Overview of the robot cleaner iLife v5s: features, advantages and disadvantages + reviews

The popularity of the robot cleaner is growing every day. Nimble assistants relieve owners from unnecessary worries and needs to remember when the last time was held in the house cleaning. Therefore expected that this niche market is actively developing and constantly growing model range.

In such a variety of cleaning equipment stood robot vacuum cleaner iLife V5s. Let's understand why he was so attracted buyers.

The content of the article:

  • Appearance and size
  • Packaging equipment robot cleaner
  • Specifications iLife V5s
  • Recommendations and advice on use
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Reviews Manufacturer and model
    • What people are saying about the brand?
    • Customer reviews of iLife V5s
  • Comparison to competitive models
    • Competitor # 1 - iBoto Aqua X310
    • Competitor # 2 - BBK BV3521
    • Competitor # 3 - Kitfort KT-516
  • The best offers on the market

Appearance and size

The first thing I would like to point out - is the design of the housing. It is made of white plastic. Material matte, so not much dirty and does not collect fingerprints.

Assistant in the house iLife V5s:

An interesting solution would add mirrored glossy bezel and top cover paint in golden color. Because of this iLife V5s looks more elegant and in a modern way.

Light body tint helps to quickly find the vacuum cleaner in the dark. Therefore, if, for any reason, will not return to the base for charging, then to find him in the dark recesses of the apartment did not take a long time.

The robot cleaner iLife V5s

Engineers made the body perfectly round. The diameter of the vacuum cleaner is only 30.5 cm. The bottom edge of the heavily skewed, whereby he scary small obstacles

The drive wheels are arranged on the same circumference of the body diameter. Accordingly, the robot can turn in one place, it would be useful when cleaning under furniture and in a highly cluttered rooms.

ILife V5s height is only 7.7 cm. And on top of its surface there are no protruding parts. It will not cling to the interior and make the way even in the darkest corner of the room.

hard plastic used to make the wheels. And thanks to the lug robot can easily move on any surface. Particular attention should be paid to the presence of spring hinges that help overcome obstacles height of 2,5 or 3 cm.

To protect the furniture and objects in the room, the front part of the body is decorated with a strip of soft plastic.

To prevent collisions with obstacles using infrared sensors. With their help, the vacuum cleaner also defines where the recharging base. Can control its operation using the remote control.

The display of the robot cleaner iLife V5s

Display iLife V5s simple to outrageous. The top cover has a one touch button Clean and two rows of blue LEDs. They are quite bright and allow the owner to determine the charge level and mode

Robot informs the host using several short beeps. They are not too loud and you can not disable them. This creates some inconvenience during the operation.

To get a dust collector, you need only press the Push button, which can be found on the top cover. Garbage container equipped with comfortable yellow handle.

Good decision by the manufacturer was added to a shutter structure that prevents dust precipitation through hole through which air enters.

Packaging equipment robot cleaner

The device is packaged in a pair of strong cardboard boxes. One of them is made of thick cardboard and protects all internal filling from the external environment and mechanical damage.

The second box has a smooth surface and is equipped with a handle for easy transport. On its surface is coated all the information about the robotic device.

Components include an impressive number of accessories, supplies, and replacement of parts. The manufacturer put in a box:

  • Robotic vacuum cleaner;
  • remote control and batteries for it;
  • recharging base;
  • Power Supply;
  • a pleated filter;
  • cloth made from microfiber;
  • a pair of main and side brush replacement kit;
  • warranty card and instruction manual.

User two guides: one is written in Chinese, and the second - in plain English for many. Print quality is quite. The ink can not be erased, if you hold your finger on the sheet.

Adapter for earthing-pin

The only thing missing in the configuration - is an adapter for sockets of the European type. But it depends on the store, where the robot was purchased. Fortunately, most of the suppliers carefully apply it

Specifications iLife V5s

Power model the absorption of 850 Pa. This is a good result for the technique of an average price segment.

Lithium-ion battery and has a capacity of 2600 mAh. Such a battery provides for two hours. The time required to recharge a lot. On average, it takes four and a half hours.

The container is equipped with a cyclone dust filter bag and has not. This greatly simplifies the care of the robot cleaner.

