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At all times people admired the work of great masters and needlewomen and tried to imitate them. Original products - bead trees are becoming more popular. With their beauty and originality they attract attention not only to handicraftsmen, but also those who want to understand this skill deeper.

The fascinating process of manual work, when miniature beads create real masterpieces, attracts more and more connoisseurs of art. To understand the secrets of this handicraft, it is desirable to show patience, listen to wise advice and allocate enough time. After all, creating trees from beads is not easy. Each branch and leaflet should be given special attention, and then, having connected the individual parts, get a nice piece. To help beginner needlewomen improve mastery, many special schemes of the creative process have been developed. They are based on the characteristics of different types of trees, which can be created with beads.

Acquaintance with the basics of skill

Many people have heard such wise words: "Who despises the day of modest undertakings?" And indeed every business begins with a small one, so do not despise the basic elements of the creative process. To learn how to weave trees from beads, you must first learn the main principles of this handicraft:

  • threading on a glass bead wire;
  • the creation of neat loops;
  • connection of structural parts;
  • understanding of working schemes;
  • correct color matching.

Having mastered the basics, you can start creating a tree of beads with your own hands. To do this, you need to prepare the following set of objects:

  • suitable beads;
  • thin threadlike wire;
  • rod for the trunk (you can take a thick wire);
  • accessories for decor (pebbles, beads);
  • base or pot for the product;
  • alibaster (gypsum);
  • comfortable nippers, scissors, tweezers.

It is important to take into account the fact that each tree has its own peculiarities, so there is no single scheme. The photo shows different types of bead trees that experienced masters made. Having taken note of the main principles, you can achieve such successes and rejoice at the creation of your hands.

In order to make the product elegant and beautiful, it is better to use thinner wire. It is much easier to work with it, especially to beginning students.

The process of creating a tree from beads includes such simple movements:

  1. On a thin wire length of about 50 cm thread 7 beads. They are placed in the center.
  2. Bend the metal thread so that a loop is obtained. In this case, the beads are at the top.
  3. The ends of the wire are twisted and bred in different directions.
  4. Stepping back from the place of twisting on the right side to a distance of about, cm, again, gain 7 pieces of bugles. Also do on the left side. The tips are twisted. In this way, branches of the future tree are weaved. The more they turn out to be made, the more attractive the product will look.
  5. When the branches are ready, proceed to assembly. To do this, they are connected in pairs, twisting at the base.
  6. The branches are attached to a solid rod or thick wire. The result is a barrel construction, which holds the elements of the weave.
  7. The tree is placed in a beautiful vase or flower pot. It is pre-filled with gypsum or plasticine.
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Such principles are applied to the production of various types of trees, not forgetting that each design is characterized by individual features.

Tips for those wishing to learn

The simplest version of how to make a bead tree is the process of making sakura. In the country of the Rising Sun, this plant is considered a symbol of the awakening of nature and feminine beauty. And for beginner needlewomen - a good way to acquire good skill skills. The following materials should be purchased for work:

  • beads of soft pink color;
  • Flexible wire (necessarily different thickness);
  • a sticky look of Scotch tape;
  • paint or gouache.

First, the flexible wire is cut into pieces of 20 or 30 cm in length. On each of them string beads on 5 or 6 pieces. After that, the ends of the wire are connected to make a beautiful leaf. Then form a branch. On one level, two petals are connected against each other. Then connect them already for 3 pieces together.

To make a trunk, the twisted branches are wrapped with paint tape, which is later painted with paint or gouache. A ready-made structure is attached to the substrate, using gypsum or alabaster. Work is important carefully, so as not to soil the petals of the cherry blossom

For a beautiful tree, you need 90 to 120 branches. Therefore, you need to patiently and slowly go to the goal.

Such simple rules for beginners help beginners to create their first tree of beads and rejoice at the product of their hands.

Master class - a reliable guide for needlewomen

The desire to learn and improve in any business is worthy of praise. You can not do without him and in acquiring the skills of needlework. Beadwork is not considered a complex form of creativity, so pretty trees are obtained even among amateurs. Not the least role in this play master classes, with which you can create chic things.

