Fighting a bear in the garden is one of the mandatory stages in the cultivation of healthy plants

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Many truck farmers, planting seedlings in the ground, at first relax. They think that the main thing is done, now you just need to water and weed the beds. It would seem that the plants are already in the right place, having moved from temporary pots to free space, but there it was. The next day it is found that some of them are damaged. We will find out how to protect delicate fragile plants from an uninvited guest - a bear.

When is the struggle with the bear in the garden? Signs of the presence of an uninvited guest

The bear is a very large insect of a dark chestnut color with a glossy tint. Some pests are up to 6-7 cm in length. Thanks to a strong shell and heavily developed forelimbs, it digs multiple mink in the upper layers of the soil, causing great damage, damaging plant roots and grown fruits. This becomes apparent during the beginning of spring works, and especially after planting seedlings. It is very important to start fighting with a bear in the garden in time (late April-May), before the beginning of the mating season for this insect and the appearance of young individuals. Perhaps you find that a young plant wilted because of:

  • bitten stalk;
  • damaged roots;
  • the presence of multiple ascending earthen furrows;
  • holes in the ground near the stem, into which water quickly leaves during watering.
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All of the above signals a presence of a bear in your area.

The main methods for combating a bear in the garden

The overall integrated approach to combating a bear in the garden includes both preliminary work (when preparing the soil) and the protection of the plants themselves during planting. All described measures will be very useful from a practical point of view:

  • Dug up the land. Probably, wintering larvae will be discovered by chance. Particularly fond of the bear is the admixture of organic fertilizers (manure, compost, etc.).
  • Use of special tools. Among them, boric acid, which is spread over the garden in many places, is very effective.
  • Protecting the roots of plant seedlings when planting. For this, it is grown in disposable paper cups without a bottom. Thin walls (which will then gradually dissolve and leave into the soil) will be an excellent obstacle to fighting a bear in the garden. The bitten pests will not be so dangerous to the strengthened stems of plants.
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In addition, there are many folk remedies, but they are not as effective as chemical drugs designed specifically to combat the bear in the garden.

It is important that the fight against the bear in the garden is conducted correctly and in a timely manner. Take into account and apply useful advice, especially at the beginning of spring works on the site and planting seedlings of young plants.

In the video, safe methods of combating the bear

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