Error table of refrigerators Whirlpool: codes, malfunctions, repairs

For effective troubleshooting, it is important to correctly determine the cause of its occurrence. In the control system there is a function of self-diagnostics - errors of the refrigerator "Virpul" are reflected on the display by special codes. After decrypting them, you can quickly find the fault location and eliminate it yourself.

Whirlpool Error Codes

The refrigerator worked properly, but suddenly you noticed a trouble code on the screen? Before you start looking for reasons, perform a hardware reset:

  • Disconnect the refrigerator from the mains.
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes.
  • Connect.

If nothing has changed and the symbols are lit on the scoreboard, look for their value in our table.

Display message What does How to fix the problem yourself
AL 01.On the display panel of the refrigerator the service call lamp is blinking. The NTC temperature sensor in the refrigerator compartment does not work.
  1. Examine the wiring. Pull tightly the sensor connection to the card.
  2. Perform NTC diagnostics with a multimeter. Attach the test leads to the terminals and measure the resistance. Normally it is 12 kOhm.
  3. Replace the sensor or electronic module.
AL 02.The same indicator is flashing (see AL 01). There is no connection to the air valve. What should be done:
  • Pull the contacts.
  • Measure the resistance of the valve motor. If it functions, it must show K.
  • Diagnosis of the board sensor. Indicators: 12 K.
  • The valve motor must be replaced.
AL 03.The same indicator flashes, only on the freezer display. The NTC sensor is defective in the freezer compartment. To correct the problem, see the steps for AL 01.
Lights upCF.Additionally, a beep sounds. The connections between the electronic module and the control panel (interface) are broken. Inspection and repair of wiring. Installation of a new interface or module.
The value flashes on the display of the freezer compartment. The audible signal is heard. Excess temperature in the chamber (more than 9 degrees). What to do:
  • Verify the accuracy of the reading. Place a thermometer on the shelf, measure the temperature.
  • See if the fan is working properly. If it is covered with snow, perform a defrost during the day at least.
  • Check that the compressor is operating normally.
The number is 15 (or smaller numbers). A signal sounds. Problems with supply voltage. Press the plug tightly into the socket. Inspect the power cord for continuity. Wait, maybe soon the filing will be restored.
A light flashes on the panel. A warning sound is heard: the camera door is open. The temperature in the compartment increased. Actions:
  • Press the door tight.
  • Replace or clean the sealing rubber.
  • Install a new thermal sensor.
The interface does not work. There is no power supply. The contacts between the interface and the board are broken. Replace the faulty item, check the contacts.

Did you see a trouble code? Do not over tighten with repair. Be engaged in search of the reasons independently or address to the expert.

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