Container for collecting dust

The collected dry vacuuming dirt and dust accumulates in placed inside a plastic container to be emptied periodically, preferably after each cleaning

As for the noise level, it is insignificant. More specifically, in the process of iLife V5s it produces about 50 dB, which is equivalent to the volume of quiet conversation.

A distinctive feature of the model - is the ability to perform wet cleaning. For this purpose it is equipped with a 0.3 liter tank and microfiber cloth. If necessary, the vacuum cleaner is able to carry out dry cleaning facilities.

Four modes of operation:

  • auto;
  • manual;
  • intensive;
  • Movement along the obstacles.

In the first case iLife V5s operates to full battery discharge. He moves around the room a chaotic manner, changing its direction depending on the features of the room. To activate this mode, you need only press the Clean button.

Robopylesos iLife V5s

Automatic cleaning is used in setting up the schedule. A timetable can be with the remote. Understand this can even far from modern technology user. After closure scheduled cleaning robot returns to the recharging station

Manual mode allows you to set the trajectory of motion by remote control. But keep in mind that to use such a method is necessary only after the automatic operation. Otherwise iLife V5s will drive around the room, but not clean.

If any place in the house is not clean, it is best to use a third mode for cleaning - intensive.

To enable it, should be sent to the machine using the control buttons on the desired area and press on the remote key spiral. The robot starts to spin in place, allowing qualitatively to clean the surface.

The fourth mode of operation makes iLife V5s move along any obstacles. In this role may make walls, furniture or any other interior items.

To enable this option, you must press the cleaning with the rectangle and the arrows, which can be found on the control panel.

Robot vacuum cleaner cleans iLife V5s

If you believe the customer reviews, the model copes with its task. It is well collects dust in any of the modes listed above. And regardless of whether performing wet or dry cleaning

Recommendations and advice on use

Yes, the bundle includes a detailed guide to the use of the robot cleaner. But not all people know English, much less Chinese.

And use the Google translator is not always convenient. Therefore, we present a set of basic rules, following which you can greatly extend the life of the robot iLife V5s.

Firstly, To have a basis for charging it in an accessible place - on either side should be a distance of 1-2 meters, the vacuum cleaner was free to drive up to it.

SecondlyTo prolong battery life, the first charge should last him all night. In the future, the unit should be installed on a base that is connected to the network.

Location parking charge

Framework designed to charge the robotic vacuum cleaner should be positioned so that the device can return to it from anywhere in the room

Thirdly, Raise the device only need to cover up. Otherwise, it may accidentally emptied dust and debris collected.

Fourth, To regularly clean cloth, the side brush as well as sensors and wipe the charging contacts. This simple maintenance will improve the quality of cleaning.

Installing brush, pay attention to their marking. They can be seen the letters L and R. The same symbol is on the underside of the housing. If you choose the wrong side, the drone will work incorrectly.

Advantages and disadvantages

After a slight comparison of prices and specifications can be said that iLife V5s is an excellent option for robotic vacuum cleaners in the price segment up to $ 120. Unlike their counterparts model has a modern appearance and modest size of the housing.

Convenient for cleaning under furniture form iLife V5s

Due to the low height of iLife V5s seamlessly removes even the most remote corners of the room. At the same time high maneuverability allows it to get even on the carpet with high pile

The list of advantages of the model is also necessary to include a large number of sensors. With their help, the drone will not crash into the walls and interior, as well as select the optimal trajectory of the room.

At this the strengths of iLife V5s not end there. The following aspects will appeal to many customers:

  • having a separate water reservoir;
  • soft bumper that does not spoil the furniture and wallpaper;
  • double filtration system;
  • batteries for the remote control which are included.

Despite all the advantages, the model also has some disadvantages. The first is the lack of complete virtual wall. It must be purchased separately.

Also there is no function of automatic water supply to the microfibre cloth. The last significant drawback is the ability to set the schedule for one day only, and not for the whole week.

Reviews Manufacturer and model

Chinese manufacturer Chuwi been on the market for more than 14 years. Its main activity - production of electronics. In this area, the firm succeeded.

What people are saying about the brand?

Many customers have praised the art, in particular, the robot cleaner iLife V5s. They secrete good build quality, high efficiency and rich functionality.

