facilities.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery capacity of 2200 mAh which lasts up to 60 min. battery life. Management is carried out using the remote control.

UNIT UVR-8000 has a top position of a dust collector, which acts as a cyclone filter capacity of 0.6 L (for comparison, in Redmond RV R300 container capacity 0.35 L). This design greatly simplifies cleaning. Complete with a vacuum cleaner and microfiber cloths are designed for wet cleaning.

Among the advantages UNIT UVR-8000 is worth mentioning: an affordable cost, easy operation, maneuverability, good suction power.

Perhaps the only drawback of the device is that it is not completely removes debris in the corners and along baseboards. Although the cost for such a negative can be considered not significant.

The best offers on the market

RV R300 model is suitable for daily cleaning of the apartment less stained. The robot is good at dust and animal dander. With a significant amount of waste low-volume dust bag quickly clogged.

In the case of stubborn dirt, there is a problem with its suction at a low power due to the device. But in the end it could be argued that this inexpensive vacuum cleaner worth the investment in it.

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