Designer kitchen made of wood with unusual inserts

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If you need an exclusive, and you can afford it, I advise you to contact the Russian Design House group of companies. You will not find such unusual furniture anywhere else. Our kitchen exists in a single copy and was created by individual order in a country house.

Kitchen made by company Russian Design House,
g. Moscow


Combining an exotic species of wood and a bold design idea, we got exclusive and incredible furniture. Our kitchen is made in the African style, characterized by two main features: minimalism and exoticism. Natural design, originality and identity - these are the main features of our kitchen. The color palette is similar to the African savannah: terracotta and brown shades, natural materials (stone, wood), imitation of animal colors (legs in the form of a giraffe skin).

Drawings on cabinets

The curved lines and rounded shapes characteristic of the Afro-style are embodied in our headset. The case is made of MDF, veneer of exotic zebrano species is on top. An array without a thick layer of paint and without a film, only the natural beauty of the tree is emphasized. The overall dimensions of the kitchen are 4500x2280x582mm. The ends of the cabinet are protected by the edge (milled lamella from solid wood). All top sections are backlit for added convenience.

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Facades of the kitchen

Zebrano is a rare and expensive breed in which light and dark stripes alternate with each other. Adding a ceramic tile pattern to it, we got exquisite surfaces. Usually they do not require additional decor, as they are catchy in themselves. But in our case, the zebrano was decorated with an exotic ceramic pattern. The rude elements enlivened the headset design, taking shape in a unique pattern. Ethnic ornament of large-format tiles turned the cabinets into a real Africa.

Facade drawings

Even opening the doors of the facades, you still remain under the charm of this furniture - a stylized African pattern is also inside. An interesting solution - additional illumination is made in the form of a decorative pattern in the cabinet wall. And thanks to her, the cabinet space seems larger.

Mini bar

The countertop and sink are made of natural stone. For an African interior, this is the best option - a countertop similar to a stone desert. An abstract apron in its own way sets off the exotic surfaces of a tree and is a continuation of the tabletop.


All fittings are Blum. With the help of modern mechanisms, the cabinet can be opened or closed with one movement of the hand. And, if closed, they are ordinary direct geometric cabinets (though with rare decor and from exotic woods), then everything is inside: a minibar, drying, decorative shelves with backlit.

Mini bar

Along the entire height of the side pencil case, we have a narrow extendable shelf - cargo. This compartment helped make the most of the entire cabinet width. There are kitchen bottles and lots of little things. And of course, Blum mechanisms calmly support a fairly large weight.

Extendable shelf

Brass furniture handles, art casting. The Russian Design House company has its own foundry, so they created pens that fit perfectly with this set. They have something in common with the legs of the headset and the pattern of ceramic decor on the surfaces (a square in the center of the stylized branch).

Furniture handles
Furniture handles

Adventurism and exoticism are inherent in the African style. And these features are fully embodied in our interior. In such a kitchen you can feel the energy, dynamics and life.

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