Sensors for detecting obstacles

The cleaning robot moves in a given program or user to the updated direction until its sensors will not fix the obstacle. He then turns and starts moving in the opposite direction

Equipment from Chinese manufacturer offered at a more than affordable price. The average cost varies between 120 - 140 dollars. As for the range, the Chuwi company offers a wide range of choice of both low cost and more expensive, and therefore the more powerful equipment.

Robot vacuum cleaner from Chuwi

Judging by the reviews of buyers, the secret of popularity of robotic vacuum cleaners from the Chinese manufacturer is an adequate value for money. Moreover, the catalog presents a variety of models that allows everyone to find the optimal solution

Customer reviews of iLife V5s

The owners of the cleaning robot iLife V5s generally speak about this helper in a positive way. They believe that this is one of the best representatives of such devices.

Test drive a robotic vacuum cleaner model from the Chinese brand Chuwi:

Buyers are the following advantages:

  • available for each price;
  • an excellent quality of cleaning;
  • small size;
  • attractive and contemporary design;
  • ease of operation and maintenance;
  • more suction power.

This purchase is particularly pleased to families with small children and cats. Thanks to iLife V5s no longer need to run around with a rag and a broom in the apartment, in order to maintain the minimum order.

Robotic vacuum cleaners

Some online retailers offer order this model of the robot cleaner at too low a price. Many buyers are wondering how such a multi-functional and practical helper at home can cost as cheap

Deficiencies in the model iLife V5s significantly less than the benefits. But they are still there. The negative list should include the absence of a virtual wall. She bought separately.

Some owners complain that the robot cleaner resets when you turn off the schedule, so you have to deal with setting up again.

Comparison to competitive models

The main competitors iLife V5s can be considered iBoto Aqua X310, BBK BV3521 and Kitfort KT-516. They are very similar in its functionality and are in the same price category with the model in question.

Competitor # 1 - iBoto Aqua X310

The robot cleaner iBoto Aqua X310 is a device intended for dry and wet cleaning. This is a fairly compact design weighing just 1.9 kg, the volume of the dust container is about 3 liters.

The device operates from a Li-ion battery capacity of 2600 mAh. It lasts for 2 hours of battery life. The suction power of this compact device is 60 watts, and the noise level does not exceed 54 dB.

operation is controlled by a remote control. It has an auto setting on the charger.

Members noted that the device copes with the cleaning, easily overcomes various obstacles in the form of small thresholds. Particularly pleased with the quiet operation iBoto Aqua X310 - it can run even at night.

Among the shortcomings noted that the vacuum cleaner may bump into furniture in black and a bit of debris remains at the corners. While he copes very well for such costs with cleaning.

Competitor # 2 - BBK BV3521

A budget model designed for dry and wet cleaning. Powered by the battery capacity of 1500 mAh, which is enough for almost 90 minutes of operation.

Operated by remote control. As the dust collecting cyclone protrudes volume 0.35 liter. the device weighs 2.8 kg.

Users enjoy the quality of cleaning BBK BV3521, maneuverability, compact size, reasonable price.

Deficiencies has been called a lot more. This charging time is much longer than the operation of the device is too noisy work. The device copes poorly with cleaning carpet with a long nap.

Competitor # 3 - Kitfort KT-516

Model Kitfort KT-516 is intended for dry and wet cleaning. Powered by a nickel-cadmium battery capacity of 2000 mAh. Working time is approximately 90 minutes, the charging time as much as 300 minutes.

Operation provide infrared sensors, and is controlled using the remote control. The suction power of the vacuum cleaner 25 watts, which is much less than that of iLife V5s.

The manufacturer has equipped the model of soft bumper, which significantly mitigates the collision with the furniture. You can limit the harvesting area with the virtual wall.

On the positive side it is worth noting affordable price, ease of management, the ability to wet cleaning.

Of the minuses, some users have reported a noisy operation, long charging time and poor quality cleaning on carpets.

The best offers on the market

Model iLife V5s - is the robot vacuum cleaner, which is interested in the vast majority of consumers. From its competitors is characterized by high productivity, allowing to remove more than 80 squares. In developing the producer tried to make it convenient to use and the most autonomous. And when you consider how much it costs, the iLife V5s can be called a true leader in its price category.

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