How to clean an enameled pan at home?

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Chukovsky dishes
“And the dishes answered:
The woman felt bad for us
She didn’t love us,
Beat, she beat us
Dusty, smoky,
She ruined us! ”

K.I. Chukovsky

As you can see, with Fyodor Yegorovna, the fairy-tale character Korney Chukovsky, cleaning teapots, pots and pans was not the most favorite and pleasant pastime. And if this dishes also requires a special approach, such as enameled dishes, then the task is complicated even for a modern housewife. There are materials less whimsical and not requiring special accuracy. And there are such items in the handling of which it is better to follow the simple rules in order to extend their life.

How to clean an enamel pan

Particularly moody specimens include enameled dishes. Despite the fact that modern technology allows us to produce sufficiently strong alloys from cast iron, aluminum and other metals, the enamel with which they are coated is very easy to damage or in general to spoil. More often and stronger than the rest of the items, the pots suffer. It is they that fall under the influence of fruit acids and natural vegetable dyes during the preparation of compotes, borsch, cooking vegetables, and from the outside they often get dirty and burn.

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How to clean enameled dishes

Enameled dishes must be cleaned carefully so as not to scratch the enamel. Not only scratches, but also microcracks may appear on it, which will not appear immediately, but over time - in the form of darkened, clogged with dirt strips.

So, what can not clean such dishes:

  1. Metal washcloths;
  2. Rough brushes;
  3. Cleaning products with large abrasives;
  4. Knife and other sharp objects.

Cleansing from dark plaque and yellowness of the pan with folk remedies at home

So how do you bleach and return the pan to its former purity and radiance at home? How to get rid of blackness and yellowness? To begin, consider the ways that our grandmothers and mothers used effectively.

How to wash and clean black with salt

Salt can be found in any kitchen. This is the only abrasive that can be used to clean enameled dishes. If it is necessary to clean non-stubborn dirt, then salt can be sprinkled on a wet contaminated surface, left for an hour, and then gently wiped. No need to take too hard a sponge or brush. It is better if it is a fabric flap or a viscose napkin.

How to clean an enamel pan

In the case when the dirt is thoroughly fixed on the enamel, there is burning or scale, saturated saline solution is used. The approximate proportions are two or three tablespoons of salt per glass of water. You need to take so much water to cover the pollution, and if it is outside, then immerse the pan in a large container with a solution, boil for about half an hour. Then we clean with a sponge and wash everything off with running water.

Enamel can be bleached with sand

Enameled dishes can be cleaned using ordinary white sand. It is more convenient to do this on the street. You just need to sprinkle sand on the dirt and rub them with a sponge. Sand should be changed as it becomes dirty. After this procedure, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the dishes with the usual detergent in warm water.

Citric acid cleansing

Citric acid is a good and proven remedy for ridding enameled dishes of dark spots, burning and scale. The procedure is the same as with salt:

  1. We prepare a solution;
  2. Fill the pollution;
  3. Boil for about half an hour;
  4. Remove the soft coating with a sponge;
  5. We wash the dishes with running water.
Cleaning the enamel pan with citric acid

One caveat - we use less citric acid than salt. In a glass of water you need to breed one small pack. It is worth noting that lemon juice will not give the desired effect, therefore it is better to eat fruit, and to clean it, buy a few small or one large packet of citric acid. Its solution acts gently with respect to enamel, but is merciless to scale and the remains of burnt products. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to leave the solution in the container for a long time. Acids can destroy enamel with prolonged contact. Therefore, immediately after boiling, rinse with running water.

How to clean activated carbon

Activated charcoal tablets will help get rid of burning on enameled dishes. We grind the required amount and fall asleep with the resulting powder. You need to leave it for 30 minutes, then pour cold water and leave for another hour. After such manipulations, the enamel is easily cleaned from contamination.

Activated Carbon Pan Cleaning

Household products for whitening enameled dishes inside and out

Today, retail stores offer us the widest selection of household chemicals for removal of burnt fat, scale and burning - such unwanted and unsightly companions of enameled utensils. These are gels, powders, foams, pastes, liquids, aerosols. There is a tool for every taste and budget.

Household chemicals

Is everything simple and unambiguous? As a rule, a good and effective chemical is expensive, and cheap is either useless or consists of conventional inexpensive ingredients such as soda or salt, but flavored with dyes, flavors, and the like additives. Whichever option you choose, you should remember that they contain poisons - substances that can harm health. Therefore, after using these, the dishes should be washed thoroughly with warm running water from all sides.

Cleaning the enamel pan with household cleaning products

For families with children, it is better to completely abandon aggressive household chemicals, since its components, in addition to poisoning, they can cause allergic reactions both immediately after use and after some time. Components of household products faster than folk inventions, dissolve fat, scale, carbon deposits and other pollution, but it is worth remembering why this happens. It is necessary to work with them carefully, only with rubber gloves, so as not to damage the skin of the hands.

Prevention, rules for the use and storage of enameled dishes

To extend the service life and maintain a presentable appearance of enameled dishes, you need to remember and follow a number of simple rules in the care and use:

  1. Avoid bumps. From a blow, when falling, a piece of enamel may break off - in this place the pan will begin to rust, and such dishes can no longer be used for cooking, only for storing dry foods.
  2. Do not hit the edges with a spoon and do not use metal appliancesso as not to provoke scratches and cracks on the enamel. This will lead to the result described in the previous paragraph.
  3. If something burns in the pan, do not leave pollution for a long time. As soon as possible, it should be removed or at least filled with warm water so that it does not dry out. The stronger the dirt dries to the enamel, the more difficult it will be to say goodbye to it.
  4. Avoid sudden changes in temperaturefor example, pouring a hot pot or pan into cold water. This will adversely affect the enamel coating.
  5. Do not place large diameter cookware on a small burner. This is the same temperature difference, only outside.
  6. If the pollution is too strong, you need to use several cleaning methods without resorting to sharp or hard objects.
Enamel pan

Enameled dishes are beautiful and durable with careful use. Its surface does not promote the reproduction of harmful microbes and does not react with food, on the contrary, the enamel layer separates and protects them from the effects of metal alloys. In such dishes, cooked food can be stored for a long time without any harm to human health, without changing its taste.

Video: how to clean an enameled pan 

When choosing enameled dishes, give preference to heavier products. The heavier it is, the more evenly it heats up and better resists overheating, minor shocks. Modern enameled glassware undoubtedly occupies a worthy place among a variety of kitchen equipment and furniture.

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