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Amazing wisteria - video master-class

Variant of weaving of Russian birch

A lovely tree with falling branches for centuries remains at the height of glory. About him written a lot of poetry and painted paintings. Did not resist him and lovers of needlework. Using a master class of weaving trees from beads, in particular birch, it's easy to create your own masterpiece.

For work it is necessary to prepare tools:

  • beads of four shades of green (preferably different contrasts);
  • wire mm, 1 and 3;
  • thread;
  • adhesive (can PVA);
  • acrylic paints;
  • wide and narrow tassel.

When the objects are at hand, you can proceed to the creative process.

First take the wire thickness, mm and cut a piece of length 40 cm. It is threaded with 9 pieces of beads, and placed in the center of the line. They retreat from the edge of the wire 6 cm to twist the loop beautifully. On one thread make them up to 9 pieces, keeping the interval - 1 cm. Then the strips are bent in half, leaving one loop in the center.Such specimens must be made at least 15 pieces. Similarly, weaving another 57 branches, consisting of 11 loops. Large branches will be evenly distributed along the tree, and small ones will serve to form the crown.

Glass beads of various shades of green must first be mixed to thread on the string in random order.

Competent weaving from beads means a constant control of the number of objects to be joined, so that the trees turn out to be of great beauty. Therefore, the next step starts from a simple calculation of the source material. Then the branches, which consist of 9 loops, are combined into small bouquets. They should be 5 pieces.

To the long branches, fasten the wire 1 mm thick and lay aside. Further, a structure consisting of two barrels is formed. One is made from 3 branches, the other from 2. After that, 3 mm of wire thickness is attached to each of them, wrapping it with threads.

In order to obtain a beautiful crown at the birch, 12 long shoots are attached to the upper edge of the trunk consisting of 3 branches. The remaining two are attached 7 more elongated branches. The connection is made so that the thick part of the structure rises above the product by 2 cm. The hanging threads are wrapped with scotch, leaving the tips at the bottom to make the roots of them. As a result, they will serve as a reliable fastening of the tree to the base.

In a small container, pour gypsum or alabaster and install a birch into it. To fix it it is necessary so that the design stood directly on the center. After 12 hours, when the liquid is solidified, proceed to decorate the trunk.

That the paint has not got on green branches of a birch, they can be hidden under a foil.

First apply the primer using a PVA glue. After a few hours, the trunk is covered with white paint in two thin layers. Black decor is applied after the complete drying of the main layer.Having waited some more time, remove the foil, straighten the branches and admire the result of their efforts.

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Schemes of weaving wood from beads

Video-instruction on how to make willow from beads

Winter beauty - rowanberry

Many needlewomen have noticed that special schemes help them create magnificent trees from beads. They consist of a textual guide and are often accompanied by a set of pictures. The main thing is to follow all the instructions from the masters to improve their skills.

For weaving mountain ash, you need to prepare not only beads, but also bright red beads, reminiscent of ripe berries. Since the branches of mountain ash consist of 9 leaves and a nice cluster, you will have to work hard to achieve the ultimate goal. But do not give up without testing your strength.

The first step is to cut the wire up to 70 cm long. String on it a bead of green color, placing in the center. The next rad is formed by passing both ends of the wire simultaneously through 2 glass beads. Tighten so that they are on top of the previous row. By this principle, collect all 9 petals.

The second step is berries. A bead of black color is put on a wire of 70 cm. Then both ends are passed through the hole of a large scarlet bead. After that, they are passed through brown beads. On one bunch should be not less than 16 pieces of berries.

The third step is the combination of berries with leaves. For such a tree it will take up to 100 such branches. The process is carried out in the usual classical way.

The final stage - ready-made branches are gathered in a bundle, forming a lush crown. The tips of the wire are twisted around the rod, which serves as a trunk to a tree. The design is lowered into a plaster solution and the autumn beauty is ready. The product can be used to decorate a home interior.

Despite the fact that flowers and bead trees do not need moisture and sunlight, they require careful care. So that they always look perfect, it is important to regularly remove dust from them. To do this, you can use a soft brush. It is desirable not to put the handicraft near the window. Because of the sunlight, the beads quickly lose their color, gaining a dim look. Such simple rules help you to admire the creation of your hands for a long time.

Step-by-step weaving of orange tree from beads

Video master-class making of wood from beads

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