Blue and purple kitchen in the interior: photos, design tips

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The violet color in the interior of the kitchen, like blue, will help to find a new life in the dull walls, give them special sophistication and charm. These two bold and saturated colors have a similar effect on the mental state of a person:

  • Blue (indigo) - the color of the sky, which gives a serene calm.
  • Violet is the color of mystery and grandeur, which calms and promotes self-contemplation.

The kitchen space, which complements one or both of these colors, is suitable for creative and courageous people who confidently go to the goal.

If a large amount of violet or indigo is introduced into the design and design of the room, then manifestations of fatigue, irritation and depression are possible. The best choice would be to use these colors in the interior of spacious kitchens or their organic friendship with different shades.

The harmonious decoration of the space will create a pleasant sensual and psychological atmosphere. The violet color, like indigo, will wonderfully complement the following shades:

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  • White and beige;
  • Shades of yellow, gold and peach;
  • Juicy or pale greens;
  • Orange
  • Blue and turquoise;
  • Pastel gray;
  • Light chocolate.

Purple kitchen design - organic and desirable combinations

The purple kitchen, like the eggplant kitchen, is most suitable for such styles as: pop art, Scandinavian, modern, high-tech, avant-garde and Provence.

However, it is necessary to take into account the kitchen dimensions. If the area allows, it is quite acceptable that the kitchens in violet tones have deep and colorful colors of the base color.

The eggplant kitchen includes the same violet colors, only in a darker tone, with in red or chocolate overtones. It combines wonderfully with golden details, vanilla or gray shades.

Eggplant-colored kitchens look rich and elegant, but at the same time they visually cut the area and are not suitable for apartments with low light.

Eggplant color cuisine

Glamorous eggplant kitchens with a glossy-mirror surface of the facades look original, but require special care. The contrasting tandem with white is especially attractive.

Glamorous eggplant cuisine

Owners of small kitchen dimensions should opt for light shades and their combinations. Impeccable pale purple and pale lavender in conjunction with a cool gray and white color. For example, an affectionate set of lavender colors envelops in tenderness and gives comfort.

faded purple tones in the kitchen

The purple kitchen allows simultaneous unions of wooden facades with glossy in the base color. In this case, light wood species, for example, birch and ash, are suitable.

Purple kitchen

Kitchen design in lilac with white inspires designers who love Provencal style and country. It looks special fresh and pleasant.

Kitchen design in lilac color.

lilac kitchen

The natural tandem of lilac and lime, like a sprig of lilac, is very harmonious. Lilac color does not have to dominate. They can be painted chairs or other decor details.

lilac and green cuisine

Expressive violet or purple color will bring some theatrical motifs to the interior. It is worth considering that a warm shade of lilac is exciting, and a cold shade is calming.

violet color kitchen

If the purple kitchen has a depressing effect, then you need to correctly place the emphasis. For example, take a neutral color as the basis, but the decorative components: an apron (we read about glass herefrom tile - here) or furniture upholstery can be in the desired violet color.

kitchen in violet color

Quite often, modern designers are inspired by the white color of the kitchen with purple wallpaper. This is, without a doubt, an exquisite couple.

white color kitchen with purple wallpaper

It is rare to see a combination of violet and blue in a design, although these related shades work great in pairs. An unusual and expressive purple cuisine with a touch of indigo will uplift the mood of others.

purple and blue kitchen

Design of a blue kitchen - especially winning solutions

Blue kitchens inspire contemporary designers in the following styles: luxurious Art Deco, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, Empire and Provence. If the kitchen windows face South and the room itself is large, then blue is perfectly acceptable as the base color. They can decorate the walls, floor and facades of the kitchen.

If it is planned to add ethnic notes to the kitchen interior, then white with blue is an expressive tandem. You can complement the design with dishes made of Chinese porcelain or interspersed with Spanish tiles.

 white and blue kitchen

The current design of the kitchen space does not exclude the use of natural wood. It is allowed to use noble material for the manufacture of furniture, floors or countertops. Such a slightly aristocratic kitchen in blue will give natural warmth and comfort.

blue and white kitchen 1

You can create harmonious tandems in one color scheme. The monochrome blue kitchen in the interior with white components is unusually good.

Monochrome blue kitchen

Contrasting orange or yellow interior details will bring joyful notes in a cold sky color. The facade of the furniture can be either glossy or matte. Such a blue kitchen in the interior, as in the photo, will turn boring walls into funny ones (you will also be interested, how to choose the color of the walls).

blue and yellow kitchen

Very often, the blue color in the interior of the kitchen is diluted with pastel colors - beigechocolate and gray.

blue kitchen with pastel colors

Little tricks

  • If the kitchen dimensions are not encouraging, it is worth creating coziness with the help of light and light curtains. Good fit Roman curtains pastel shades that will not steal extra centimeters.
  • Bright kitchen decoration using deep and saturated colors requires sunshine or additional lighting, this is especially important for a small space. In this case, it is necessary to place spotlights above the hanging cabinets and shelves, as well as around the perimeter of the ceiling.
  • To make the final design delight rather than ripple in your eyes - it is worthwhile to limit yourself to three shades. Perfect friendship - two bright colors and one neutral, non-irritating.
  • Spreading with paints, it is necessary to observe the rule of equilibrium. For example, if decorative elements attract attention with bright shades, then the main furniture should be in a restrained color.

The interior of the kitchen in rich and bright colors is an experiment, the main thing with this rich design is to maintain color balance.

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